10 best-paying cities for women

Here's where women earn the highest median salaries. But even in some of these top-paying metro areas, wages show striking gender disparity.

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Mar 6, 2014 10:46AM

This argument to me is always skewed incorrectly to one side.  There are some perfectly acceptable factors as to why, on average, women make less than men.  I have been a manager/executive for almost 20 years now.  I have had the opportunity to hand out hundreds of promotions over that time.  Most of this in the world of finance.  The environments I worked in have a pretty close to 50/50 makeup of men and women.  In my experience, their performance is equal.  When I have a promotion to hand out in an area, I choose the best performing 3-5 candidates (regardless of sex) and interview them.  I take their work history and interview into account and choose the best PERSON for the promotion.  I ran into something that boggled my mind at first, but I have come to understand and accept it.  Approximately 40% of the women I offered promotions to TURNED DOWN THE PROMOTION.  In a few instances my second choice was a woman as well and she also turned down the promotion.  Leaving me in a position of having to promote my third choice.  A man.  So often, I have had to hand a promotion to a man as a second (or third) choice.  I have never once had a man turn down a promotion.  On several instances I nearly begged these women to take the position because they were so good at their jobs.  A good manager understands that he is only as good as the people that work for him and that is exactly what I am always after.  Man or woman, I want the best person for the job. 

Early on in my career, after the 4th or 5th time this happened, I sat the female candidate down that had turned down the promotion and pressed her for an answer.  She explained she had a family and kids.  She knew that the promotion came with a lot more responsibility and hours.  She was not interested in this as she felt it would impact her performance as a mother and wife.  Something she was proud of the fact that she was very good at.  No doubt she was.  I have had this same conversation with a number of women over the years now and it is nearly always the same answer. 

So to my point.  We need to get two terms straight in our head; equal and equal rights.  Men and women are not equal.  I would hate to live in a world where we were.  We have strengths and weaknesses that are unique to our gender.  We should celebrate these and accept who we are rather than endlessly and mindlessly trying to stamp them out.  Women are more naturally suited to child rearing IN GENERAL.  They have much more soft, caring, and nurturing personalities than men.  If you have to leave your children with someone for the day, who do you prefer?  A man or woman?  It is who we are.  I agree that we need to seek out and destroy those instances where equal rights/opportunity do not exist, but I believe the larger part of the skew in these numbers relates to inequality and not unequal rights.  My fear is that articles like this only serve the opposite effect of what feminists actually are trying to accomplish.  Telling women that making decisions like what I have described is not ok.  It is not ok to just be you.  Women should chase the almighty dollar just as fervently as men do.  The fact that they don't, in my opinion, is a virtue.  Ladies, if your dream is not to climb the corporate ladder, but instead lead a more balanced work/home life, I applaud you.  It is something men could stand to take more notice of and learn from.

Mar 3, 2014 8:45PM
The simple fact is that a women with no kids who has the same qualifications as a man will make the same amount almost all the time. The reason people say women on average make less is largely because women tend to dominate curtain professions that pay less (ex. health care and teaching) while men dominate other industries that may pay more (ex. mining and oil drilling) Also more women tend to work part time which not only makes less in total but also less per hour. Also if women have kids their earning potential falls. I think that comparable people (no matter the sex, race or sexual orientation) should make the same for comparable jobs but when you talk averages there are many factors to consider that can skew the results.
Mar 6, 2014 9:52AM
Prudential did a study where they followed women and men who had both earned computer science degrees. They matched them for GPA and university and time taken off from work, and discovered there was still a pay gap. Yale University asked professors at various universities around the country to evaluate resumes for a science assistant and choose who to hire. The resumes with the male names were selected every time, despite the other qualifications listed.
Mar 6, 2014 11:08AM
Gee, not one southern city, imagine that. I can attest that the good ol' boy system is alive and well in Alabama.
Mar 13, 2014 12:42PM

as usual, msn forgets Las Vegas NV...scheduled banquet servers and banquet bartenders make, in excess, of a $100,000/year...that isn't hyperbole, it's a fact!

most of the Strip Resorts pay $20/hour plus gratuities...think about that for a minute - $20/hour equates to $3200/month just in hourly wages, plus another $7000/month in tips...that's a lot of money msn, so do better research...

