14 cannabis stocks to watch in 2014

The move toward legalization of marijuana for both medical and recreational use has boosted cannabis-related companies.

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Jan 29, 2014 3:23PM

I could care less about pot, tax it, make money, and save money on locking people up and fighting it, I don't smoke but to those that do, enjoy it, don't drive high, and respect those that don't smoke or want to breath it in. That is all I ask and I will support your right to smoke it any day of the week.

The real market will be industrial Hemp. From clothing to fuel, there are billions to be made with the right investments and business plans. Hemp will be a big player in the future, look for the oil and textile lobbyists to do all they can to block or delay legalization for these reasons alone, the same ones that have been used for decades now. Plan on the for profit prison industry joining the group as well in regards to pot. Wouldn't be surprised if some politicians get "anonymous" donations from our friendly neighbors down south as well since this would hurt their business big time, again for pot.

I think its time

Jan 29, 2014 1:59PM

Stocks to watch because of Marijuana

-The prevue channel

-Any food delivery




-Any movie company that makes stupid comedies


Jan 29, 2014 3:46PM
If cancer sticks, cigarettes are legal, why can't marijuana which has medicinal properties, be legal? Why are they playing politics with it?  
Jan 29, 2014 3:26PM

I just love the smell and I should make an air freshener out of it..


Jan 29, 2014 3:30PM

The legalization of marijuana is a God sent on so many levels.

As an activist and a card caring member of NORML since the '60s, I have longed for the freedom by the government to come to pass.  The dream of financial security has come to manifest (itself) for the many uses of an underground illegal product which for many years has been dealt with covertly.  This is not a passing interest or Fad.  As we have witnessed, prices have skyrocketed.  Supply is limited to demand.  I project high profits for minimal efforts.  Potentials are limitless.  Get in while it's still on the bottom floor.  Pot farms, pot stores, pot cafes, pot boutiques etc... A little imagination will prove beneficial. Make it a new career.  Drop a bundle into it !

Jan 29, 2014 2:57PM

High quality and abundant, yet prices are rising and rising killing street market that I used to depend on is all but gone in Maine, due to the "medical" shops.

Stop fooling around and being scared and just legalize it  Maine.

Jan 29, 2014 3:58PM

Finally, the good ol' U.S. of A. about to join the New Millennium.

Some 80+ years late but, better late than never.

It's time to put an end to our draconian pot-laws, end the "New Prohibition" - it was just as bad as the old one.

Jan 29, 2014 2:17PM
I was hoping Tommy Chongs' Bongs would be on the list.
Jan 29, 2014 1:53PM
The banks have succumbed to the economic fallout of the green herb..........for all debts public and private.
Jan 29, 2014 4:40PM
Think it will grow nicely next to the Garlic? 
Jan 29, 2014 5:04PM


The cost of growing pot "Is no big deal" unless you're a 13 year old and living on an allowance.

The real problem is "Where to get the seeds"

I bought pot and not just any pot but "GREAT" pot (in the 70's) for $400.00 a lb. THC level as good as any you can find on todays market.

Then the college boys came around and side they have a better pot "hydroponic" they called it and you didn't have any seeds to contend with..

What happened to the price "SKY HIGH"??

an ounce of pot went from $400.00 a lb. to $84.00 a gram..

So, tell me where do I get the "SEEDS" for less then  10 @ $100.00 and I'll manage to do the rest..


Jan 29, 2014 3:49PM
It would be a lot easier for this market to expand if banks would except the money. Once this happens all the risk takers in the market will become very wealthy. 
Jan 29, 2014 1:58PM
its so easy to grow ,why take a financial risk with some greedy broker. there won't be as much money in this as they all think.
Jan 29, 2014 3:17PM
Good pot goes a long ways. Putting it in food that children might get a hold of is a bad idea. Pot will need to be regulated, tracked & taxed just like tobacco & alcohol. It will have an age limit for users. Now is the beginning and their will be winners & losers as the scramble for green gold starts. The best bet would seem to be the medical side. People do need pot to help survive some illnesses. Pot is produce so it must be kept at certain temperatures or frozen to be good. Lots to consider.
Jan 29, 2014 3:54PM
Ooh! Another pot story. You don't get enough pot stories
Jan 29, 2014 3:24PM
GWPRF- trades on the OTC not the Nasdaq get it right you're giving bogus info!!
Jan 29, 2014 3:28PM
another point is that, it's not even legal yet. maybe a lot of very talented growers just turned themselves in. who knows until the word legal is put on the product.   Just like the vigilantes in Mexico just did. they turned in themselves the the cartel controlled police. I think it could be a similar  situation. Call me cynical ,buts it's a view worth considering.
Jan 31, 2014 8:14AM
I do have certain medical conditions, especially with my eyes (already been through one transplant, not fun and didn't work) and I hate to admit, PTSD, as a Vet I can't see the VA R/Xing that soon but they will give me more than twice the amount of klonapin than I need and have been in a 40 year struggle with them to find something that works while zombification works for them. Pot will help in these areas. My main concern about smoking it is that you are never sure what else may be in these non-regulated bags that you get off the streets. The dealer gets some good looking stuff that turns out to be garbage and sprinkles a little angel dust into it and the kids will be lining up at his door. It's frightening. I very seldom use it recreationally but I know that a small amount would help me a lot.
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