Find out what's hot this holiday and devise a plan to get the gifts you want. But remember, kids are fickle. Make sure they really want that "it" toy before you exhaust yourself and your bank account attaining it.

Elvis Presley

The King knew what a "Blue Christmas" it is without loved ones around. You don't have to be in the same sad situation. Deb Mangas of Menno Travel Service in Goshen, Ind., says economical holiday travel is still possible. "You might have to fly on the holiday," she says. "But if you're flexible, there are some seats out there and some fairly good fares." Flights into and out of airports a bit farther from your home or destination also might save you some bucks.

Kevin McCallister

Mistakenly left "Home Alone" over the holidays, young Kevin McCallister creatively thwarts a pair of bungling burglars who repeatedly try to break into his family home. If you don't have an 8-year-old to stand guard at your house while you're away for the holiday, don't worry.

Some simple and cost-effective security measures, such as pruning shrubs underneath windows, upgrading locks or putting lights on timers, will help keep your house safe while you're away.

Bob Cratchit

As Scrooge's lone overworked employee, Bob Cratchit put up with terrible working conditions before his boss wised up. Most of us aren't as loyal as Bob. If we find ourselves in a similarly unfulfilling job, we start looking for a new one. Laura Morsch, a career adviser with, says, "January and February are very big months for job searching on our site." Her advice: Don't spam dozens of employers with the same generic cover letter and résumé. Customize them for each position. (Microsoft and are partners.)

Susan Walker

As the prematurely cynical young daughter of a single mom, Susan Walker initially refuses to believe that Macy's new store Santa is the real deal. But in "Miracle on 34th Street," Kris Kringle convinces her in spectacular fashion. He delivers the only present Susan's ever wanted: a home for her new family. We all share Susan's dream of the perfect house, but it doesn't take a miracle to make it come true. All you need is some planning and preparation.

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This isn't the loving grandmother you'll visit over the holidays. Nor is she the one reached by going over the river and through the woods. This is the poor grandma who got run over by a reindeer. The 1979 novelty song pops up on radios every holiday season. Whether you find the song amusing or annoying, Grandma's situation highlights the critical need for insurance -- medical, life and, for drivers as reckless as the lyrical reindeer, auto coverage.

This article was reported by Kay Bell for Bankrate.