10 outrageously lavish CEO perks

CEOs at Fortune 100 companies get nearly 5 times the money in extras -- including cars and drivers, jets and gyms -- that the typical US household earns in pay.

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Nov 28, 2012 12:18PM

Clearly the article will sicken or should I say P---  off anyone who reads it.  


However, a couple of other inequalities do exist; such as the perks our own state and federal government is given. Also, take a look at the so called sports industry that we as a society support and look at the ridiculous compensation packages these guys are receiving..


It's all crazy and not very fair but, in reality we the people support it because we do nothing about changing it.

Nov 28, 2012 12:17PM
this is just stupid if company boards pay this to anyone they need replaced and they wonder why they go out of bussiness. just stupid'''''''''''''. they pay these clowns millions to sell of our country. what a joke our way of life has become.
Nov 28, 2012 12:03PM
Interesting...I notice that many union representatives were interviewed.  How about doing an article on union salaries and perks?  Believe that people would find it interesting on how much union heads make in salary and perks.
Nov 28, 2012 12:02PM
I recall reading something in an old book about the rich, camels, eyes of needles and compassion for the poor. Seems even God thinks CEO pay is a potential one way street to Heck. My guess is very few wealthy individuals will care much for their post-mortem compensation packages...
Nov 28, 2012 11:40AM

Executive perk's,  public pension's , irresponsible "family planning", escalating crime. One can clearly see it's only a matter of time.  Uncle Barry, can you spare a dime ?

Nov 28, 2012 11:23AM

I wonder how people would feel if the same diligence toward reporting lavish CEO perks from a handful of companies was applied toward government agencies and officials.  But, then, it is more important to chastise 100 private sector executives than 100 union executives, or 100 politicians, or 100,000 bureacrats that offer little or no respect for spending tax payer funds.


So, yes, complain about the private company jet offered CEO's and ignore the $120 million per year in retirement benefits paid to federal employees that have died or ignore that the GSA recently spent $820,000 for 300 agency workers to attend a Las Vegas conference!  When you begin to look at each agency and add up the egregious and unnecessary spending, it dwarfs the worst abuses by an any executive.


But then, what can we say... when we spend other peoples' money, it doesn't matter.  Just report it also!

Nov 28, 2012 10:44AM
Nov 28, 2012 10:38AM

We don't have a royal family in the US but we do have corporate royalty.  That's really the best way to describe these guys and how they get to where they are.  CEOs and board members are all in the same club.  They sit on each others boards, they recommend each other for more lucrative gigs, they essentially take care of each other.  It is like a big royal family.  Once you are in it, you are set for life.  Sure, you might screw up and have to be disciplined once in a blue moon but you're still in the family and you will never be poor again.  The worst that will ever happen is that you get exiled to the family estate out in the country where you can grow old in luxury and not embarrass the family again.


I love these posts saying that these guys must be worth it or the shareholders would get rid of them.  The stockholders have no more power over these guys than I have over the President, actually less.  They only answer to their boards and the boards are beholding to them because they are all in the same club.  The only time there is pressure is when another kingdom accumulates enough stock to overthrow you.  95% of the time, ownership is too fragmented for shareholders to have much say. 


Also, if you notice, a lot of these perks were for security.  While costly, it is a necessary expense for these guys. You don't make a lot of friends on your way up.  You surely don't want to bump into anyone you fired, ruined, or screwed for the sake of your career advancement.  So you need a lot of security to make sure someone doesn't kick your a-- or worse. All it takes is one guy from a closed plant with nothing to lose and you are toast. 


These guys don't have the same sense of guilt most of us do.  Frankly they couldn't sleep at night if they did.  So taking a jet doesn't seem out of line if the people you run with have jets.  Remember, they aren't comparing themselves to you, they are comparing themselves with other kings. 


Now I respect the guys that start their own companies and build their own kingdoms. They earned everything they have. It's the second generation CEOs that piss me off.  They were born on third base and think they hit a triple.

