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Welcome to the new MSN Money, which we've rebuilt to help make all your financial decisions easier.

That means more news -- from new providers such as Bloomberg, Seeking Alpha and Morningstar -- organized to make it easier to find. On our stock-quote and market pages, our aim is to make it quick and easy for users to answer that all-important question: What's moving my stock?

We've also made it easier for you to find what matters to you. Personalized quotes atop each page allow you to see what's happening to the stocks you care about. Our new, streamlined navigation will help you find the financial answers you're looking for, whether they're related to investments, insurance, loans or any other money questions.

And this all comes in a clean design that makes MSN Money the easiest-to-use finance site on the Web to get the news, advice and data you need.

Among the highlights:

  • Our new rolling stock ticker gives you real-time quotes on the major indexes and up to a dozen of the stocks you're following, wherever you are on MSN Money. We'll put the prices for the stocks you're tracking alongside your Quote Watchlist so that you get what you need most wherever you are on the site.

    Quote Watchlist

  • Redesigned stock quote pages make it easier to find the news and data for the stocks you care about.
  • New mutual fund and ETF pages combine news and commentary with the tools and data you need to explore these investment classes.
  • Video across the site, from providers including CNBC, MSNBC, and Bloomberg, gives you the best financial video, including news, analysis and how-to content.
  • A new markets page brings together news, data and video to tell you what's moving today and why at a glance, with simple tabs that guide you deeper into the day's market-moving events.
  • Our retooled personal-finance section features partner, which allows readers to collect all their account information in one place to create a full financial picture, then check how they're doing compared with others in the same boat.

Image: Quote Watchlist

We've made some big changes in the way you navigate our site, including the use of tabs to replace left-hand navigation. But on pages such as stock quotes, the data is all still there, organized in a way that makes it easy to find what you're looking for. Users' Quote Watchlists are accessible from a module in the right-hand side of our home page, quote pages and other investing-related pages. For more details on those changes and direct links to popular features, we've created a Q&A for the new site:

As more users rely on social media such as Facebook to chat about their lives -- including their finances -- we've decided to retire our message boards. You can stay connected with us and other Money devotees on our Facebook page, or join the growing message-board community at, our personal-finance partner.

I invite you to take a look around the new site and let me know what you think. There are feedback links on every page, and you may be asked to take a survey as well. Or just send us an e-mail. We read every one.

Christopher Oster, managing editor