10 most surprising six-figure jobs

You don't have to be a CEO or surgeon to pull in six figures. The top 10 percent of earners in these eclectic occupations make $100,000 a year or more.

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Jul 31, 2014 7:11PM
Funeral service manager, People are always dying to do business with you. Elevator installer has it's ups and downs though.  
Aug 1, 2014 1:09AM
Hawaii, California, New York. 

The majority of the high paying jobs also happen to be in the cities where the cost of living in almost unbearable. 

$100k in California equates to more or less $66k after taxes. From there, you deduct $17.5k for 401K, which leads to roughly $1850 every two weeks. In many California cities paying those big salaries, $1800 is barely enough to pay rent. 
That leaves $1800/month for food, education, gas, utilities, etc. 

Although you should be set for the future in terms of the 401k, 100k salaries in California or New York call for a very frugal lifestyle. 
I know many people making 100K in NYC but have roommates and more or less live check to check... 

Jul 31, 2014 11:53PM
It ain't how much you make, but how much you keep. 
Aug 5, 2014 6:50AM
They didn't include politicians because thievery isn't a job.
Jul 31, 2014 8:04PM
Who is kidding who? It takes six figures to live in large costal cities. The $40,000 rural job or the $100,000 urban job. If married with children that is what it takes for survival money.
Aug 1, 2014 2:03PM
college coaches...are the most over paid ...GO HOGGS...
Jul 31, 2014 7:11PM

You know what else must pay six figures? Writing crappy articles for MSN. That's because you must be sucking the boss of simultaneously for such journalism to suck so badly.

Aug 1, 2014 5:16PM
freelance writers make 118k a year? really? what planet?
Jul 31, 2014 11:30PM

To plan your career and life on the hope you reach the top 10% is dreaming, not realistic. If you hit the top 10% great, that is a bonus, but focus on the mean salary - that is realistic! 

Salaries are not that high nationwide.  For example, the national average for accountants is around $45,000 and attorneys $75,000. Sure many professionals make 6 figure incomes but most just eek out a living.

Aug 1, 2014 1:03PM
They should add school Superintendents, they make 200,000 in Minnesota.
Aug 5, 2014 8:07AM
What about the extremely high pay of athletes!  A family can't even go to a professional ballgame without it costing them several hundred dollars because of the high salaries they pay to the players.  Most families can't even go to a game anymore!  That's very sad.
Aug 1, 2014 2:05PM
Jul 31, 2014 10:56PM
undertaker best kept secret. They make a ton of money off  sad people. Kinda like pawn brokers. Funny how the more sad the situation the more somebody is making a lot of money.
Aug 5, 2014 6:04AM
this is easy,    "SELL DRUGS TO AMERICANS"..  congress do it all day..
Aug 1, 2014 10:15AM
I prefer to collect a goberment paycheck. You get all the benefits of working hard without the work. Cheetos, cigarettes and daytime talk shows. Let's be honest here- welfare is a lucrative career. 
Aug 1, 2014 2:33PM
For almost all of these, only the top 10% earn 6 figures and the number employed is very small so you really just told us that if you're in the top 10% of any profession, you might make a decent living.
Aug 5, 2014 7:33AM
With the cost of living in most major cities being what it is $100k is not enough. You might get by but no retirement savings @ all. This article is just plain useless. 
Aug 1, 2014 10:02AM
I would prefer to be born into a wealthy upper class family that starts with an allowance of $10k per month at 5 years old and rapidly increases to $100k  at college entry, No limit after graduating with a BS skin in anything.  
Aug 1, 2014 4:32PM
how is this surprising? Why can't I scroll through the list instead of having to click all the time. 
Aug 5, 2014 11:49AM
I am a "home economics" teacher (now called family and consumer science) and I earn $36,000 a year.  I don't know a single teacher that earns 67,000 a year, let alone six figures.  Even teaching at the post secondary level, these salaries seem inflated.
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