10 weird renewable energy sources

Alternatives to fossil fuels don't stop at wind and solar -- scientists have found many other ways to produce power. The trick is doing it cheaply on a large scale.

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Jul 13, 2013 8:23AM

WTF ???  do these people check their facts????


"One stumbling block: Algae require a large growing area to produce even a single gallon of oil."


Oil per acre:

Oil Palm635
Micro Algae




Jul 13, 2013 4:32AM
algae, wind, solar.. WHATEVER! just make SOMETHING else available for us to use as fuel!! i can barely fathom how much gasoline is used worldwide every day, i can't even comprehend how much I USE! please, i wish there was something else to use!
One best kept secrets form American public is hydrogen/oxygen as fuel source. Where does it come from? water 

I know soon as this comment goes on-line the 'BIG OIL' trolls or arm-chair engineers will say it takes more energy to break it down than to use. IT"S A LIE... Search out Future Energy Concepts Inc. they converted a 2004 Dodge Truck to run on water only. It went 3000 miles and used about 12 gallons of water. They were selling 100% hydrogen conversion kits on-line for about 5500.00, until they were shutdown by unknown government group. Did you know American "Big Rig" truck drivers spend thousands of dollars on HHO kits for better gas mileage. They might even say hydrogen is not viable or weak fuel source. Search Wikipedia on the fuel source for the Shuttle main engine and Saturn Moon rocket. If NASA uses it, why can't the American public? 

Jul 16, 2013 8:01PM

it just amazes me that all the crap we flush down the toilet produces methane gas. yet most of the country burn it off. this gas can heat our homes, run our cars, heat and cool our public buildings, and yet we're to stupid to use it. this is the most renewal energy we have, and we waste it. I guess it's not

profitable to the big shots to use it.    wake up America. the old world is far ahead of us.

Jul 13, 2013 7:21AM
Instead of thousands of people running a marathon put them on stationary generator bicycles for  their 26.2 mile inspirational run.
Jul 13, 2013 6:00AM




Jul 13, 2013 10:48AM

Good to know folks are dreaming up all kinds of alternatives and I hope the effort never ends.


I'm a bit perplexed though at how conservation has become such a dirty word. I see neighbors get in their car to drive to the mail box 3 doors down! I see people sitting in their cars at the grocery store waiting on the significant other engine running. Not to mention the long lines at the junk food drive up windows etc, etc...


Conservation is simple, free, worldwide and definitely a very healthy alternative. Try it, you'll like it!

Jul 16, 2013 10:18PM

Beans can be converted to natural gas.

Jul 15, 2013 4:00PM

No one mentioned the waste oil or grease from the fast food joints and large restaurants. They used them successfully on many vehicles. Whatever happened to that idea? Was it because the exhaust had a French fry odor ?

Jul 16, 2013 10:59PM
Funny they didn't mention fat people on treadmills. That would solve two problems at once! ;)
Jul 13, 2013 7:49AM
mY neighbor HAD solar and a windmill.She no longer uses them.The batteries are too expensive,not enough energy is made.Propane gas is what is used in NC.It cost 400-500 dollars a month to heat a house here.I use space heators.My total cost is under 100 dollars for ALL electric uses.Brazil has been using sugar cane since the 70s,California has used windmills since the 70s.Green energy is too expensive has too be subcidized by tax money and still needs coal and oil.There are 17 free or cheap inventions for energy awaiting patents but the us GOVT. wont give the ok,because when something is cheap or free cant tax it.IN greeland they produce)cant think of the name)their own energy at the gas stations from water.Bush spent a billion for research.What happened to that renewable cheap green energy?NO ONE TALKS ABOUT IT ANYMORE!!!!
Jul 10, 2013 3:03AM
I hope many people are putting enough into thinking about how early in the 20th century, mankind took this quantum leap to the automobile, and though it has worked out in a way, there have been a lot of negative signs (deaths, pollution, filth) along the way that could have been taken as signs that when we could, we probably ought to consider veering off, adopting more of a stance that cars and trucks are for long hauls and large cargoes, and that we need some various ways to transport individuals to get around that don't involve creating parking lots on huge 4 and 5 lane "freeways" as a common occurrence. I'm really going to try and keep my mind open to that, although there has been the day when the auto industry was really going strong and nobody had a doubt about it, now we've noticed some things we didn't know back then, times are changing and we need to keep on our creative toes and come up with more stuff to use and ways to live life that will be better and last longer and just be more reasonable. Reducing traffic on the freeways and in cities is becoming an obviously desirable thing to do. Half the battle is realizing that we have the ability to do really do this and it would be good common sense to follow through.
The one interesting idea is air power.    Look up  Tata  motors in India. They are one of the largest car producers in the world.  They sell cars that run on compressed air.  I admit they are limited in top speed and acceleration . I think about  70 mph is tops.  I think with a little research that could be addressed . Since the technology already works the research could be done for a lot less than some of the ones mentioned.  I know  what the oil companies would think about that !!! You could refill the tanks in a few minutes with a good compressor , drive a few hundred miles .The refills would be like putting in gas.  The motor was developed by a retired race car driver ( I think he was French)   Don't think we will ever see that here . 
If you could combine them all, separately. You wouldn't have much waste.
Jul 13, 2013 8:46AM
Algae is the answer. I know a company that is doing it today and is about to blow up and solve the problem of renewable energy. That is..if they are able to tell their story. Bard Holdings...look it up
Jul 17, 2013 8:45AM
This article lists about ten different sources of energy, use all of them. isn't having a single source been the cause of problems to begin with? It is wise for a company to diversify in order to stay competitive, the world needs to diversify to satisfy the growing demand for energy. 
Jul 13, 2013 3:05PM

Anyone remember hearing about the test cars sent out by (I believe it was) Chrysler in the 50's? Turbine engines that ran off alcohol? Chanel No 5, tequila, rubbing alcohol...


Any in many states, running off solar and wind is acceptable to a point. You go over their allotment though and you pay. You are not allowed to leave the grid.

Jul 13, 2013 6:37AM
In Australia they use the leftovers from beer to make Vegemite, a somewhat tasty spread for use on toast most commonly; it's rich in B vitamins. 
Jul 13, 2013 6:14AM
How about Soylent Green!!! That did not make the list!!!
Jul 15, 2013 7:22PM
just make something that will actually come out. stop talking about it and just do it
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