Worst money advice in songs

You may know all the lyrics to your favorite songs, but you shouldn't necessarily take advice from some of them. Here are a few lyrics with some less-than-wise financial advice.

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Sep 18, 2013 8:50PM
I do hope you realize Pink Floyd was not attempting to offer advice on spending money. If you do, then you failed to grasp Dark Side of the Moon as a concept.
Sep 18, 2013 9:15PM
"Money For Nothing" by Ben Bernanke
Sep 19, 2013 1:44AM
If the author of this article thinks that people are taking money advice from songs, then MSN has lost all creditability as a reliable news source.
Sep 18, 2013 10:22PM
Sep 19, 2013 6:39AM
Someone is to thick to understand Pink Floyd sarcasm.
Sep 18, 2013 10:08PM
They forgot  this one from FogHat. The title is a give away..... Live now -Pay later.

"There's a hole in my pocket where my cash used to be
 rubber checks and credit cards have been so good to me.
How long can I spend my life on loan?
Live now-pay later, that's how it's gotta be,
If money talks, well it sure ain't talkin' to me!

I bought the furniture on credit at a fabulous store,
The man said, "Next time you come in, why don't you spend a little more?
No time for tomorrow, I'm too busy havin' fun,
But when the bills come in, I know it's time for me to run.

Sep 19, 2013 1:23AM
On the other hand, the Dead did say "put your gold money where your love is, baby, before that last deal goes down"
Sep 19, 2013 8:19AM

Must have been a slow news day that you couldn't find anything better to write about. 

Sep 18, 2013 9:49PM
this actually seems like sound financial advice...purchasing a pro football team seems very lucrative to me.
Sep 19, 2013 8:30AM

They missed my favaorite from Billy Idol

I'd sell my soul for you babe
For money to burn with you!


Can't get much more bad advice than that. Love it!

Sep 19, 2013 9:04AM
If you use a rock group's lyrics as your investment advice then you deserve all that you get.
Sep 19, 2013 1:05AM
B.B. King was "Paying the Cost to be the Boss"   --  Or maybe the "King Bisquit Flour Hour" ?
Sep 19, 2013 7:25AM
Oh yes I get all of my money advise , spending , investing , budgeting , from song writers . Their sage advise is just as good as the so called investing consultants , and economist .  And I read into the lyrics things that aren't even there .   
Sep 19, 2013 11:32AM
lol, they are missing the point of most of these songs to begin with. Guess they haven't heard of sarcasm. A couple of these like The Who and Joe Walsh the lyrics they pulled are totally out of context and when put in context with the rest of the song says that worthless spending and the fast life will leave you with nothing.
Sep 19, 2013 9:47AM

Yet another riveting article...is news this hard to come by? MSN's a.k.a Tigerbeat senior executive staff really needs to review the psycho babble that ends up posted.

Sep 19, 2013 7:39AM

THESE are songs that you are talking about, SONGS, not laws and if anyone wants to put blame on anything other than themselves for stupid acts of crime why not blame it on a song. This is about as stupid an article as I have seen in a long long time.


Sep 19, 2013 1:28AM
Barrett also said "money don't get everything, it's true...but what it don't get, I can't use"
Sep 19, 2013 11:53AM
Take all of your money, give it up to charity... -Sublime
Sep 19, 2013 10:56AM
all that i am asking is for ten gold dollars, i could pay you back with one good hand, come to daddy on an inside straight.
Sep 19, 2013 1:24AM
A Football team doesn't sound like a bad investment to me...and I'd have a Lear jet if I could afford it!
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