Mar 4, 2014 3:12AM
Say!  I'm surprised that Las Vegas did not make this list.  Women, up to middle-age, in that town with barely a high school education can earn high five-figure to low six-figure salaries in the "Adult Entertainment" industries that region is notorious for.

The problem is with getting accurate salary figures for women in such livelihoods, since those "cash only" businesses generally gets under-reported to the IRS.
Mar 6, 2014 1:24PM
Look at the cities. They have a high cost of living. So, the salaries are higher. Very misleading.
Vegas usually has some real high earning ladies! LOL
Mar 6, 2014 10:25AM
I was rather disappointed by this article since the tag line said "The 10 cities Where Women make more than men".  Should have know that there are NO states where women make more than men.
Mar 6, 2014 2:55PM
Even as a small child before I even knew anything about being in the workforce I never understood why their were such a wage differences between men and women. To me this is really stupid and we shouldn't even have to worry about such thing. If a woman can do the same job as a man does, she should get the same pay as a man, and if a man does the same job as a woman does, then he should get the same pay. If a woman wants to drive a big truck for a living or a man is a housekeep, He or she should be paid the same for it.  I own a company and have ran another and all my people both female and males made the same wage for the job they were require to do. The whole wage war between sexes is ignorant. We shouldn't even be having a silly problem like this.. 
Mar 6, 2014 10:05AM
Why do you suppose they reported the MEDIAN income as opposed to the AVERAGE income?  "Median" would indicate that 50% make more than what is indicated and 50% make lower than that whereas the "average" would be, well, the average!  I wonder how different the averages would look in these cities? (i.e. are there many more lower paying jobs for women in these cities versus higher paying jobs, thereby skewing the median to be lower than the average or vice versa?)  Just sayin'.....
Mar 9, 2014 10:53AM
I bet women porn stars make more than male porn stars.Just saying.
Mar 13, 2014 10:25AM
I like the fact that they praise the president yet women in the white house make much less than the men.
Mar 12, 2014 9:00PM
All black or blue only one with a little red..... this tell anyone any thing? Give away country you don't need to earn it!
Mar 12, 2014 10:15PM
This wage gap myth was destroyed by Thomas Sowell and many others beginning in the 60's. When you compare a man and a woman based on education, career and experience women actually earn more.

But hey, if you say the lie over and over and over...

Think about it - if company's could get the same work out of one person for less, well, all they would do is hire women.

Mar 6, 2014 11:06AM
equal ,since 1991 I am in the united State ,some of retail store like Wall  Mart not pay good for women ,wall mart pay for men more than women ,Promotion the same wall Mart give fast promotion for men more than women ,Wall Mart hiring  ,but wall cut hours from other employee and hire new employee this is turkey ,but Still united State of America is Better than other Country ,Freedom of Speech ,Freedom of Press Freedom of Religious. a lot of opportunity ,in my Country Afghanistan this one is not compare with united State but I can say I support  women  Human Right in Afghanistan and also I Support women to be come president of Afghanistan ,I believe  in My mind women can control better than men in Afghanistan at this time.
Mar 13, 2014 12:45PM


Maybe the facilatators of this article should equatetheir findings with the cities cost of living \.

Mar 13, 2014 11:23AM
You would think these liberal cities would have equal pay. Unless they think women are equal.
Mar 6, 2014 7:52AM
What jobs are we talking about. If they are a brain surgent, engineer, burger flipper or what. are civil engineers getting the same, McDonald burger flipper getting the same dollars per hour? Lets talk how much they get for a  exact position for the same employer being paid dollars per hour, not annual salary because men or women might be away from work for some reason and not work 2087 hour per year.  If a civil engineer get $30.00 per hour does women and men get the $30.00 per hour from the same employer.
Mar 6, 2014 11:53AM
They make pretty good money in Vegas!
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