10 cities with the biggest paychecks

Choosing a city to call home could have an impact on how much money you make.

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Dec 9, 2013 8:34PM

"Choosing a city to call home could have an impact on how much money you make."

True, however, you must also look at the cost-of-living, it could be higher/lower than where you live now.

Dec 10, 2013 2:49PM
New York pays good but cost of living is outrageous!
Dec 12, 2013 8:49AM
People Living in High Cost areas will also have the most $ paid into Retirement Accounts as well as Social secirity and other savings accounts. You can always retire to a less expensive place.
Dec 12, 2013 11:18AM
Considering that Houston's home prices and cost of living is AT LEAST half of what the rest of the 9 cities are, I'd say that high paycheck is much, much higher......relatively speaking.
Dec 12, 2013 6:24AM
It's all relative anyway...higher salaries in areas with a higher cost of living.  Balances out.
Dec 10, 2013 11:30AM
Dec 9, 2013 10:26PM
Houston is a good town ,plenty of jobs and night life.Very aggressive city .But the traffic is other story could never find my way around.lots of good memories living there .BYE
Dec 12, 2013 8:41AM

And those are some of the most expensive cities to live in! So do they really "pay" more?

Dec 12, 2013 3:12PM
This may sound like a lot of money, but the median home price for a basic, ho hum home out here is a staggering $650,000!!!  Homeowners can roughly 'afford' a home that is 3 times their annual income - guidelines in the mortgage industry used most everywhere else in the US.  Those median earners of $133,000 in San Jose can get into a $399,000 slum bucket with that kind of income. What actually happens out here is mortgage lenders will approve debt-to-income ratios that are out of the ball park, so many of us hardworking professionals pulling down those 'big' bucks are house poor, buying way bigger mortgages than we can realistically handle.   It's an unsustainable house of cards!
Dec 12, 2013 10:19AM
The reason almost every one of these cities have higher than average pay, is to compensate for their higher than average cost of living. Factor that in and I bet they are right back where the rest are. 
Dec 12, 2013 1:04PM

I live in the Wash DC/Va area and the cost of living is very high. Maybe not NY high but my county (Loudoun Va) is considered the wealthiest in the country. Most if not all of the higher paying cities listed here are high cost of living areas.  I'm more interested in a low cost of living area where I can make the same salary I make now as an RN without the commute that many of my colleagues have to tolerate.

A milder climate would be really nice too!


Dec 12, 2013 2:35PM
We moved out to San Diego, from Minneapolis, overall life quality decreased, doesn't matter how much you make, check out the house price and gas price first. You get nothing left after housing and gas, so what you are making a bit more?.
Dec 12, 2013 11:45AM
Of course these towns have to pay you a lot - it costs a ton to live there!
Dec 23, 2013 8:56PM
san jose is totally out of sight when it comes to cost of living.. being a native, its kind of sad that i can never return to my true home town... i remember walking to the end of my block and picking cherries.. my moms $8k track home from 1957 is currently valued at 1.2 million... insanity.
Dec 12, 2013 10:06AM
Washington D.C / Northern Virginia housing is bloated because of overpaid government workers. Anyone working other jobs for private companies, skilled trades or manual labor can hardly get by because of cost and they pay lower than normal for cost of living.
Dec 12, 2013 11:53AM
Agree with previous poster.   It is not just the "salary" but you must also look at the cost of living including housing, state and residential taxes, food prices, utility prices.  Most of areas listed here pay well but the cost of living is outrageous.  My brother lives in the DC area and he has a very nice salary, but his "cost of living" is also very high.  With my salary, it was like a $10,000 raise to live where I do because housing, food costs  and taxes are lower. 
Dec 23, 2013 10:51PM
Not that I am in love with Houston but it seems to me it is the only one on this list where the cost of living is not out of sight.
Dec 10, 2013 11:25AM
Today's headlines:
- Stocks edge lower on lingering stimulus doubts (it didn't work, who doubts it?)
- US set to approve ban on high-risk bank trades (only AFTER they have killed the world)
- Pension crisis endangering Chicago's future (screw those workers who trusted government)
- Europe opens marathon talks on bank rescues (but not ACT on closing them down)
- Homebuilder Toll Brothers profits decline (fewer clueless McMansion buyers?)
- Lululemon founder steps down as chairman (why not just unplug them?)
- Oil rises near $98 on US/China economic data (the higher it goes, the lower we go)
- 10 cities with the biggest paychecks (nuke targets?)
- 3 of the worst nightmare stocks in 2013 (just 3? Take away QE and they all were) 

Are we getting the idea that BANKS need to go yet? That Fed-funded BANKS are destroying the world? That all the world's woes revolve around BANKS doing BAD because the Fed funds them and they don't do CRAP to recover us? Isn't way past the time to END BANKS AND THE FED? Of course it is. Put YOUR Kool Aid glass down and crash BANKS before they end the world. 
Dec 12, 2013 11:12AM
Mostly statistical BS-  find a city with a billionaire living there and the salary average goes way up- the folks working at Walmart in any one of these cities are still making the same minimum wage.
Dec 24, 2013 5:25AM
Wake up FORBES Oakland is a gang infested slum, Fremont is a middle class suburb 50 miles SE of San Francisco.  STOP combining them as one big happy family!
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