7 reasons the economy is rock solid

Jobs, housing and consumers are holding strong, which is good news for investors.

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Aug 13, 2014 8:06PM
$11 trillion in fake money injected into the economy to get $3 trillion in GDP growth.

Yeah, solid as a rock.....groupie.
Aug 13, 2014 8:00PM

Everyday in the news I read articles where corporations are firing people, like right here today:

" () is cutting 6,000 jobs, or 8 percent of its workforce, as it faces weakness in emerging markets and a slump in demand from telecommunications-s​ervice providers."

It is because so many middle class Americans no longer have jobs or they are under-employed, too few hours, too little pay and they don't have the extra money to afford the extras they once could.  The economy goes up with a population that can afford the luxuries, not with billionaires who are making more money because of cheap labor from overseas.  Their greed should be penalized with taxes on their imported shoddy products to provide for the Americans they put out of work.  Penalize those corporations that send jobs overseas and reward those businesses that create jobs here in the USA. 

Aug 13, 2014 8:18PM

Sure they are...

Much weaker retail sales...  Cisco laying off 6,000-9000 workers...  Awful housing numbers...

Are these people DELUSIONAL?    Good luck pedaling this crap in November.  No matter how you try to sugar coat it, the economy is still being propped up by the FED money printing.  When that stops look out below.


 And now rumor that the second quarter GDP number will be revised SHARPLY downward...

Aug 13, 2014 8:18PM
What a joke! Who do you think your'e fooling here with this article? What a piece of lying ****!
Aug 13, 2014 9:13PM
Everythings great we now have 50 million on food stamps. We have Washington DC arithmetic. The Fed Reserve is electronically creating $65 billion per month x 12 = $780 billion per year to cover our deficit spending. The math gets better, the deficit is estimated at $514 billion. Ok, $ 780 billion minus $514 billion = $266 billion in unaccounted for $. It gets better, the american taxpayer incurs a debt from $ created by the federal reserve from thin air.Congrats USA if we stopped creating $ 65 billion per month we would economically collapse in a flash. Oh and our future is ? Wild guess. We have reached entitlement utopia.
Aug 13, 2014 8:14PM
Bahahaha!!!! I hope this article was meant to be humorous, because if not, then it's nothing more than more media bulls**t-fueled propaganda.
Aug 13, 2014 8:22PM
IF the economy is so solid why are we still in Q E mode ?

Cisco cuts 6,000 jobs as CEO seeks turnaround
Demand for company's network routers and switches continues to decline.

Thats real ROCK SOLID !
Aug 13, 2014 10:25PM

8 reasons economy is fuked up.

1.high taxes

2. high food prices

3. high energy prices

4. high health care prices.

5. skyrocketing college tutions

6. high property taxes

7. high college tution

8. high inflation


Aug 13, 2014 9:29PM
I truly don't know where MSN.COM finds these clowns to write this mainstream clown B.S.  Anyone claiming this economy is "Rock Solid" has rocks in their head.  Between the Fed & the government we have about 21 Trillion in debt.  It's anybody's guess as to what the figure on unfunded liabilities is but it's many more Trillions.  When I studied econ. many years ago we were told that during the lean years government would move in and spend to stimulate the economy but the idea was that we'd then go into a period of positive cash flow during the good times.  Now we have "economists" such as Paul Krugman and others who pretend we can run endless deficits with no repercussions. This is simply nonsense, but I'm astounded by the numbers of sheeple that buy into this notion.  The idea that a nation can simply print money to solve it's financial woes is as pathetic as the person who continues to run up credit card debt thinking he's on track to solve his money problems.  This economy has a date with reality in the not-to-distant future and it isn't going to be pretty.  Jeff is a hack.  
Aug 13, 2014 9:28PM
Rock Solid Economy? Cisco is laying off 6000? Russia does not want our produce because of sanctions against them. Sales go bye, bye. The stock market goes up on hopes of this or that. The rock can crumble at anytime as Johnny goes marching back to Iraq. The only solid thing is our good sheriff Joe A. in Arizona. He dresses prisoners in pink socks and shorts. They live in tents. They complain about the heat. He tells them if it is good enough for our soldiers in full battle gear in Afghanistan it is good enough for them. If you don't like it then don't come back.
Aug 13, 2014 8:16PM
Aug 13, 2014 8:41PM

The numbers are all lies.

Everyday you read about companies laying off people and closing stores, but the government cooks the books and lies to the American people about the true condition of the economy.

Hope for the long term unemployed are not jobs -- just hope-ium. The country needs real jobs.

A strong economy doesn't worry about a few snow flakes. A strong economy doesn't care about the weather.

If the economy is so strong then why are we in the seventh year of FED stimulus? The truth is without stimulus this country would suffer another major systemic collapse. The government and Wall Street are liars.

The consumer is not back. The consumer is tapped out. Businesses are not spending all those tens of billions on anything except stock buybacks, purchasing other companies, and IPOs. Housing is joke. GDP is negative.

There has been no "Recovery". President Obama is a liar.

Aug 13, 2014 9:02PM
It is so affectionately called a "jobless recovery."  Doesn't that give you a nice warm fuzzy feeling?  Hey, what is the number of ACTUAL UNEMPLOYED (now that includes those who have stopped looking for work, MSN - no cheating, please) in this country?  Can you provide up those numbers for us MSN? 
Aug 13, 2014 9:04PM

Hate to tell you this, karl holm, BUT what we have here in THIS country RIGHT NOW is NOT capitalism, but STATE SOCIALISM [aka FASCISM]. People like you listen to the BS propaganda that capitalism is responsible for all this, when the fault lies with the socialistic corporations and the fascist politicians who are their bought and paid for minions.


Aug 13, 2014 8:47PM
What a crock.  Every 40 SECONDS another LEGAL immigrant lands on US soil to take a job from someone who was BORN here.  Since 2000 there has been so little gain in employment that it ALL could have gone to legal and illegal immigrants with NONE left for the people born here.  My guy is in IT and I'm an experienced paralegal and we were both laid off and are now working crappy temp jobs. 
Aug 13, 2014 8:38PM
As rock solid as a sink hole waiting to happen .
Aug 13, 2014 8:42PM
I'm not even going to read this. I only have so much time on this earth.
Aug 13, 2014 10:32PM
after all the smoke and mirrors one thing is for certain---on average the standards of living for most americans are dropping
Aug 13, 2014 10:44PM

NBC just came out saying how there are now more companies looking for employees than going back to 2001. 800,000 job openings in the northeast. 1,000,000 job openings in the northwest, west, southwest, south and southeast. That is almost 5,000,000 job openings.

Oh, yeah. And granted, NBC says, most of these jobs are part time. Oops. Sorry about that.

What a load of crap. NBC and MSN ought to be prosecuted for fraud.

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