Image: Warren Buffett © Jin Lee, AP

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We're all familiar with these famous billionaires and how they amassed their fortunes -- we even dream of similarly making it big ourselves.

But did you ever wonder how rich, successful people got their starts? Here is a look at some famous billionaires' first jobs.

Warren Buffett

Net worth: $47 billion

First job: Newspaper delivery

Warren Buffett (pictured above) started working on his billion-dollar empire when he was a teenager. His first job, at age 13, was running a newspaper delivery business. Already a budding businessman with an eye on the bottom line, Buffett took a deduction that year for the use of his bicycle on his paper route.

He went on to start a pinball-machine business while in high school. Always looking for business opportunities, Buffett had $10,000 from his business ventures when he graduated from college.

Today, Buffett's net worth is estimated at $47 billion. It's no wonder that so many people today look to him for investment advice.

Oprah Winfrey

Net worth: $2.7 billion

First job: Grocery store clerk

Oprah Winfrey, who seems to get better and richer with everything she does, got her start in a menial job at the grocery store next to her father's barbershop in Nashville, Tenn.

She quickly made a move into broadcasting; at age 16 she was reading the news for the local radio station and on the road toward becoming a national media powerhouse.

Michael Bloomberg

Net worth: $18 billion

First job: Parking lot attendant

Michael Bloomberg was born to middle-class parents and worked his way through college, eventually earning a master's in business administration from Harvard University. After graduating he went to Wall Street

Bloomberg is now the mayor of New York and one of the nation's wealthiest citizens.

Bill Gates

Net worth: $53 billion

First job: Computer programmer

Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard to follow his passion for technology. His first job was as a computer programmer for TRW during his senior year in high school.