7 best new cars for retirees

You won't see ads that tout how well these vehicles transport seniors, but these models boast power accessories, extra support, quiet rides, safety features and decent fuel economy.

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Sep 12, 2012 5:06PM
For the same buck, a recently owned Mercedes is the better value.
Sep 12, 2012 4:35PM
Older retirees often have mobility problems. The cars are too small and too low to the ground for many retirees. The Jeep and the  toyota van being the only ones in your article that would work for these people.
Sep 12, 2012 3:41PM
The Chevy Malibu is a top rated car and gets 33+mpg and the ECO gets even better. It's a nice size car similar to some of the ones on the list, is responsive, easy to handle in a parking lot, and is relatively inexpensive to insure. If a person is still able to or is short enough to get into and doesn't mind the smaller size a Cruze is still an option. If a larger car is wanted or needed, an Impala is a very good everyday car. There are a lot of them on the road so parts aren't a problem and there aren't too many regular mechanics that haven't had a chance to service a few of them. Now would be a good time to get one as far as price since there is a new model coming out for next year. Ford is dropping the old rear wheel drive older cars like the Towncar and similar sized shared chassis models. Older people love those cars but the market is falling and the resale/depreciation value is terrible because of what it is, a large V8 rear wheel drive luxury car. But it is still loved by the older driver that has a tendency to hold onto those cars for a long time. Chrysler has the 300 but it may be too expensive and it has a similar attraction and resale issue as the Towncar. Chrysler does have the 200 which is new so it doesn't have a very long history for comparison. The list in the article should have been a lot larger to show the different models from more manufacturers to give a balanced view of the market so retirees will know there are other just as viable choices to suit their needs.
Sep 12, 2012 3:39PM
I'm 65 years old I have a '69 Buick skylark, Ford King ranch pickup, Nissan Pathfinder , Buick lesabre, and my favorite car a '87 Buick Grand National turbo V-6 that runs 121 MPH in 11.50 1/4 mi and gets 26 MHP with the turbo turned off. power everything. I am my own auto expert and advisor, there are many more of us that have forgotten more about the automobile business than this author will EVER know. Poor try at being and advisor/ expert.hahaha
Sep 12, 2012 3:37PM
Preferences vary with the condition of each retiree but generally, as we age, we need bigger doors with more headroom so we don't have to fold in half to board and lower step overs and entry levels so we don't have to climb up into the vehicle. Add good visibility, good mirrors, plenty of air bags, good economy (including high MPG, low maintenance costs and low insurance rates), a high ratio of interior space to exterior dimensions, and a smooth ride and you've covered most of the needs. Whatever people want over basic needs is for options or aftermarket add ons. The Chrysler PT Cruiser was one of the best designs for retirees but needed a boost in mpg. I think the KIA Soul, Nissan Cube and Scion miss the mark not marketing to the retirees.
Sep 12, 2012 3:36PM
Most of these car are not made in a america so why would we want our seniors to buy them and put american out of work.
Sep 12, 2012 3:26PM
Since I live with my retired parents 76,73 yrs old and they just bought a Sonata, around $15000 new, 4 door. I will have to say the Koreans are coming out with some nice 4 door cars with trunks big enough for a wheel chair (something they didn't address in article). They also didn't address standing and getting into a car. Many sit so low that it's difficult to stand up from sitting-sorry Corvette. Many have knee problems, can't twist very well (going to the drive up ATM is hard for them), and have back issues (extra lumbar support needed). They need some better ergonomic studies!
Sep 12, 2012 3:24PM
Very arbitrary and unscientific -- a total waste of time.  We need less articles like this.
Sep 12, 2012 3:19PM

These recomendations seem very UN-AMERICAN with all of the imported cars listed.  The

people making these recomendations up have to be DEMOCRATS as they forget to recomend

some of the fine autos built with AMERICAN names by AMERICIAN  corporations.   I drive a 2011

Chevy Malibu which I think is mostly Nort American, brand new it was around $15,400 with

discounts and incentives and it has most of the options mentioned. No heated seats but driver seat is 6-8 way and if you need more than that you must have a bad rear end.  Keep buying the

imported cars and most everything else and when your kids and grand-kids come home to

move in with you because they do not have a job you will wonder why.  Wake up AMERICA we

need work to support ourselves and our loved ones.  If we need to import all our wants we will


Sep 12, 2012 3:12PM

As usual, this article is a poorly researched joke.  Comfort & efficiency should be stressed.

Too often see seniors driving vehicles too big for them to control. 

