6 great stocks you've never heard of

These companies are flying below Wall Street's radar, but they're worth a look from investors seeking sustainable growth.

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Nov 28, 2012 10:34AM
Stay away from these money sucking pigs.  Ask any one of these back door boiler room workers that rip-you-off, what the truth is about making money for a investors like you and me. You will find out on your own that they take more than they give and it's all legal.  Tell them to show you a millionaire that they made over 20 years of investing for them. They can't!  Ask then to tell you what their fees will be to invest your money.  They Can't. Remember some years ago when banks were making millionaires out of the average Joe or Jane over twenty years of investing for them?    It never happened, the only one to make money was the bank.  Find me one poor slob that one of these money sucking pigs made rich and we will both make millions from the deposing of this investor. My  Advise to you is do your own investing and stay away from these bottom feeding pigs.     Thank You!
Nov 28, 2012 11:15AM
MSN, your story on Lotteries and what to do with the money, when you win was very poor and not helpful at all. You have an expert on to advise people what to do with the wind fall is just stupid.  Can't you people think or are you just that stupid???   First of all you must tell your viewers how the state lotteries work.  Where does the lottery money really go. Follow the money.  It doesn't go where they say it goes. State lotteries are fixed and if you can find someone with the balls to go inside and disclose the back door deals which are the state lotteries.  They are not legal!   Did you know, that if you can't tell them where you purchased the ticket you don't get paid anything.  Why doesn't the state lottery offer investment help for the winners?  Why is a million dollar winner only worth $400.000? It should be called a  $400,000 lottery winner game and not a million dollar winner game. So much more needs to be told to the public, that are being screwed every time they buy a lottery ticket. Find someone  to go under cover and bring them down!  You can't win if you play!
Nov 28, 2012 12:09PM

Wall Street is run by the fat cats. They can run their mouths, gossip, tell lies and make the stock market do what they want. And when small investors are losing their asses. The people who are running Wall Street purchase the stocks when the prices low. And the price was low because of some false report or gossip caused it. But They get rich and we lose out. Does it ever make you wonder how these head honchos are making billions and the rest of us are just trying to recoup what we lost in 2008/2009.


You look at the collapse of the stock market during the depression and there's all kinds of literature, stories and facts stating the collapse was caused by two big names of the stock exchange having coffee or a drink gossiping and it was overheard  and people started running to the bank pulling out their funds.

Nov 28, 2012 8:13AM
I would add XPO to this list because of it's seemingly large potential for growth.  
Nov 28, 2012 12:08PM

investing in the stock market is a HUGE Gamble.the ONLY Winners are

those traders/brokers. investing is made so you will feel you are making money

its a major SCAM/LIE. Its sad because its ALL Legal the good old days

specialy for investing in" u.s companies" are OVER..Everything has changed

specialy last 35 yrs. or so even buying homes as an investment is a big

lie you buy home to live in it NOT as an investment like some will lie to you.

OWNING a biz an investment is another lie..investing and making money


Nov 29, 2012 10:40AM
Wall St may indeed be run by "fat cats".  But the fundamental things apply, undervalued companies are undervalued companies.  High frequency trading didn't change this concept.  

Stocks are only worth as much as another company would potentially be willing to buy them for.  The best way to invest is to know what to look for, and have a ton of patience in letting that value be realized.  I really feel bad for the guys in their 40's who had a bunch of money to lose and then try to learn the market and lost a ton of money when they had a ton of money to lose.  I'm young, I've lost quite a bit, but I'm experienced now, and experience is a valuable thing in the market.  

The stock market is indeed a rational thing, over time.  From a short time frame it is decidedly irrational, and you have to use the mispricing of securities to your advantage.  
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