7 self-made immigrant millionaires

These entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds built their fortunes in a variety of businesses. One wound up in politics.

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Nov 12, 2012 9:48PM
Excuse me! But in the United States of America, WE THE PEOPLE are all immigrants. So cut the crap with the propaganda. Oh, and another thing. The only native Americans were the American Indians and we killed practically all of them, stole their country, and put them all on reservations. Celebrate that why don't you.
Nov 12, 2012 10:53PM
Only two of these people came here illegally...or did you not read the article?  And it was to flee guerrillas (the people with guns...not the animals).  And they did BECOME citiizens.  It's not like they are still illegal immigrants.  It's funny that these people have the willpower to make something out of literally nothing...and on the other hand, people who must have no sense of their own family's history and just assume that they have always been REAL Americans are the first ones to bitch when somebody works harder than they do. 
Nov 13, 2012 2:06AM

They are all very inspirational stories. And proof that in this country, a good idea and hard work pay off.


Nov 13, 2012 12:50AM
This is up to the individual, it does not matter who he or she is the only way to make money is to work hard and intelligent but if you are a lazy bum then you are dead 
Nov 13, 2012 1:58PM

America is weak country now due to their little infightings

can't you see were in state of civil war non stop.. america

as many say its the HAS BEEN Country..the new super powers

are China,Brazil. E.U and others merging powers.. why..

americans  are best at calling each other name i.e he/she is

a tea baggers,he is 'liberal' he is a moron

she is desperate house wife. the media is DESTROYING America

Kids are consumed with porns,alcohol .. in few yrs. there will be no


Nov 13, 2012 11:19AM
What is the benefit of being an American citizen if you can get a drivers license, get a job,and get free medical  and citizenship for your children by coming here illegally? Also why do we even let legal immigration take place when our unemployment rate is unacceptably high? We need to do like China and close our borders until we get our own situation straightened out.
Nov 13, 2012 11:19AM
Nov 13, 2012 2:45PM

Nice propaganda piece to promote comprehensive amensty and de facto open borders.


Immigration should be legal and limited to those with truly unique job skills (and not to drive downwages) or those with large amounts of financial capital who start businesses and hire U.S. citizens (not import more of their friends and relatives)

Nov 13, 2012 11:17AM
Nov 13, 2012 4:38PM
You missed Gene Simmons, probably the most well-known immigrant self-made millionaire.
Nov 21, 2012 3:36PM
I think it is wonderful these people did well.  But I have one question?  Why is MSN reporting these self-made millionaires as inspirational and great stories but when natural born Americans do well and become millionaires it is a sin!!!  They are terrible and selfish people!!!  Stating they should pay higher taxes to help those that didn't do as well.    I just don't get it.  The American dream but not for natural born Americans!!!              
$1 million in sales for one year with 30 employees?? hmmmm...  let me do the math here... that's $33,333 per year per employee (not including the owners) Unless the owners are taking all the money I would hardly call that a " self-made immigrant millionaire" story...
Nov 13, 2012 3:07PM
This is a good point at which a pro-illegals scumbag should come in and say...see, immigrants are good, and pretend that illegal and legal immigration are the same thing.

Seize the opportunity, pro-illegals slime!  Seize it!

Nov 21, 2012 2:23PM


Ohhhhhhhhhh goshhhhhhhhhhhh damm them for taking their piece of the capatalist pie.


You another thing they have in common.  They either didnt attend The Regressive Liberal indoctrinating higher education scholastic system or did not obtain liberal arts degrees that so many do and wonder why they cant find jobs after graduating.

Nov 13, 2012 2:59PM
It's really great, but the article will be more informative if you would name it  "7 Immigrants who made many Americans millionaires and added a lot of wealth to USA.:)
Nov 21, 2012 1:58PM
as an individual that is wanting to start a small business.  these are very inspirational stories. 
Nov 13, 2012 6:19PM
Nov 21, 2012 3:21PM
Obama said they are not self made.
Nov 23, 2012 12:02AM

If people think our country is such a "has been," then I wish they would stop coming across our borders, looking yet for the American Dream" Stop looking for something "not here anymore" Like looking for what " A needle in a haystack?"


We can come out of this just fine ,except we are allowing people to take advantage of us. This country once had people come here  legally and ready to work and their was work around for them to do, but if we do not have it then they should not stay. We cannot  continue putting in more and more soup kitchens and volunteering food to pantries in order to feed anyone who just came here looking for free hand out.s


If a person was here legally and won the lottery and became rich, then guess they are just plain lucky. But if they fake it out, then I think they need to go back where they came from and loose it. It is nice to want better for yourself, but that right now is not going to work out here.  Matters grow worse each day, because we are straining to keep ends meeting.


The worse convicts are here now, and people are seeing worse crimes than ever! We do not need to be taught how to be a terrorist.


We have a free Country and want to keep it this way. But we no longer can allow people to come here teach us how to be criminals and steal by not being honest about not being legal.

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