America's 5 happiest industries

Many factors affect the happiness of employees, but these five industries have something special going for them that sets them apart.

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Feb 27, 2014 6:20AM
We call these industries?  We are in trouble.  
Mar 1, 2014 7:57AM
Feb 27, 2014 11:08AM
The author of this article must be dreaming for that dream job. Getting paid to do absolutely nothing...hmmm....sounds like some government jobs I know of. Some members of congress already have that kind of job.
Mar 2, 2014 9:58AM
Teacher's do produce.  They produce literate people and give them the skills they need to be productive citizens of our country.  Yes, sometimes they fail, as proven by many of the single minded posters on this site who don't know how to think.  

I'm a teacher.  I teach over 150 inner city 8th grade students each day.  I've been teaching for twelve years and will retire as a teacher.   I love my job and as this article states, it doesn't feel like a job. I look forward to going to  work each day.

You don;t hear much from people who are happy with their jobs.  Unlike people disgruntled with their work, people that are happy at work don't have much to complain about.

It's interesting that the careers listed in this article all require an education beyond the high school level. Here's what they produce.

5.  Motion picture and video - They produce the shows and movies you can't live without.  Without them you wouldn't be able to sit in front of your T.V., in your underwear, with an ice-cold Bud in one hand and a shot-gun in  the other.  Your biggest concern :  If I have to use the remote, should I put down the beer or the shot-gun?

4.  Managers -They produce profitable companies so you have a place to work.

3.  Educators - see above.

2.  Radio and T.V. Production - Without them you wouldn't know what to bash Obama about as the stock market climbs above 16,000 on the DOW, and our countries deficit rate falling faster than any time since WWll.

1.  Software publishers - Really?  REALLY!!!! - Without them you wouldn't be posting here because there wouldn't  be an INTERNET!  You wouldn't have cell phone to play Candy Crush on at work since you're so bored and dissatisfied with your job.

Yeah, maybe educated people don't produce much, they only create and design the products that keep much of our nation employed. 
Mar 1, 2014 10:47AM
Weatherman reporters have it good. Just make predictions of 50/50 chance of whatever and blame a computer model on it or global warming; and still get a pay check at the end of a week.
Feb 27, 2014 12:55AM
wow - headline makes it sound like there are careers out there to be had - try getting a job in any of these "industries" - not one of those "jobs" is available to start in or even within a year or two - those ARE ALL LONG TIME ON THE JOB POSITIONS before you land one of them - another slow news day NothingButCrap? Do you guys just have to blow smoke up the consumers butt to make then think this admin is turning things around? I'd say again you are a step below the Enquire but at least the Enquirer offers an apology when they are caught and are wrong
Feb 27, 2014 12:44AM
How about undertakers...never ending supply and nobody wants to do it. Big money. Collections, repo, Bank CEO's you get the idea.
Feb 26, 2014 10:08PM

Work? The hardest thing any of those grossly overpaid people do is tie their shoes.

Mar 2, 2014 10:05AM
Yea! Someone finally got on the clue bus! With additional degrees and years of experience we teachers can boast meaningful salaries! But more important than money is the joy in nurturing the development of a student. The  greater joy is hearing from a former student telling us -me-that his/her life was touched in a meaningful way! I chose to be an educator because of my love and respect for the teachers I had. Learning was not always -will not always be fun FUN, but I recognized it as being one of the most important tools to personal and career success! The problem with today's education is that too many parents DO NOT put the effort into parenting that teachers put into teaching!! Second-increased testing and accountability based on test scores- is NOT the answer. Such emphasis only shows the lack of understanding of the educational environment of overpaid, over respected people making decisions about education for the past 20 years! Goals 2000 and No Child Left Behind almost sabotaged American education. However, teachers are daily and successfully combating the negative  effects of those programs!
Mar 1, 2014 11:30AM
Prerequisites for TV broadcasters:

Fake smiles, perfume and unconsciousness along with pretty clothing and lots of make-up.

This is where cloning got its start, no? 

Mar 2, 2014 9:28AM
For those that wish to slam educators please take a moment and think about it. It does not matter if you become a mechanic, salesperson, lawyer, doctor, President of the United States, or someone who can read this, YOU CAN THANK A TEACHER. You are challenged to spend a day in the life of a devoted educator and then come back and see if you can slam educators.
Mar 2, 2014 10:01AM
Oh, I forgot to add something.  Bash away all you want, I teach 8th grade. I don't think there is anything you can write (thank your teachers) that will hurt my feelings.
Feb 27, 2014 2:26PM
An industry is a business that employes people making a product or provides an essential service. An industry provides community support in the way of their employees contributions and provides a certain lifestlye opportunity. 
Mar 1, 2014 11:25PM
they forgot mobile crane operator. lot of fun. trust me. stressful sometimes yes but fun. pays well too.
Mar 1, 2014 1:58PM
How can education workers be happy?  I'm mean every time you turn around they're about to strike somewhere, screaming about how it's a thankless job that they're under paid for.
Mar 2, 2014 11:31AM
What happened to Ironworkers, Mechanics, Truck Drivers and the rest of the backbone that builds this country. Oh yea I forgot you have to get dirty to do theses things.
Mar 2, 2014 12:43PM
I have been working in the Entertainment Industry for over 30 years and it's obvious that the person who wrote this article has no idea how the Entertainment Industry works.  They only focused on a small percentage of employees referred to as the "crew" -- people who are out in the field actually doing something.  The majority of the Entertainment Industry is comprised of studio personnel and the "Above The Line" individuals, namely the producers, directors, actors and writers.  I guarantee you you have never met a group of people as self-involved, heartless, cut-throat, narcissistic, egomaniacal, or inhuman.  This includes anyone who even works at a studio and has the tiniest shred of authority even if it's supervising the mailroom.  There is absolutely no compassion or empathy in the Entertainment Industry.  Eat or be eaten.
Mar 1, 2014 4:34AM
So basically the best industries to be in are the ones that require very little or no production or physical work whatsoever...people do not need to be told this they know this already.
On the other hand, it was to my understanding that being a low player (not a director, producer, or actor) in the film industry can be highly stressful, and there exists a high potential for working with or for people that disgust you, and the same goes for education, I always thought that 'industry' was one of the most stressful in existence.
The only one I really do understand is the TV broadcaster, those guys work just a few hours a week, always look chipper, and speak frequently about how much they love their jobs.

Mar 2, 2014 8:26AM
No surprises. Big pay for small effort.
If reasonable salaries were available for most occupations, most people would be happy.
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