12 examples of government waste

The federal government remained bloated in 2012, according to a US senator whose annual reports highlight examples of what he sees as unnecessary spending.

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Nov 7, 2012 12:17AM
Everything is getting more expensive - groceries, gas, health insurance, child care, etc.  and we are getting asked to pay MORE taxes for the government to waste more money?!  I cut coupons and shop smart so that I can save money for my household as I am sure most people do.  But look at how our government is spending OUR hard earned $ we spend in taxes.  They are just wasting it!  It is so sad....

We have the right to vote, and hopefully make some changes.   But how does this stuff get in our budget anyways?  Aren't we trying to cut the deficit so that the next generation isn't just beyond help? Why can't the government work hard to reduce the debt with what they've already been paid from incoming taxes (hmmm...like every hard working American has to do when they spend too much on credit) to pay off the debt... Start by getting rid of the wasteful and ridiculous spending as noted in this article. Is that too much to ask?

I say if you can't spend what we are already paying you responsibly THEN YOU DON'T DESERVE ANY MORE OF OUR MONEY.    I respect every working class in this country.  We need every working class for this country to be the wonderful place that it is.... But I am sure that no matter what working class you are in, disabled or not, this can't make you feel good about our government wasting like this.

I say NO to wasteful spending!  Save and cut coupons and your budget like the rest of us!  Times are tough and EVERYONE is trying to make ends meet by cutting back and making smart budget decisions.  WHY CAN'T YOU?!
Nov 7, 2012 9:14AM
Last month Senators and Congress-people stood on the Capital steps, sang Amercia the Beautiful, then went home.  Nothing accomplished. How much does it cost us for these morons to fly to D.C. (yes...taxpayers pay for that) then sing a song. How much does it cost for these fools to assemble and name a post office and nothing else? All their bloated salaries, enhanced medical coverage, self inflated "retirement" incomes, Congressional dining rooms, paid by the taxpayer. I think the doggie hair-do is a better deal. 
Nov 7, 2012 9:12AM


the biggest waste of MONEY.....

you idiots gave him 4 more years....and how many more TRILLION in debt....

WAY TO GO!!!!!

Nov 6, 2012 8:54PM
You left out the billions upon billions upon billions of taxpayer money the government gave to their corporate buddies a few years ago.
Nov 7, 2012 9:13AM

Left out the biggest government waste - interest on the national debt.  That is a black hole for sure. 

Nov 6, 2012 11:00PM

Well,dont forget to send this whole segment to the people in charge of making these government waste decisions. MIA - Oh that's right,they're all on vacation most of the time paid for by us.


The biggest example of government waste is that obama has been re-elected.  Wait until these next four years are over.  We think it's bad now, America will never be the same. 

Nov 6, 2012 9:18PM
Most of these are amateur hour examples of the real waste and boondoggles that go on.  Come on, MSN, do a little real work.
Nov 7, 2012 1:05AM

Did any of you vote to re-elect any of the asshats that take money from you at the point of a gun if necessary and spend it like this?


These are small potato examples, the problem is that there are thousands of programs like this.


I won't even mention the big stuff

Nov 7, 2012 9:04AM

Disgusting, and unfortunately just the tip of the iceberg. This is why things we need, like border control, disaster relief, food and drug inspections, infrastructure improvements, etc., etc. don't have the necessary funding. The Federal government has too much money, or rather borrowing power, for its own and our own good. 

Nov 7, 2012 12:44AM
You forgot medicare and medicaid fraud, and the new and old redundant bureaucracies, all of which push this stuff off the map.
Nov 7, 2012 1:38AM
You left out Obama. Not only does he get a salary he doesn't deserve, he thinks it's great to enroll everyone on welfare.......guess  what? Today the country lost 2 billionaires, and countless millionaires.....So you welfare people get to working at those jobs that are everywhere now!! I need to go puke
Nov 6, 2012 10:05PM
"Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard." - H.L. Mencken

We shall all feel the painful truth of this - good and hard.

Nov 6, 2012 10:27PM
I guess Coburn only mentions the waste he doesn't like. These examples are nothing compared to the waste at the pentagon.
Nov 7, 2012 1:56AM
Wow, we are not United in the U.S., different State Reps/Senators cater to their rich/connected constituents to give them whatever they want (no matter how much money they have at their disposal), we know the Gov't is giving grants and other monetary concessions to certain states and other countries for frivilous projects (or Technological projects to aid in destroying our planet/health/lives), we are encouraged to vote (for the lesser of 2 evils) for people that the rich/connected support, and for me to be a so-called informed voter, I would have to make it my full-time job to research/investigate the person/their morales/political stance. I used to write to my local and state leaders about issues that would negatively/positively affect me/commumity/nation to no avail (common sense is dead). So, don't tout to me about my right to vote and I should be involved in the political process when the little guy really has no real say/influence on really important issues, they tack stuff onto bills that are not relevant, and so many other under-handed goings-on. Someone please teach me to write a grant (the right words to say and how to interpret the confusing forms) so I can get some 'free money' so I can do some real good in my community/state/country. Keep your personal life out of politics (abortion, gay, etc) and focus on the fact that employers are demanding things of us that should not be (has nothing to do with our being a dedicated and fruitful employee), I make $2 more than the poverty level so I can't get public assistance when I need it (I've worked hard most of my life and have only asked for food stamps/medical care when I was fired from a job for being 'too productive and not having a degree to move on to another level in the company), giving our country and jobs away (and awarding the companies that do so) on and on............ The Government behind the U.S. Government is who is running things for their own selfish, prideful, sadistic, monetary gain. Let's revamp the whole thing, all the archaic laws on the books, confusing terminology and legalise speak, and run the Gov't like a business (do well, get paid and advance, qtrly evaluations, actual audits to track productivity/how much money came in and where was it spent, fire those who blatently screwed up). And what does my credit score have to do with my being considered for employment anyway? Why does my marriage certificate not count to prove I'm married so my spouse can be added to my health insurance that I'm paying so much for? On and on about the real deal. Let the politicians try to live on the amount of money the little guy racks in (minimum wage being raised would hurt the economy? really...the poor CEOs won't get their millions....awwww) This world system is full of crap and I'll be glad when it ends.
Nov 7, 2012 9:45AM
The gov't wastes money, we all know that. However, how many people in the private sector have criminally ripped off existing programs like welfare and medicare.  How much $$$ has gone to non-existing welfare people, phantom patients, and bogus projects.  The blame for waste and fraud can be spread around everywhere.        
Nov 7, 2012 3:33AM

I keep chuckling; there is a way to get the national debt paid off and to have mass money to run our country with. It’s just that those who could actually make it happen are the ones that it would cost the most.

If $10 or $10,000,000 gets spent by a politician, the groups for or/and against that politician, PAC’s, corporations, groups  or paid individuals trying to influence the vote of a politician or private individual, The money spent would be matched dollar for dollar into the public funds. If it is a district vote. The money goes to pay off the district debt. City vote, city debt. County vote, county debt. State, state. Federal, federal. When the debt is all paid, just think of the money to have the best schools, roads, parks and country in the world.

Just saying …

Nov 6, 2012 9:46PM
ted nugent save us, we are doomed, i guess ill assume the position and take it in the **** , good bye cruel world.
Nov 7, 2012 6:50AM
instead of all these super pacs and so called queit groups who fund these campagin, with all this money to throw around, would give it to help reduce the debt we would not be in the trouble we are in. give that money to something worth while instead of neg ads, linning pockets of the rich and powerful in order to enrich the their dreams, how about helping the lower class.
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