7 secrets your credit report won't reveal

You may think your credit report says everything about you to anyone who will listen. But here are 7 personal details its pages don’t divulge.

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Feb 21, 2013 4:16PM
A little off topic but worth telling.  I had a hospital bill come in the mail past due for exactly $100 I know from experience how atrocious hospitals are with billing so the first thing I do is get a three ring binder and keep track of everything meticulously.  

Several days later I got a refund check from the same hospital for an over-payment of $100.  I signed the check and put it in the past due envelope and mailed it in.  A week later I get a phone call from the hospital saying they could not take a third party check.  It was their check ?  I had to go get the check pay the $100 and deposit it in my bank.  They would not compensate me for my time or gas.   

Its crazy how little recourse we have.
Feb 21, 2013 4:00PM
My sister works for a major bank here in NC.   One of the things she told me was that when they pull a credit report and see medical bill debt  that they don't pay as much attention to that as they would say student loan debt or cell phone debt etc.  She said that the reason for that is that there always seems to be some dispute with medical bills ie the amount owed, the bill was actually paid and still showed up on the report. Things of this nature.
Feb 21, 2013 3:19PM
It used to be a law that the company you applied for credit with or a purchase on credit, had to do their own checking with your previous creditors and the "credit companies' were not allowed. Thank your legislators for the screwing you are now getting.
Feb 21, 2013 2:42PM
Mob runs the hole thing................
Feb 21, 2013 2:30PM
This article is proof positive that your "credit score" is whatever lenders want it to be.  Your a number.  Nothing more.
Feb 21, 2013 1:46PM
hahaha  i cant buy that because i dont have credit ,  But i have cash you effen fool .  sorry sir u need credit eff this place i am going to where i can use cash.  this whole credit thing is one big scam to keep every one broke.
Feb 21, 2013 1:35PM

I agree with everyone that says that the credit scoring system is a scam. First of all how they want to charge a person high rates who makes little money and has had it bad in the past but are presently doing good. So while a wealthy person pays $1500 on their mortgage with a low rate the person who has been struggling probably lost their job so they had a few late payments in the past has to pay a $2500 mortgage cause the interest is much higher. I dont get that because if you are willing to give the loan why can I just pay as much as a person with a so called excellent score. Of course I may default if the rates Im paying on my stuff are twice as high as a person who has the exact same house in the same neighborhood etc. However it would be much easier for me to stay on track if I had that $1500 mortgage payment. The middle class will stay middle class or broke just because we are given high interest rates and end up paying twice or more the amount of the thing we are purchasing.


Personally I was laid off from my last job it took me almost two years to find a job so of course I had a lot of late payments. What did not make it easier was that some jobs turned me down because of my credit score. I was beside myself when I saw the reason as to why I wasnt chose for the job. This is rediculous because of course you are going to fall behind on bills without a job but I cant get a new job because I was laid off and paid bills late. I think that this credit scoring systems should be eliminated because all it does is hurt people more than help anyone.

Not only cant you get a house, car, credit card or loan, these days a bad credit score keeps you from Getting an apartment, Getting a job, Getting good insurance rates.

The credit scoring company has gotten out of hand. I dont know about most people but I dont need my boss knowing who I owe money too or what I own or have owned. God forbid your boss is some type of stalker. He will know where you live now, where you used to live, what type of loans you have, if you have a house etc. I dont think that is anyone's business. I dont see how your landord or boss has to have this information. And as for insurance companies what does it matter to them as long as I pay my insurance on time and never default that is all that matters, specially when you take the money out from my bank every month.


Feb 21, 2013 1:19PM
The most important thing you won't see on your credit report....THE FACT THAT IT'S A FU*KING SCAM.
Feb 21, 2013 1:06PM

My wife and I married at 18 and all the money we had in the world was what I was paid at the end of boot camp. We didn't even own a car and started with nothing. I worked my way through college with some GI Bill help and we both supported each other while each of us continued our educations. We raised our kids modestly and worked hard all our life and have always lived well below our means. We have a single credit card which we pay off in full prior to the due date every month. We own our home and everything else and have no debt except monthly utilities, insurance, etc.


Why is it so difficult for some people to accept that I expect others and most importantly, our government, to conduct themselves in a similar manner?

