New quote pages on MSN Money

Update, July 16: While a number of users reported problems with our Portfolio Manager after our release, it appears those problems have been resolved.

In particular, money market funds are now again recognized by the portfolio manager.

Also, following our June 18 release, many users reported problems in saving charts with their preferred settings. We have made changes that now enable users to simply bookmark a page in their Internet browser, then return to that bookmark.

We've made some important changes to the pages on MSN Money that serve up quotes and other data for stocks and funds, and they're deeper than meets the eye.

We've worked with the data experts at Morningstar on new systems to deliver more information, more quickly and more reliably in our continuing effort to give you all the facts you need to make your investment decisions.

Starting today, June 18, you'll find new choices and options, including a much broader charting experience. Much of the work was done behind the scenes, though, so if you're a casual user, you'll notice mostly that things work a little more smoothly. Drop us an e-mail to let us know what you think.

And don't worry. We've kept popular services like our StockScouter rating system and market updates intact.

We know change isn't easy, though. There are some elements you may use that you'll find in different places (and a few you won't find at all.) Here's a look at some of the significant changes, which we hope will help you work through any issues:

MSN Money charts: The most significant change is a more robust charting experience that includes a greatly expanded range of options to give you a much deeper look into your investments. Click here for a complete description of the new charting system.

Earnings calendar: We've rebuilt this to make it easier to read and use.

Analyst Rating and Earnings: We've removed a small graphic from each of these pages. The numbers they covered are still on those pages, however.

Fund Returns: Best/Worst Calendar Year Returns have been cut from our fund returns page. The page still has 10 years' worth of returns data for your funds.

Industry data used for comparisons with individual stocks is now for the U.S. only.

Insider Transactions: The "transaction detail" and "planned sales" pages have been removed.

Index quote pages: We have replaced a module showing the top stocks in an index with one showing most active stocks, top gainers, biggest losers and more.

Most-active stocks page: We've lost Nasdaq after-hours data from this list.

Mutual Funds landing page: You'll no longer find our Top Funds/Top Funds by Category tool.

Mutual Fund Portfolio page: This page no longer includes Price/Cash Flow or Price/Sales for the fund's category.

ETF Performance Tracker: There's no longer a five-year return category.

ETF home page: The ETF Trends tool no longer sorts by asset class. 

We hope you find the improvements worth any problems you encounter. Let us know what you think.