10 hottest IPOs of 2013

Shares of these stock-market rookies -- including Potbelly, Noodles & Co. and Xoom -- all shot up by more than 50% on their first day of trading.

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Oct 24, 2013 6:51AM

This article was the headline for more than 12 hours without a single Comment post. That's because no one with commonsense is going to invest in pure stupidity (Twitter), especially since it is linked to the collusion and thus- terrorism plaguing and destroying our nation. How LOW does society go? Twitter is the text tool for psychopaths. It's a clique instrument. It fuels the jobs blockade. It profits from ads... not anything useful or even wanted by society.

We recently saw Goldman Sachs make the "Dow Industrial" list. Are these exercises in ignorance and idiocy-- our future? If so, stay mobile my friends... we won't be here much longer. Twitter-- it starts with the word-- TWIT, that should say everything.

Oct 24, 2013 8:17AM

I want to take everyone back in time. Pick a time of your choosing, as long as it comes before this time we are in.
You were cruising along in life when all of a sudden... we had economic recession. Remember? All of the sprawl fringe homebuyers either fell into foreclosure or endured somehow, but lost all their neighbors. We had gas lines. We grocery shopped armed with coupons and sought out the dented can clearance rack. A "given" was that all paper-pushing jobs lost the majority of their income- because companies couldn't afford administrative personnel. The Founder took less pay and put meager profits toward keeping skills employed, because he/she knew that when we looked to be clearing this arc in the economic cycle, skills would be the engine of new prosperity. We lost big poorly-run entities and many people were out of work at all levels. THESE were the great learning endurances for experience, wisdom and future stability.
Travel again to say... 2003. Generation X was leasing luxury toys they otherwise couldn't afford, living in McMansions they couldn't afford, or calling a pool table a home improvement. 90% of them were contained in these fields: law firm lawyer, firm accountant, career politician, firm financier, banker, business platform administrator, paper and button pusher. From a 30,000 foot perspective, the obviously forth-coming catastrophic recession ahead would devastate this age group completely. If you worked with or among them, you found no commonsense, at all. In fact, text-addiction was rampant... I recall one survey that suggested productivity in middle management was less than 20 minutes daily, the rest was a text-fest.
Return to the present time. 90 MILLION under and unemployed. Polls validate that nearly no one over the age of 50 gets another job after termination. $700 TRILLION in derivative contracts owed by people who have no incomes. Worldwide compromise. China just wrote-off more bad debt than all the debt generated from the Great Depression Era. Europe's banks are about to be shuttered from corruption. Merkel thinks Obama is tapping her cell phone. American stock markets are record-high, but no entity in them actually generates profit from native sales activity. Publicly disclosed "QE" is said to be Trillions now, but a simple review of Bail Days suggests we exceed a Trillion monthly and have for a long time now. Goldman Sachs makes it into the Dow INDUSTRIAL, Google (a virtual ad-monger) tops $1,000/share and Twitter- the tool for collusion and cliques everywhere- is expected to IPO without ever achieving viability (makes 100% of it's profit off ads).
Back in time, again. It's 1980. Paul Volcker is raising the Prime Rate so high that it alone exceeds Usury in many states-- thereby compromising speculative venturing but also a Tsunami of inflation and inflationary aspects. Pure Genius. The nation hits a brick wall wearing a marshmallow costume and so it survives and restores- literally at Light Speed. The wreckage can all be repaired BUT... we get a new layer of corporate bureaucrat-- the CEO (widespread in 1980, almost non-existence previously) and the sudden influx of college-degrees without ANY experience placed in Middle Management. As we recover, we also begin downsizing. We take OUT the rank-and-file and plant floor management and don't give them what was promised. By 1983... middle-heavy administrative-run entities enter the year having bought a template Business Plan but 99% exit less than intact. Many are out of business completely.


