13 happy events that need a financial plan

How do you capitalize on a pleasant financial surprise? Here are some tips to maximize an unexpected windfall.

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Aug 1, 2013 8:52AM
Aug 1, 2013 12:20PM
I agree with David .... This article goes well beyond the worthless classification. This crap is dribble ... I can't wait to see how the political plants on this forum will twist Obama into the mix, and YOU KNOW THEY WILL !!
Aug 7, 2013 5:31PM

False advertising!!!!  This was advertised on the main page as "13 Happy Events with Financial Pitfalls" and I get to the actual story and it's "13 happy events that need a financial plan".  These are two different titles for the same story.


Also, these don't apply to the majority of readers.  How many people these days can afford a "vacation home"??  People are having a tough enough time with the home that they live in.  And with the astronomical gas and food prices, people can't afford to take a vacation, let alone pay for a separate house to use for it.  How many people are getting a "big raise" also?  Not many.  Companies don't care about us little guys.  They'll give the big raises to the executives, who really don't NEED them.  Not everyone is getting married.  I'm almost 33, and still have never been married.  It's not worth it when women are just after half of what a guy has.  Also, not everyone can afford to go to college with the high tuition rates and low chances of getting financial aid.  And how can people refinance houses when they work their tails off and are still declined for mortgage loans?  Companies don't send employees to other states anymore.  I've never been relocated to another state by an employer.  When I wanted to relocate, I had to put in a request, and waited on eggshells, hoping they would allow me to stay with them when I moved.  Okay, the inheritance thing is hooey.  Many senior citizens struggle with the rising cost of living.  And after paying medical bills and other debts left, relatives are usually in a worse financial situation than before the death happened.  I know that if I died right now, my relatives would be screwed.  They'd probably disown me so they didn't get drowned by my debt.  Not everyone was lucky enough to get hit by a hurricane.  Out here in the desert, we don't get those breaks.  If people aren't getting married, they usually don't get the joy of having children, either.  I'm single, with no children.  I don't get huge tax returns.  All my friends brag about the thousands they get back, and I'm lucky if I don't owe the government at the end of a year that I've worked my tail off just to make ends meet.  There was one time in my life that I got a severance package.  It included an additional two weeks worth of pay, and my employer said I was welcome to stay for those two weeks if I wanted.  Most of us will never get the privilege of retiring.  Quite a few of my relatives who have passed have worked up to the day they passed away.  Some people just can't afford to retire.  Most employers don't offer retirement benefits anymore.


All in all, this article only applies to a select few readers.  Even any one piece of this article will only apply to maybe 5% of the readers.  MSN, please write on things that people can relate to.  I'm getting really sick of reading stuff that pipe dreams are made of.

Aug 7, 2013 4:57PM

Many of these thing HARDLY qualify as MAJOR life events, and one has nothing to do with you or your money.  If you haven't taught your kids to manage money by the time they graduate high school, you suck as a parent. 


End of story, learn what to do with your money how you want, and spend it your way.  Just make sure it's within your means,

Aug 8, 2013 12:01AM
What a waste of time !   I had hoped to find some useful information.   Dummy-down,  worse than reading the National Enquirer    : /
Aug 7, 2013 5:57PM
that guy in #13 leaving the office sure doesn't look like he needs to plan anything
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