11 teens who struck it rich

Forget about living in your parents' home until the economy recovers. These youthful entrepreneurs are reaping the rewards of successfully striking out on their own.

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Sep 29, 2012 8:50AM
Tell the back story, about how  these young teens were funded and who really worked the start up companies, that they take credit for. Every one of these teens were backed  by someone else. They just let the money man or woman take the business and run.  Stories like these are never the way they are put to print. What you need to do is find out who helped every one of these kids to run and grow a company. Most of these teens come from money and are used as the front person, that's good for business. Who backed the bank loan? Who got the bank loan? Who ran the business? How much are the parents worth? Follow the money and you will find that none of these kids ran and or started any of these new businesses. These rich kids never did a days work in their lives. Like most of you at MSN News someone else paid your way through school and life, like your parants! If you can't get it right, than get out and let a poor person get the job done. Most of you were millionaires before you ever took your first step. This story is about rich people that use kids to cover the face of the buisness. OMG what a bunch crap you put to print! 
Nov 29, 2012 9:54AM
wpg01; You may be right but you could be wrong. For me the point is; these are the kids they found. There may be ten thousand kids who are doing something like this without publicity. The other point is that this is not a lost generation, as some feel. And these kids are doing something positive with or without help. I really get your point of view. I have to work with my back and my brain. But even though I'm struggling through this economy like everyone else, I appreciate every little thing I have. I don't envy or resent these kids. To their parents I say; "Good job". Those kids will take their success and their confidence and help others, just like the help they got. That's what we all have to do, help each other in any way we can. Even if our opinions vary we don't have to adversaries. If there's any way I can be of help to you or anyone, I'm here.
Nov 29, 2012 4:55PM
How dare they make money!  Take it away from them and give it to the lazy bums that deserve it!
Nov 29, 2012 6:51PM
wpg01:  sounds like you are just jealous that you could not be succesful in life as one of these young folks who built a business.  I happen to know one of these fine young enterpreneurs, and know for a fact that he works his butt off and hardly gets any time off.  I guarantee that you have never worked as hard as him.  So what if he was backed.  What you are saying makes no sense as EVERY business that is started is backed by something or someone, whether adult or young person.  Every startup had to have capital that came from somewhere.
Nov 29, 2012 9:31AM
Obama is ready to bleed them back to poverty right now..
Nov 29, 2012 2:12PM
Be careful young entrepreneurs, Obama is right behind you with his IRS enforcers. After all, YOU didn't build that business.
Nov 30, 2012 2:15AM

This is outrages! Are these blood suckers suppose to be a contemprary role models for new generation of future businessman? Where is creativity, invention, production? All these Ephemeral, so called businesses build by preying on social deficiances of morally and mentally ill modern american society. Where are we going with all of that? Sick, sick, sick!

Nov 30, 2012 1:21AM
They have to in this economy as jobs are scarcer (and no more better off than running your own business) and college education funded by loans has become an equivalent to slavery.  I commend them for it and wish them a successful future.
Nov 30, 2012 3:50AM
That deaf dumb and blind kid     Maddoff was one of you entreprneurs
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