America's 5 priciest places to live

When is $100 worth closer to $85? When you spend it in one of these expensive enclaves.

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Aug 30, 2014 2:27PM
Well of coarse it would be DC. That is where all the crooks and scammers work.
Sep 1, 2014 10:21PM
since when did the District of Columbia become a state?   no wonder our schools can't give our children a good education!
The cost of living can be considerably less for residents of the states listed.  I don't shop on 5th Avenue, I shop at Costco.  I go to gasoline stations that charge less for their gasoline.  There are many fruits and vegetables stores that undersell the expensive supermarkets.   Many of the clothes I buy are sold by mail order companies that undersell the clothing stores.  Canal Street is an exciting place to shop as well as Broadway between University Place and Canal Street.
NYC has everything.  You can pay more or you can pay less depending on knowing where to shop.  I try to get $1.25 for my $1.00 and everyone followed suit things would be cheaper for everyone.
Aug 30, 2014 11:17AM
the bigger government gets, the worse it gets for the poor.  The bigger the gap between the rich and poor..
Aug 30, 2014 1:42PM
I'm surprised that Hawaii is not in the top spot.  Almost everything except food has to be shipped or flown in. 
Aug 29, 2014 8:06PM
What these places have in common are high demand to live in them. In the case of California and New York, these are where the highest paying jobs are in the nation. Not to mention the number of businesses located there. People live where the jobs are and the best, highest paying jobs are in Silicon Valley, LA, and New York.
Aug 30, 2014 12:06PM
the photo of the national capitol building is beautiful and it fits,....ONLY  $17trillion in debt and climbing
Aug 30, 2014 10:01AM
California is just the classic liberal mess....once the worlds 4th largest ecomony, it has fallen to 9th.  It now has the poorest congressional district , the most on welfare by far, several bankrupt counties including san bernadino.   They don't even shoot movies here anymore
Aug 30, 2014 9:20AM
duh really? you mean high taxes and regs mean a higher cost of everything?  you're kidding
Thu 7:23 PM

the cost of living is relative,

the cost is high for those who work, the cost is low for those who don't.

section 8 recipients live in far better places than the average person that works to pay their bills can afford.

while I do work on remodeling some of the section 8 housing,

 the conditions are regulated by the housing authority, but the working person has no one regulating the conditions for them.

I had a property owner who had me trim the trees away from the house he preferred to get section 8 tenants because he didn't need to chase the rent,

the inspectors would write up unsafe conditions because there weren't enough trash cans provided by the property owner,

the working person who pays their own way has to provide their own trash cans,

the inspectors wrote up the unsafe conditions on the grease on the stove that the tenants would build up and not clean themselves, so the owner would have to get a cleaning company to clean it up.

the carpet was frayed in a corner, got wrote up,

but the owner would just raise the rent and section 8 would pay it.

then when the rent goes up in a section 8 housing, the rent also goes up for the working individuals as well,

one place was renting for $1,750.00 a month for a recipient who claimed she was a recovering drug addict, suffering from her depression and anxiety.

recovering until she let her dope dealer use her car to commit a robbery,

then her recovery destination was in Florida.

Aug 30, 2014 10:15AM
funny how all liberal places end up the same...a small section of super rich, surrounded by poverty. why you ask? because taxes trickle down in the form of higher prices the poor pay them all
Aug 30, 2014 9:08AM
High taxes, fed, State and Local, most have city taxes, regional taxes, sales tax, property tax, estate tax, license plate taxes, and fees fees fees to boot! They did not rank Cleveland Ohio but it is one of the highest in the country for taxes, I think number two, they have all of the above taxes.
Aug 30, 2014 3:42AM
Perfect information for us.. we wouldn't want to live in any of those places anyway!  

Set here for a long time to think about how much I love my country and hate my government!  Worthless bastards one and all!

Sep 2, 2014 9:30AM
New York and Calfiornia should not be on that list.  There are plenty of places to go in either state to avoid the high cost of living.

Instead I would add CT and RI and probably Mass.  Those first two especially are tiny, and there are relatively few places left that aren't bought up, so as to avoid the high cost of living.

Aug 30, 2014 9:38AM
you know what LOL. i been to all these places and bought groceries there. as an over the road truck driver i can tell you they're figures are wrong. I'm not sure about new york though as entering the city is not something i have done since i was there in 9/11. but i can say this, i live in alabama and i have found that i save money by buying my groceries in california. here a gallon of milk is an average of 7 dollars plus the 10% tax bread is 3 dollars plus tax tap water is 13 dollars for 1k gallons (you use that much just shower and flush) and lets not forget the used to be free 911 service LOL there is now a monthly charge, fee, tax and usage. these people who do these figures always say the cost of living in the south east is lowest in the nation (i am a dummy aka i believed them so i moved here LOL) i should have stayed in Las Vegas my money went a lot farther.
Thu 6:49 PM
All these states run by the demo-rats and they talk about the rich being wrong, I guess that's true if you aren't a demo-rat.  New Jersey is run by a RINO so he doesn't count.
Sep 8, 2014 8:55AM
Try the U.S Virgin Islands. A $100 bill in the VI is worth just $50.
Thu 6:59 PM
All big lib states,  how the middle class supports the libs in these states is a mystery to me. Maybe the majority have gov. jobs. I have a friend here in Cal. He said he's a conservative except when he votes. He said "I have a government job and the libs will raise taxes before layoffs" The libs have bought the offices in these states and at the federal level.
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