10 industries bouncing back

The 2012 presidential election could turn on voters' perception of the economic recovery. But what they see depends on which economic sectors they're looking at.

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Mar 30, 2012 3:20AM
I am not sure where the jobs are. I have a Masters in Business. Stupid me thought getting a masters degree I would be gainfully employed always. Jobs get cut, women with kids are some of the first to go cause employers are terrified you might have to call in sick when your kids get sick. I have been applying for a job for two years and I see the same 20 or so people at every interview. I am applying to receptionists, clerical, drugs stores, department stores, and in my old career and there is nothing out there. Everyone wants to blame it all on Obama. I am not a fan and didn't vote for him but we need to get the congress out as well as Obama. The congress won't allow change. They forgot they represent the people of this nation. Instead they are too busy bashing and attempting to one up their other party. It is a disgrace. Obama and congress need to see what it is like to be unemployed.
Mar 30, 2012 5:45PM

The U.S. is in decline.  Manufacturing will not return from China.  Unions got too greedy asking way too much for semi-skilled labor, and corporations got too greedy and moved out of the U.S. so they could pay next to nothing for labor (like Apple/Foxconn). 


In either case, companies and labor blaming each other won't bring the jobs back.  Buy an Apple product and support the Chinese.  Buy just about anything and support the Chinese.


It doesn't matter how cheap the products are if we don't have jobs and money to pay for them.

Mar 5, 2012 9:35PM
Your smoking the administration weed again.
Mar 8, 2012 6:21PM

I guess they count the people whose unemployment benefits run out as returning to work. In the last couple of months I meet more people laid off or out of benefits, than I have of people returning to work.

Mar 8, 2012 6:11PM
Construction is dead. I work construction in every application! My father does commercial advertising and is also slower then ever. What recovery? MY wife is an Info Tech recruiter for a huge company. slower then ever these days. What recovery? I've never seen so many sheriff sales in the paper before here and so many vacant store fronts. What recovery!? I'm sick to death of this joseph Goebbels media!
May 25, 2012 7:31PM
He all you unemployed people. Vote with your feet! Get off your hind ends and go pick the crops that used to be picked by illegals. There aren't enough people to do it.  I did and would again if I had to. It's hard work but better pay than the dole.
Mar 6, 2012 1:29AM

10 industries bouncing back, WHO WHAT, AND WHERE???????

They talk and talk, and yet they say nothing. IS this all we can expect from this **** GOVERNMENT

Mar 29, 2012 10:34PM
"the labor market is gaining momentum"??? Just another propaganda article based on very weak data...
Mar 30, 2012 5:04PM
I saw a man outside of WalMart with a sign that read: "WILL WORK FOR GASOLINE"! I told him to don't feel LONELY, we, the 99% American People, are ALREADY WORKING FOR GASOLINE!!!
May 25, 2012 7:41PM
The yuppie generation or gen y  is starting to realize they have to go to work, and hold down a job if they want to get ahead the parents are running out of money to give them, and  in many cases the parents will not allow them to live at home, because they  will not respect the ones that are providing for  them, not all but a lot think that they are owed a living, and want to party on the time has come to make use of your abilities, go to school and learn how to do the jobs that are going to be needed in the future, its time to bite the bullet grit your teeth and be a dependable worker, If you work hard go to school to learn you can earn more, but save a little don't waste everything you make, and don't use the credit cards, when you want something save up and buy it! this might seem hard at first but you like the generations before you will probably end up liking it as you start to figure it all out, and as you become successful in life, its not that hard to do so the sooner you start the better off you will be!!! good luck your on your own now!!!
Mar 6, 2012 1:21PM
this is the story the media and government is spinning and they are sticking with it.  I hear stories of people applying for hundreds of poverty level jobs with no success.
Mar 6, 2012 10:53AM
You know what scares me more than the far left or far right.  The countless number of uneducated sheep who actually believe the executive branch of government has that much control. 
Mar 9, 2012 5:58PM

Something a bit disturbing - we are awarding scholarships to foreigners (intellectualy superior kids) in huge numbers. Neither they nor their parents have payed taxes into the system that awards these kids scholarships - that comes from the American taxpayer. These kids get to live and be educated here, then they become business owners, bosses, and powerful citizens here. They then become our children's bosses.


