MSN Money's Biggest Movers displays financial keywords and stock tickers that are trending. The results are determined by a computer algorithm, displayed automatically and not filtered. We scour the most interesting trends from real-time sources like Twitter, Bing and StockTwits, so you'll always know what's happening with the hottest financial trends and stories on the Web. Be aware: Hoaxes, rumors and false information also trend on the Internet. Because they do, Biggest Movers shows you this, too; it does not identify or filter out false information. The results are updated every five minutes, so you can click the arrows to look back over the past two hours and see how trends change.

What does it actually mean to analyze searches and social media updates? Every moment of every day, people are searching, sharing, tweeting and posting content. It's hard for people to know what others are really talking about; so every few minutes we look back at the previous 24 hours to tally, sort and analyze millions of Bing searches and social media updates. We sift through all these data, then toss out the boring, the lame, the uninteresting -- and look for emerging patterns. Our advanced technology detects breaking trends as they happen in real time.