Feb 21, 2013 12:05PM
It's hard to be responsible with bill payments when unemployment is so high. A lot of very well educated, "responsible" people are going homeless who have no business being in that situation. My state (Illinois) has extremely high corporate taxes and is running companies out of the state. I have a double Masters in IT as well as professional certifications and over 15 years in the industry. I work contracts and have been lucky enough to have less than 6 weeks between contracts but am constantly looking for the next job. Unfortunately, I'm stuck here for a few years due to child custody agreement. The stress is taking its toll. God help me if I get sick and can't work. Obamacare? LOL I don't think so. I used to be able to buy a crappy insurance policy for $200/month. Now the same lousy policy is $418. Affordable Care Act?? I think not. Oh and if I don't buy it next year, I get fined? WTF!
Feb 21, 2013 11:57AM
"Your spouse’s credit history"
Absolutely not true.  I went for a car loan recently and my husband's credit history did pop up with mine.
What the credit report doesn't show....My husband got a ding on his credit because we lost quite a bit of money when Lehman Brothers went under and he had to close his company's doors.  He didn't pay his credit card for a few months, BUT he paid off the people he owed money to into the hundreds of thousand of dollars instead of BKing the company.  He should have gotten a reward for what he did.  We could have hidden the money, BKed the company and lived a very nice life, but we didn't.  Credit reporting is a scam.
Feb 21, 2013 11:31AM
And I love the fact that amounts in dispute show up negatively on your credit report.  All bills can be paid with one in dispute and the one in dispute ruins your credit score.  It is just a way to penalize consumers and leave them with no recourse to solve billing errors.  (Fido/Rogers).
Feb 21, 2013 11:24AM
My question to this whole credit reporting scam is, Why does there have to be 3 national credit reporting agencies, and why do all three have different FICO scores?
Can't we just have one?

Feb 21, 2013 10:53AM
The so called "Credit Score" companies piss me off more than my X wife. Keep your F**king face and nose out of my business...... you are not the government. You are a for profit (make a lot of money)  companies who pray on people and for some reason the public and media believes the Credit Score companies are the lord and masters of the universe. 

They are a cancer and a scam and scum on American Public. Come on public  -- WAKE UP!!!  and write your congressman or women to complain and to run these leaches out of business by law.
Feb 21, 2013 10:40AM
I had to start over last summer.My husband and mother had to go to care facilities at the same time,pluse,we had sod our mobile home and I couldn't back out.At the time I had a credit rating of over 800.I thought I was doing good.I consolidated to one car got a older mobile home and started to fix it up.Then in oct it started to fall a part.I owed a $450 medical bill and missed one payment of 61 dollars.The hospital turned it over to the collection agency and was report .I started getting calls from the card companies I had no trouble with before cutting my credit limits. I had a card that i had for over 8 years with a balance of 35,000 which was cut to 2,000.Now my rating has took a 100 point drop.And another thing bank fees and other thing are a shame too.The bank was running checks through before depositing my pay checks and kicking back checks and i didn't know it for three week. I had over 350 in fee and 250 worth of checks. I'm 62 years old and starting over sucks!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 21, 2013 10:12AM
My mother had a foreclosure and bankruptcy really bad credit.  She recently came into a moderate inheritance and tried to rent an apartment.  They would not rent to her because of her poor credit even though she offered to pay the whole year upfront?  Crazy,  who cares what the credit score is if your getting 100% of your money upfront. 
Feb 21, 2013 9:57AM

Three years ago, I started monitoring my credit report after a bout of indentity theft.  I run my scores every 60 days, and review my accounts monthly.  I have utilized the "score simulator" available through Equifax in an attempt to get the best score possible.  After three years of paying off all of my credit cards, my score was slowly creeping up.  Last month, I paid off the last revolving account.  Yesterday I was excited about getting my new score.  I was certain that it would be higher than ever.  I was wrong.  My score actually dropped 20 points.  The "score simulator," with all of it's infinite credit wisdom just informed me that I do not have enough diversification in my credit portfolio, and I need to obtain a credit card with at least a $1,500 limit for my score to go back up, but if there is a credit inquiry on my account, it will go down.  Amazing!  This is a no-win situation.

I could not agree more with the comments below.  The credit reporting agencies are a scam.  I will be paying cash whenever possible.  The banks will have to make their money on someone else.

Feb 21, 2013 9:40AM
#10 - your money is worth more than you are...

still waiting on the zombie apokolypse

Feb 21, 2013 9:31AM

tHese credit bureaus have too much control over your spending life.  First off there are three major credit companies, each have a different  score.  Why are they differrent ?  And when you have a discrupency, it takes them sometimes up to a year to straighten your scores up.

In the mean time, I have never checked my scores... I rarely buy big ticket items that would need your scores.  I pay my bills, but iM ON A fixed income and still the credit agencies want to increase my credit... yeehaw !!

I hope I leave this world owing millions !!

Feb 21, 2013 8:38AM
false info . Experian does list your employer.
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