We've moved around things on the new MSN Money, and some users have had trouble locating their favorite features. Here's a guide to help you find your way.

Q: Why is my Quote Watchlist missing?

When you create a Quote Watchlist, the information it contains is tied to the browser cookies on your computer. If someone deletes the cookies from your computer, or if your security settings block or periodically delete cookies, you may lose your Quote Watchlist information.

To avoid this problem, we recommend that you sign in to MSN Money with your Windows Live ID. When you do so, your watchlist is tied to your sign-in name and password online instead of your browser cookies. Not only does this help prevent you from losing your watchlist information, but it also lets you access your watchlist from any computer that is connected to the internet. For more help, click here.

Q: How many stocks can my Quote Watchlist hold?

A: You can create up to 10 watchlist accounts to organize stocks or other investments that you're tracking and set high and low target prices. An individual account can track up to 30 investments, and you can track up to 80 total investments across all of your accounts.

To set up additional accounts:

  • Go to the Quote Watchlist page here. You can also find the watchlist page by clicking "View full page" from the watchlist box on the MSN Money homepage, the MSN Money Investing homepage and many other pages across the site.
  • Click "Manage accounts" and then "Create a new account." Enter an account name, click "Save," and then click "Done." The new blank account will now appear in your list, and you can begin adding tickers to it.

Q: How do I find my stock portfolio?

A: You can reach MSN Money's Portfolio Manager by clicking the far-left navigation link on the Investing homepage. The same navigation is exposed when you hover over the Investing navigation item on any page on our site. The portfolio retains the same functionality it had before the site's redesign.

To go directly to the Portfolio Manager, click here (you'll need to sign in with your Windows Live ID).

Q: Where are StockScouter ratings?

A: There are several ways to find our market-beating StockScouter ratings. Here are three:

  • On our Investing homepage, below the top headlines and the news and stocks-in-play sections, look for the bar chart showing the number of stocks in each StockScouter rating category (from 1-10), atop a list of the current top picks. You can click any bar in the chart to see stocks with that rating; for more top picks, click "More" below that list.
  • On stock quote pages, you'll find the StockScouter rating as the last item in the Details section, which is just below the stock price. Click "StockScouter Rating" or the number, and you'll go to the full analysis page for that stock. You can also reach this page by clicking on the Analysis tab under the stock price, then clicking "StockScouter."
  • There's also a list of top-rated stocks on our Market homepage. The "More" link at the bottom of that list takes you to a page explaining the ratings system, and it's easy to find the rated lists from the bar chart on that page.

Q: Can you tell me how to find real-time quotes?

A: We deliver real-time quotes on most equities whenever they're available. You can check this from any stock quote page. Look for the stock's symbol, price and the day's up or down change (shown in red or green). You'll see, in smaller type right next to the change, the words "Real time" when you're seeing a real-time quote.

Q: Where is the stock screener?

A: MSN Money's custom stock screener was decommissioned in November 2009. Under the "stocks in play" section of our Investing homepage and elsewhere on our site, you'll find links to the new Bing stock screener. Click here to go straight to the screener.

Q: How can I find the latest columns by Jim Jubak, Liz Weston and other writers?

A: Links to MSN Money's latest columns and blog posts can be found here. That page can be reached via the "Columns and blogs" tab on the Money homepage and the "Columns and tools" tab on Money's Investing homepage, just below the day's top headlines.

Q: Where are Jubak's Picks?

A: Jim Jubak's stock picks are still on MSN Money. You'll find them linked regularly from his columns, or just follow these links and bookmark them:

Q: How do I find commodity prices?

A: Just visit our US Commodities page. To navigate to the page from the MSN Money homepage, check out the horizontal navigation at the top of the page. When you mouse over Investing, you'll see a drop-down menu that includes a link to Markets. Click there and you'll be taken to our Markets Summary page, where there is a tab for Commodities on a horizontal navigation bar.

Q: Where are futures prices?

A: Our US Commodities page provides pricing for futures contracts in commodities in energy, metals, livestock and grains categories (see above for how to navigate to the page). You can see the contract month we're pricing beneath the name of the commodity. Our markets coverage before and after the close routinely mentions the pricing of financial futures as an indication of where the market is heading.

Q: How can I find information on Treasury yields?

A: We offer a page with data on Treasury prices and yields. You can navigate to it from our Market Summary page, the same way you can find the commodities information (see above).

Q: Where is the retirement calculator?

A: You can find it by clicking here.

Q: Does MSN Bill Pay still exist?

A: Yes. You'll find a link in the "More personal finance" menu in the right-hand column of personal-finance hub pages. Click here to go straight to Bill Pay. We also encourage you to check out the free money-management tools on Bundle.com, an MSN partner site.

Q: What happened to the message boards?

A: Most conversations these days are happening on Facebook and in the comments section at the bottom of articles, so we've decided to focus our resources there. You can also join the community on partner site Bundle.com. You'll find familiar message boards there:

Links to these are located on the Money homepage, in the first set of tabs; go to "Your spending." Also, you can click here to see all of Bundle's message-board categories.

Q: How can I contact an editor at MSN Money?

A: You can reach us via e-mail by clicking here. We read every message.