Nov 28, 2012 9:11AM

I do not see a problem with it. I am not wealthy by definition. I lead a simple middle class life.  I do not see what the big deal is.  These are all successful companies and have been in business you decades. If the share holders are ok with it, why shouldn’t I be? It is not MSN’s money or anyone that is not a share holder for these companies. If this was so bad for these companies they would fail.  This is typical propaganda reporting. Do yourself a favor do not drink the Kool-aid. This is just a typical article about the have-nots jealousy of the haves. MSN will never report on this; Nancy Pelosi had a net worth of 25 million before being elected to the house now she has a net worth in excess of 35 million.  During her tenure as Speaker of the house she gave herself a private plane on the tax payer’s dollar. The first and only speaker of the house to do so. I do not see the difference between these CEOs and elected officials in congress. The far left would never want you to know that, It would put a big chink in their class warfare.

Nov 28, 2012 8:46AM
These people are managing Fortune 100 Companies....Hint...The companies make more money than the GDP of entire nations. They deserve it.
Nov 28, 2012 6:53AM
CEO = Criminally Excessively Over-compensated!!  These big corporations today need to be busted up like Rockefeller was back in the day!!  I couldn't possibly spend a fraction of what these idiots make in one year over my entire lifetime.  If these jerks took a huge pay cut and paid taxes like the rest of us maybe things would be better and companies would not be going broke!
Nov 28, 2012 5:46AM
Who ****ing cares what these people make or what their perks are. Its only your business if you are a shareholder of that company. Obviously they are worth this otherwise they would be fired by the shareholders or the board. Its just more class warfare from the retards.
Nov 28, 2012 2:53AM

how many of you had to pay to post a comment ? how many of you have created a company ? how many of you have ever done anything besides bitching about successful ppl being successful.


slayerwulfe cave

Nov 28, 2012 2:33AM

i saw where a pro athlete had a $99 million contract, this person does opperate a company or hire employee's, and were all ok with it right! but a person who keeps a company going that provides jobs for tens of thousands does not deserve the same considerations as a person that hits a ball with a stick. love the logic, no surprise were going down.

slayerwulfe cave

Nov 28, 2012 2:00AM
Comcast-NBC CEO's are the worst of all!!  They continually lay off workers and yet continue to reap pay outs, bonuses, .. SHAME
Nov 28, 2012 1:08AM
Nov 28, 2012 12:48AM

When you talk about CEO use of the corporate jet to make money for the stock holders by not having to go through the airports crap. 

Lets talk about our USA CEO / President Obama who has half the US Air force at his disposal when he travels coast to coast at $21,000 per hour for each of his 2 747's, and a AF large cargo plane and escorted by 2 AF fighter jets.  So why don't we take them away from him and stop him from using them to travel for reelection .  Why does he fly them from DC to Seattle to talk to a 4th grade class?

He could just book a flight in coach.

Nov 27, 2012 11:38PM
Do you think the security industry is complaining that $1.6 million dollars was spent on their services? Do you think the employees of the security company think poorly of Bezos for spending all that cash? Of course not! He is stimulating the economy with his large earnings. It trickles down to the security companies and to the employees of those companies where they can spend their paychecks on groceries and gas and all the necessities. The same goes for anywhere else he spends his money. The man is not a bad person for coming up with one of the greatest ideas in today's world. He deserves the rewards that the economy benefits from in the end through spending.

Sure, Bezos could take $50,000 in salary with no benefits and create an empire, look at all the success in socialist countries… Without incentives there would be no exceptional performance. Capitalism drives innovation and effectiveness. Quit whining about the "1%" and create your own empire. I'm sure you would turn down the fat paycheck and you would definitely not spend any money on security….
Nov 27, 2012 11:30PM
*yawn - oh you're such a purest and have a superior insight on how things really work. these pos ceo's are getting richer and richer  and their job performance doesn't factor into the mix.  the possey they keep rich makes up most of the 1%.  by the time it's apparent that their insatiable greed and short sighted profits are a disaster for all concerned , a generation of people have passed on , their efforts diminished and legacy's userped. history has shown that heads will roll....no matter the natural laws of your pretend inferior complexed world.   i love the fact the the real has real rules that cannot be broke.
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