Apple unveils Black Friday discounts

In what's become a once-a-year tradition, the markdown-averse tech giant offers price cuts on its iPad 2, iPods, MacBooks and the iMac.

By TheStreet Staff Nov 25, 2011 11:02AM

the streetBy James Rogers


Apple (AAPL) has kicked off its annual Black Friday sale, offering discounts on its iPad 2, iPods, MacBooks and iMac.


The consumer tech giant teased the promotion earlier this week, promising "a special one-day Apple shopping event" at its online store.


Apple has cut the cost of its iPad 2 to $458 from $499 and its iPod Touch to $178 from $199. The company is also offering its iPod Nano for $118 as opposed to its traditional list price of $129.


Discounts of $101 are also being offered on the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, according to Apple's site, while the iMac's list price has been cut to $1,098 from $1,199.


The sale mirrors Apple's usual Black Friday discounts.


Last year, among a slew of offers, Apple cut the cost of its 8-Gigabyte iPod Touch to $208 from $229. It also offered the 16-Gigabyte Wi-Fi version of the iPad for $458, compared to its usual price of $499, in addition to $101 discounts on its MacBook Pros and the MacBook Air.


"The company generally does not offer price discounts outside of this once-a-year tradition," Brian White, an analyst at Ticonderoga Securities, explained in a note released Friday. "Apple does not need to cut prices to generate demand, however, this promotion generally drives incremental purchases and consumers will truly appreciate this year as the global economy is clearly showing signs of decelerating."


Apple set new all-time quarterly records for iPad and Mac sales during its recent fiscal third quarter. The company shipped a whopping 11.1 million iPads, thanks largely to the iPad 2, up from just 4.2 million iPads in the prior year's quarter.


Apple expects revenue of roughly $37 billion during its December quarter.


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