Click to visit MSN Money's new stock quote page

Dear readers,

With the new MSN Money, you'll find a new look and feel to our quote pages, designed to be easier to read and to make it easier to find the information you need.

But because the change is fairly dramatic, we'd like to make sure we offer all the help you need. Here's a brief guide we hope will help.

The main quote page gets right to the point, with critical price comparisons and other key details, including market cap, dividend and yield -- the elements we know investors want most.

Right next to that you'll find a stock chart, with links to our new interactive charts. (This is also an addition to our site we think you'll love; be sure to play with it and then put it to use.)

Below that, you'll find an expanded package of news and commentary headlines, and the latest video news coverage. If your stock is moving, this will help you learn quickly why it's moving.

You'll also find the stock's rating from our proven, market-beating StockScouter rating system, a package of company financial highlights and a list of the institutions that hold the stock.

Beyond the quote page, we've rebuilt our research pages to let you dig deeper more easily. The biggest change is how you navigate to those pages. Instead of links on the left of the quote page, you'll find a set of tabs just below the stock name and price to guide you to the information you depend on.

  • The profile tab gives you a look at what the company does and its basic financials.
  • The earnings tab lets you look deep into a company's bottom line -- how it's performing currently and what analysts forecast.
  • The analysis tab tells you what the pros expect for the stock.
  • The financials tab is loaded with quarter-by-quarter numbers on revenue, profit, profit growth and more.
  • The ownership tab lets you look at who owns the stock, who's buying and who's selling -- what the so-called smart money is doing.

We think you'll find this a quicker and easier way to get at the data you need. But we also know it may not seem as easy if you've been using our site for a long time, so thanks for working through it. In time, we think you'll agree this is a big improvement.

We invite you to take a look around our new quote page -- and the rest of our preview site -- and then let us know what you think. There are feedback links on every page, and you may be asked to take a survey as well. Or just send us an e-mail. We read every one.