Please note: A number of users have also struggled with the inability to save chart settings. We do have a workaround for this. See detailed instructions at the bottom of this article.

Starting today, June 18, you'll find a brand new chart tool on MSN Money. It includes a wider set of features than we've ever offered, including an expanded range of indicators and chart types, to give you a much deeper look into your investments.

It's part of an overall refresh of our quote and data pages, powered by Morningstar. (Learn more about the project here.)

We've designed the system to work on any platform -- computer, tablet or smartphone, including iPhones and Android phones -- and with any type of browser, with no downloads required. We've also designed it to be something we can more easily build on, and we're at work adding more features even now. So please, send us an e-mail to let us know what you think and what you'd like us to add next.

We know change can be tough, and users of our Silverlight or Classic charts may have trouble adjusting at first. But we're confident that what we've added will make the change worthwhile.

MSN Money's new charting tool

Inside our new tool you'll find:

More types of charts: You can now choose from nine different types of charts, up from just four with our advanced Silverlight charts, giving you new options such as tracking the growth of a $10,000 investment over time.

More technicals: We've included a robust set of 16 technical indicators, up from 11 in our Silverlight charts.

Downloadable data: To give you even more options, you can now easily export your chart data into an Excel spreadsheet.

The new look is similar to that of our Silverlight charts, with a couple of advantages.

  • You still click on tabs to display various chart options, but the lists of options will now stay open until you close them.
  • You select the time period you want to look at from button above the chart, rather than below it.
  • There are new settings options that allow you to define how your charts look, and a new ability to sketch your own trendlines. Both these options are designed to make our new charts easier to for you to use as your own in-depth analysis.

We do know there are a few potential pain points for our longtime chart users, including:

  • Stock, fund and index data will only go back 10 years during our initial release. We will add more complete data over time.
  • Both Silverlight and Classic charts are being disabled.
  • Bookmarks and links to charts you've saved won't work with our new charts. You'll just go to a new chart. You'll need to set your preferred views and save new links and bookmarks. (See instructions below.)
  • You're no longer able to save multiple views within the chart system. You can still create bookmarks via your browser. (See instructions below.)

We believe these will prove to be small inconveniences well worth the tradeoff for a much deeper charting experience, and we hope you agree. E-mail us to let us know what you think.

And also, let us know what's still missing. We're at work adding more features even now.

To bookmark a chart with your settings:

  • Set up your chart with your preferred settings.
  • Click on the “Arrow” icon located at the right of the chart, under the “Go” button. (See the image below.)
  • Click on “Share”, which will open the “Share your chart” window.
  • Copy the deep URL inside this window.
  • Paste this into your browser and hit enter, reloading the chart with this new url.
  • Save this url as a favorite. You can then use this bookmark to go back to your chart with your settings.

We are working on a feature to make this process easier for users, and appreciate your patience.

Also: When changing stock charts, be sure to enter the new symbol next to the ‘Change’ button, located just above the chart, and then hit the ‘Change’ button. This will preserve your settings.

Bookmark chart image