SOMEONE in 1980 got the idea to create the CEO role AND put fresh-out-of-college degrees in Middle Management. Either the same person or a 1980-trained successor tee'd us up for repeat in 2000 (think of the acts of 1999 as the fool fuel). The fight to stop ACA right now- suggests it deviates from a plot and the plotter(s) will stop at nothing to ensure the course. WHO is doing this?

Oct 27, 2013 8:00AM
This is amusing.  If I was starting out on my financial journey today, which I am not, just about the dumbest thing I could do beyond using the "pin the tail on the donkey" strategy would be to consult MSN for advice.
Investing is about making more money than you put in, whether immediately or over time. Twitter is pretty stupid to me, but I'm not on it. Millions of (Younger) people are. And they think it's extremely neccessary and great. So that's why it will do well. As long as there is FB, Apple, Google, and other phone, tablet, laptop services, Twitter will be right there with them. I will buy and hold it. Who knew Netflix would be such a great investment?
Oct 27, 2013 10:35AM
Oct 28, 2013 1:08AM
I HOPE the Stock for DISCOVER CARD TAKES a NOSE DIVE and CRASHES!!!!!  Then I HOPE this CROOKED Company FALLS OUT of Business for GOOD...............
Oct 24, 2013 11:14AM
Twitter has name recognition.Which is one reason the stock will be a moonshot.

this is more proof that people are stupid and will spend money on only three things in life and complain about how everything else is too expensive.




those are the only things people will spend all their money on, if you provide society anything else, you'll be accused of ripping the idiots off.

but then when the very same morons need a product or service that is something other than one of those three things, the retards will cry to no end that what they actually do need is too expensive, the mechanic that works on the over priced fashion statement is too expensive,

the construction worker who builds and/ or maintains the places they claim to work in and the over luxurious home their undeserving worthless excuses live in are too expensive.


the simple fact that the clowns fresh out of college have the audacity to claim they deserve so much after living the life of luxury in college, the drunken dorm and spring break parties, spending their student loans on luxury sports cars (BMW, ACURA, Mercedes, Infinity, Lexus, etc...)

then cry and complain that their student loans are too high, they spend literally a couple of thousand dollars on a computer, not for their college classes, but to play online video games accounts that they claim are worth up what i have seen for sale at more than a thousand dollars.

far too many of these clowns have the biggest pair to cry and complain about how they have done so much in life and deserve so much more than they already get, when they don't even deserve what they already have and get.


this is the reason why the country is in such $#!ty shape.

people claim the few years of drunken dorm and spring break parties are worth more than the decades of a persons efforts to earn a living, working in a trade, actually providing society products and services that have a tangible value.

then these mental midgets have the balls to cry and complain that life isn't fair,

but the people who have worked and tried to earn a living for decades have to deal with the fact that they're told that when life doesn't go their way, it's a fact of life and deal with it,

and the same thing can't be said to the clowns fresh out of college.

then there are the over priced athletes and celebrities who society cries the river of tears for because they tell the world that their childhoods where tough,

the average person has life far worse, but no tears because they're just the average nobody.

society is pathetic.


Oct 24, 2013 8:23AM
Although V_L is correct, that doesn't mean that Twitter couldn't become useful at some point. I don't use either Facebook or Twitter. They are more about meaningless conversations as opposed to things we can do that are far more productive. That hardly means Twitter will or won't be a hot IPO. There's plenty of HYPE behind it. Funny how a company that has never made a DIME has a $1Billion Dollar line of Credit. This is the constant Insanity of Fiat Dollars. You can put a fictitious value on anything, public or private.

I have a strong issue with folks claiming Digital Social Media has started any real Revolutions. It may in the future but with Big Brother always watching Globally, don't be so sure. Fact is, folks in Egypt are no better off than when all this started. Real Revolutions are rarely bloodless and very rarely start in the Bright of Day. They start underground and unleash themselves with more than a bunch of folks carrying smartphones.

Oct 24, 2013 10:09AM
We use Face Book as an  immediate  advertising platform.  Should you want to  put ""NAME RECOGNITION "" out there this is by far an inexpensive way to accomplish that goal.
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