The high cost of infertility

A pregnancy and the resulting childbirth is usually not cheap. For couples who are having difficulty conceiving, the cost of the latest fertility treatments comes with a big price tag.

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May 26, 2013 9:20PM
Why on God's green earth would Medicaid EVER dream about coverage for infertility treatments? Obviously you should not be having children if you are living on the state welfare program.
May 16, 2013 7:46PM
I have no kids and couldn't be happier about it.
May 16, 2013 8:25PM

Adoption can be just as expensive as fertility treatments.  My husband and I would love to have a child, either biological or adopted, but can't.  We are financially stable enough to raise a child with no problem, but we can't aford 10+ K for treaments or adoptions straight out of pocket.  And tax exemptions and rebates don't really help if you can't aford the out of pocket expenses to begin with.  And I would posit that anybody who would say "sut up and accept it" has probably never had to deal with infertility in any form.

May 16, 2013 9:28PM
We adopted two toddlers (a boy and a girl) after trying fertility counseling.  We never did the fertility treatments because of the cost and you are not guaranteed anything.  I know some people who have had successful fertility treatments, and others who paid thousands of dollars for nothing.  We adopted through the foster care system where you get paid and the children have full insurance coverage until the age of 18.  We didn't have to pay a penny to get our children, they were given to us.  Don't listen to anyone who is negative about adoption-we know they are out there!
May 26, 2013 3:19PM

A pregnancy and the resulting childbirth is usually not cheap.

Unless you are an Illegal Immigrant the it FREE! 

May 26, 2013 3:59PM
there are people who have NO WORRIES about COST that's why ther's welfare. 
May 26, 2013 7:27PM
too many people in the world already, the last thing we need is for taxpayers/insurance to cover infertility treatments. adoption is another thing - so many older kids needing homes - I will gladly pay taxes to help people adopt.
May 26, 2013 4:47PM
If you don't get married it's not a problem, the rest of us pick up the tab, not once but time and time again.  I had my first child early in life with no insurance but had nine months to save and paid cash when she was born, hosp. and Dr. If more people ( if not everyone) had to make payments maybe they would take measures to not have the next ones with out plans in place. Cost have gone up but it has never been cheap to have children. People need to get their priorities in order.
May 26, 2013 4:17PM

Similar story as Tucker418. I was born in 1953.  Mom and I stayed in the hospital for 5 days and the total was $125. Dad paid cash.  The receipt looks like a Guest Check!

May 26, 2013 4:46PM
Just ask any U.S. taxpayer that pays for the illegals and inner city minority babies....sure child birth is expensive.
May 26, 2013 5:26PM
Actually, childbirth is extremely cheap.  It was free for millions of years...
May 26, 2013 5:42PM

This is one of the reasons why I decided to have a child from the get go .

You know having a child is a choice and some people like myself choose to  not have children just , because we do not want any . If you have a problem with my choice then please I would love to hear what kind of argument you have against me but just so you know having a child is not required . You can live a normal happy life without children and not be hurting anyone else in anyone way .

May 17, 2013 9:07AM
Heroic medical intervention is just enabling humans to pass along defective genetic code. If a parent is infertile, would the potential trait not be inherited by offspring using reproductive technology? Our species has a much greater chance of becoming extinct due to overpopulation than infertility; it looks like we are too far down that road already; world population is doubling every 60 years, but the food, water and energy supply is not. Denial does not make the problem go away.
May 26, 2013 4:51PM
To tucker and jpkt.....When a so called doctor nowadays pops his head in the doorway of the birthmothers room its 200.00 and you'll never see him again along with the others who you never see but are specialists and interns.You receive bills from doctors till your kid goes to college and you'll never see them or know who they were.Somebody has to pay for luxury vacations ,big  homes ,rolexes and benzos.  
May 26, 2013 3:13PM
Wow I was born in 1954 total cost even for me staying a week was less than $400.00 total, parents sent payments to the hospital and Doctor better times
May 19, 2013 12:31AM
$4500 for IVF in Thailand using a doctor that was educated in Australia.  We now have two 6 year old boys that make us smile everyday with their antics.  My wife and I consulted a specialist in the Us to come up with a plan of action and then went to Thailand on vacation.  We have referred several friends and they have had similar results. 
May 26, 2013 4:14PM
That's what we have been trying to tell Obama, and it isn't the legal residents of each State that are reproducing like rabbits. The Latino are number one in all birth via statistics ...both teen and adult at the highest rates in the World and Nation "look it up" If you like Mexico to visit but do not really want to live in Mexico... then we need to stop paying for the births of thousands upon thousands of illegal alien's babies. It is breaking the bank plain and simple. Leaving ran down and bankrupt hospitals...To put millions on Obamacare will be the final straw that breaks the camels back! In 1960 an economist predicted that the absorption of Mexico would be the down fall of the USA's economy. We will all soon be living in dirty little tin shacks if this administration does not stop this fast train from the spiral of destruction,
May 29, 2013 1:32AM
I am a well-educated heterosexual and make well into the 6 figures,  however I have no interest in breeding.  If I did want children as a white male in this country I would be on the hook financially till I die, God forbid there be a divorce.  I am just happy that this country pays with my taxes to allow illegals and other non-contributors to breed at a frenzied rate with NO financial responsibility.   I find it sad and ironic that typically it is the uneducated and poor that are populating the planet.  I cant afford to have kids, so THEY can.  Thank you MTV for televising 16 and pregnant and ignoring the hundreds of thousands of hard working well-educated tax payers who live a life of non-glorified servitude to the State so we can pay for an underclass that is necessary for any government to flourish.  Life's a bitch.
May 26, 2013 4:04PM

as the saying goes THERE'S OUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK!!!! STUPID ISN'T IT?? I think people should first be stopped at the hospital's cashier window.....can't pay or can't produce a valid insurance card -SORRY CAN'T COME IN- we are burdened enough as it is!!!!!!!


May 26, 2013 5:34PM
Health insurance companies shouldn't cover fertility treatments. Others rates should not have to go up for unnecessary medical procedures, unless we are talking about other female health issues like endometriosis. That is MUCH more than a fertility problem.
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