The worst days to do 20 common activities

When it comes to the battle over your bank account, add your calendar to your list of weapons.

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Jun 30, 2014 10:37PM
The worst day to have to go to the hospital is July 1st? LOL...Really? I think ANY day you "have to go to the hospital", could potentially be a very bad day.
Jun 30, 2014 11:04PM
Worst days to go to the DMV Monday, and Friday? I would say more like every day of the week.
Jul 1, 2014 8:39AM

Seriously...who the hell would apply for a job on a Saturday?

And the worst day to shop for groceries.....the 1st of ANY month. I certainly won't be doing this today for 46 million obvious reasons.

Jul 5, 2014 8:34AM
The worst day to read a MSN article is everyday!
Jul 1, 2014 8:33AM
The worst day ? Election day ! What when every useless as hole  seems to find his or hers way back into office.
Jul 5, 2014 7:03AM
The best time to go to the DMV is 5-10 minutes before they close on Friday; they want to go home for the weekend & and they can't until they take care of everyone who was there before they closed.
Jul 5, 2014 4:00AM
I don't know what state the person who wrote this lives in, but if he/she moves to Minnesota and decides to start filling his/her tank on Saturday instead of Tuesday he/she will be paying AT LEAST .10 to .12 cents MORE per gallon.  Not sure where this writer got these statistics, but its common knowledge that gas prices usually go up on weekends because people like to travel on the weekends.  Here in Minnesota if you don't have a full tank by Thursday night you're going to be paying through the teeth to fill up for the weekend...especially during summertime when everyone heads up to their cabins. 
Jul 1, 2014 12:48PM
22 pages - 22 clicks for you  --  NO WAY!
Jul 5, 2014 5:09AM

Ashley Madison, A "Dating Website" for women? Seriously? Married women searching for dates with whom? Their husbands or other married men?

Jul 1, 2014 8:02AM
How the hell are some of these 'common' activities???
Jul 1, 2014 8:58AM
the  worst day for this country was when Obama the primadonna or president Obummer and all the other left wing bleeding liberals got elected.

O.B.A.M.A. - One Big @ss Mistake America.
Jul 1, 2014 7:55AM
My worst day is Mondays and if it's raining it's worse or any day I have to stand in a long long line somewhere or being stuck in rush hour traffic or where there's been a wreck on the interstate. Anytime people are rude and mean spirited, it can ruin anyone's day. What could start off as a good day can turn bad on any day of the week. 
Jul 1, 2014 8:50AM
when is father's day? nine months before mother's day.
Jul 1, 2014 12:49PM

It didn’t happen all at once, but the dream that was the United States of America, the Great Republic, has died. Other countries hostile to the idea of true freedom didn’t cause it; it wasn’t caused by a radical religious organization. The downfall of the United States was all from within its own borders, by its own people. The people, for whom others have died, have allowed the country to die a slow death. The me too, me first attitude that started many years ago, along with the idea that all are entitled to the fruits of others hard work, has allowed this country to bleed to death. When the British raised the tax on tea, our forefathers should have just shut up and paid the tax. Almost 240 years later, what has changed? Thousands have died for absolutely nothing.

Jul 5, 2014 5:10AM
Jul 5, 2014 9:30AM
I got less than half way through this idiotic article.  It's a bunch of hogwash. 
Jul 1, 2014 7:16AM
I always check with my doctor first before attempting anything on any day.
Jul 1, 2014 1:21PM

Not all DMV branches are open on Monday so the ones that are gete more traffic than usual for that reason.  At least here in Florida.

Jul 5, 2014 10:43AM
Amazing that someone actually gets paid to write stuff like this. I didn't make it halfway through before saying "enough already'.
Jul 5, 2014 9:07AM
In Minnesota you have till the 10th of the month to renew your expired tabs without getting a ticket. If the 9th falls on a weekday, don't go then or you will be more miserable than normal at this house of nasty employees. 
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