I believe in giving people what they deserve, and these kids deserve something, but not the American taxpayer's money to displace Americans. That should be reserved for Americans. I am 54, returning to college to get my engineering degree on 'the dole'. I am disabled after working my entire life, and I hate being on this dole. So I hope no one is angry because I'm 'taking advantage of the system'. But it is a system I've payed into all my life, and I'm trying to better my life and that of my family's. However, when I see foreign geniuses using money of the American taxpayer for an education that is going to displace my children, then I take profound issue.


Most all the kids I meet in college are extremely bright, courteous, good people. But most of them are doing so on student loan money. The American 'dream' is no more. Most can never assume they'll be able to attend college. If ever we should have a 'dole', it should be to send American kids to school, especially to college, because college is what creates the engineers, scientists, etc., that create and innovate technologies that demand jobs of all strata of people.

May 31, 2012 2:28PM

It started with George Bush senior. Lets ship our industries overseas. First Mexico then China & lets sweeten the deal with Tax breaks. Even the Mexicans are looking for a job. They don't call it the rust belt for nothing. Big business sent it overseas & sold out America. They made "healthy" bottom lines while while we got it in the behind. Bring back the manufacturing to America, pay a decent wage & watch the economy rebound.


Mar 6, 2012 9:33AM

I see China is fairing well with all the jobs America threw at them not  mention the crude oil that is shipped to be refined whilst American refineries lay idle , wonder why you have so many workers with idle hands ????????????????


 Everybody stop buying fuel for just one day and watch the price come down , the whole system would get backed up .;

Mar 19, 2012 9:43PM
All of these 'stories' about industries bouncing back are just fine, but why is everyone so terriffied to just sort of 'boycott' those places that provide products that are totally 'made in China' like most of the big three TV home shopping channels?  I was shocked when I purchased jewelry from Shop NBC and also from HSN and every single piece from multiple 'designers' had a big white tag stamped with 'made in China' hanging off it and all the while I had listened to hours of how 'American these designs were, blah, blah, blah, etc....'  the same with the leather handbags I purchased from both HSN and QVC.  I was expecting Italian leather handbags (God knows I was paying enough for them) and low and behold when I got them by UPS, and ripped the box open, dumped out all the stuffing, etc... there hanging from the inside of the handbag, nicely sewn in was a tag 'all materials and production constructed in China'.  I was shocked.  The handbags went back.  Diane Sawyer started a campaign awhile ago about this movement where she tried to find a bathing suit made in the USA (she did, but it took her awhile). Since then, I have heard nothing about this supposedly continuing series.  I wish she would continue with it.  We all need to do something.  I used to just shrug my shoulders when my senior citizen parents went on and on about it.  My dad faught in Korea for us (he is now deceased), as did my step dad, and veterans are passionate about where the goods they purchase come from.  I know when I purchase something, I want it to last.  Things made in China most times don't. I work too hard for my money for that to happen and both my dads would kill me if I just kept up the way I was going with my uncaring attitude.  We have to buy back USA and the first way is to boycott what we think is our US but Made in China goods from those companies we let slip through our fingers and that no longer exist on our shores and jobs that our friends and relatives no longer have.  We need to get them back her for good and this time respect them. 
Mar 9, 2012 12:38AM

When will people realize that both the democrats and republicans are responsible for the mess we are in. It is time for a new way of looking at problems and applying common sense and constitutionality to our laws. We need less government and more liberty. The political scene today, with one exception, is  a dog and pony show that only results in more government. Restore liberty and let  a truly free market rule.

Mar 8, 2012 10:00PM


Mar 6, 2012 3:34AM

This is bull. Manufacturing..? really? Maybe Healthcare...but its the COST that is bouncing Upward!


Mar 29, 2012 9:24PM
how about the 3 big projects to rebuild bridges here, that were promised to be built by American labor, only to find out later ( media keeps suppressing some of these broken promises) that China is getting the contracts & bringing their own labor in!!!  So many flip flops & broken promises. To much going on behind closed doors or delayed till "after the elections"...........
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