Sep 12, 2012 3:10PM

This list is total ****.  Perfect vehicle for a retiree a MINIVAN?  Seriously.  This person obviously isnt aware that retirees are on fixed incomes and most do not drive around in $30,000+ vehicles.  They are looking at cheaper vehicles to save them money and get from point A to b at an affordable price with decent features and good gas mileage since majority do not drive much.


Chevrolet Sonic was super popular for retirees when I sold Chevrolets.

Sep 12, 2012 3:07PM
I'm seventy years old and I need dependability in a car. I looked at many of the new offerings and came to realize that electronics are, while somewhat reliable, beyond repair without a lot of sophisticated diagnostic equipment. Not wishing to invest in such equipment and certainly not wanting to share most of my money with car dealerships that charge extremly unreasonable rates for repairs and maintenance, I decided that I could better spend my money on an older car that I can maintain myself without paying ridicules repair rates. I choose a nice seventy one Cadillac Fleetwood. Not too big (Slightly longer than an extended cab full sized pickup, makes it easy to spot in a parking lot.) extremly well made has all the bells and whistles of most newer cars (thermostatically controled heat and air, set it at seventy five and it automatically maintains that temp hot or cold, heated seat warmers, windshield deicers, automatic headlight dimmers, adjustable delayed headlight off, power disc brakes,leather seats, enough power to maintain seventy miles an hour even up the steepest grade without falling below the set criuse limit, and large enough for an average sized American to fit in comfortably. It dosent jar your teeth while running on the unmaintained city streets most city's have and you cant even feel speed bumps even while taking them at thirty miles an hour. Since rebuilding it in nineteen ninty three I've had to replace one fuel pump and the right power window motor. It has over a hundred thousand miles on it since the rebuild, doesent use a drop of oil, runs perfect on regular gas and looks better than new because of the custom paint. I have less than ten thousand dollars in that rebuild and a car that is one hundred per cent available when I need it. Oh yeah the bose stereo is awesome. As for gas milage I dont make three hundred dollar a month payments on it, Ive never paid for any repairs other than parts so even though it only gets fifteen miles a gallon around town, I still save money every month.
Sep 12, 2012 3:03PM

I’m not sure why age should dictate ones preference in automobiles. After all, Jack LaLanne was driving a C-5 Corvette when he was in his 90’s. And Paul Newman was still racing cars professionally when he was in his 70’s. So not everyone’s taste in cars changes as they get older. I certainly know that my own taste in cars will never change regardless of age. And if money is tight in retirement I’ll still prefer to buy a used high performance car than a brand new econo-box. Of course I have to admit that my father, before he died at 96, found it very difficult to get in and out of my current sports car. So if ones body is not holding up so well then I guess I can see how seating comfort and ease of entry and exit would be a major concern.

Sep 12, 2012 3:02PM

Seems like there are more responses from "the lonely hearts club"  rather than feedback related to the article...Hey MSN can you block the "spam"?

Sep 12, 2012 3:02PM
I think older drivers should give up driving when they retire.  Move to a community with decent transit services for old people.  Talk about a paid advertisement!  My 13 year old Jeep is paid for, gets 20 mpg combined street/highway, costs very little in maintenance thus far (even in excess of 200,000 miles) and I will probably be driving it until I drop with the prices of new vehicles these days.  I can't imagine saddling myself with that much debt right at retirement. 
Sep 12, 2012 2:53PM
When I retired I bought a Pontaic G5  It gets 39 MPG on the Freeway at 70 MPH 
Sep 12, 2012 2:48PM
Best for retirees.  What nonsense.  The whole article should be labelled "Paid Advertisement." 
Sep 12, 2012 2:48PM

I'm very close to retirement age and I just bought a Corvette. It will be with me well into retirement. I don't understand why the cars on the list are any better than the thousands of other cars available. They are probably perfectly fine cars, but I don't want any of them. And I don't think the list is relevant.

Sep 12, 2012 2:36PM
I,m going to buy a gas guzzler that will get attention,   1970,s caddy hearse,the ultimate station wagon, put some nice 18 inch rims 2 tone paint, and go camping on weekends, the ultimate weekend camper too.!
Sep 12, 2012 2:24PM
I find the comments highly amusing.  Most of the retirees seem to want a hot sports car, reliving their youth, I suppose. 

My wife loves her 2006 Grand Marque.  It's like driving from our living room easy chair.  Makes long trips a positive joy.  For me, just for driving from site A to site B, I like my 2007 Ford Taurus workhorse kind of car.  Few frills but very reliable.

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