How card mishaps are like dating

Dating can take a lot of patience, fortitude and understanding -- just like finding a new credit card.

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Jun 14, 2013 9:34PM
I can get a good credit card any day of the week. Now finding someone with no drama. That will never happen.
Jun 14, 2013 10:05PM
Jun 14, 2013 8:29PM
It's hard to find true love, but there is no "good" credit card unless you want to be enslaved to the system.
Jun 17, 2013 5:55AM
Finding a good credit card is easy, as long as you don't build up debt. Now finding "true" love....that can be like trying to catch the wind. As a guy, trying to find a women who isn't all about the money, that's nearly impossible.
Jun 14, 2013 11:35PM
"Is it easier to find love or a good credit card?"  The only good credit card is NO credit card.
Jun 14, 2013 11:20PM
This isn't fair because if you look at the 2 of them you're better off with neither because you're chained to both.  You usually get a woman and then she finds out about your credit rating and then your really screwed.    I guess both deal with having to pay one way or another.hahahaha
Jun 17, 2013 9:50AM
Funny, that I should read this article this morning. I have been with Citibank for 20 years. I was making an online payment and noticed several "new" cards with no annual fees. I was charged $20.00, this year for an annual fee. So I did a Live Chat session to see if the fee could be waived and possible get a lower interest. Oh, they rolled out the red carpet because I was with them so long! I was a great payer and was never late, blah, blah, blah. The Live Chat person, "andy" told me that of course he could waive the fee and lower the interest, after all, I deserved it! Well, after a really long while, he told me that he could not do any of these things and gave me a number to call. I was perplexed. I call the number and got a really nice Southern gal. She praised me for my longevity with Citibank and my excellent payment history. When I asked her to remove the annual fee, lower interest and look into a card that would be better suited for me, she put me on hold. After what seemed like an eternity, she told me that she could do none of the things I asked but was so "proud" of me for being a Citibank customer for 20 years! Then asked me if there was anything else that she could do for me! She kept directing me to a balance transfer option which would cost me 3%. I said nope not a darn thing you could do for me. Moral is: I will work my butt off to pay the balance (not huge at all) and get rid of the Citibank VISA card!! Rewards my A*S
Jun 20, 2013 6:26PM

why a credit card?

why not cash?


it's interesting how consumers are being "sold". financial institutions like to mislead you by having you ask "which credit card" where the question we should be asking ourselves "why a credit card".



Jun 16, 2013 12:17PM
If you're in  credit-card debt, the FIRST priority is to get yourself out of debt and to get a card with the lowest interest rate until you do so (or in bad cases perhaps a home equity or similar loan to greatly reduce the interest rate).

When you are debt free, the key things are no-annual-fees and maximum cash-back. I used to prefer paying cash but it's gotten to the point where I pay an average 2% more if I do so.  So now I use credit cards whenever possible making sure of TWO things: 1) I always pay the entire statement balance off each month to avoid any interest charges, 2) I check my balance every few days so I'm not shocked at payment time by the total.

In my case, I do more shopping on Amazon than any other single place, including most Christmas presents.  So the Amazon Visa, with 3% off (cash-back) Amazon purchases: 2% off: gasoline, restaurant, drugstore (I have a lot of diabetes-related prescriptions), and stationary stores, and 1% off everything else is worthwhile.  If I go online to register for it every 3 months, my Discover Card rotates 5% off various things every three months.  Through June it's 5% off home improvement stores.  For July through Sept, it's 5% off gasoline purchases.  And I can apply Discover Card cash-back to Amazon purchases!  And linking some online purchases (especially flowers) through Discover gets you up to 20% off.

Jun 17, 2013 9:48AM
What's the difference, both will put you in the poor house....LOL
Jun 15, 2013 12:15AM
Finding a credit card you love is harder then finding true love.
Jun 14, 2013 10:31PM
It so stupid to compare these two things. If you are looking for love in the internet then you have no life, and if you can`t have credit card then you are irresponsible loser.  Go out to a club or a bar and you will find love, but only if you are interested in love and not money otherwise it will not happen.  Now pay your bills and work hard and then you will be able to afford credit card, too.
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