9 things to hoard in the new year

Fear of economic collapse has meant high prices for things like gems and metals -- and rising gun sales. Can you profit from the trend?

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Dec 11, 2012 2:07PM

 Hard currency is an absolute must in the "hoarding"/doomday gameplan.  Gold is my clear first choice, followed by silver and diamonds.  I prefer bars over coins for two reasons: troy weight and purity; unless a coin is 24 karats and .9999 fine, like the US Gold Eagle coins ($50 eagle is one ounce, 24 karats, .9999 fine), you will have to go through a bunch of math to calculate the actual dollar value.  Bars and ounces make for fairly simple exchange and barter; almost everyone knows what gold and silver are. Diamonds are great for carrying a lot of value in a small amount of space.  The drawback is the small number of people with expert knowledge in diamonds; to do any kind of exchange or barter, you're going to need an expert in diamonds to determine value.


A stockpile of seeds is always a good idea.  It's a food supply in a small amount of space.  If you have to bug out and relocate for any reason, the long-run food supply issue is off the table.  As far as water is concerned, one word says it all:  Katadyn.  They have man-portable water filtration systems with cartridges good for 13,000 gallons of water.  Stockpiling a couple of systems with spare cartridges is expensive up front, but you'll never have to worry about water supply.  Only other gear you need are CamelBaks and large, heavy duty storage jugs.


On to firearms.  I like guns and think everyone should know how to handle one and own one.  The problem is that firearms are a finite resource.  You need to stockpile ammo, or you need to have the know-how to manufacture your own ammo.   Once you run out of ammo or the off-the-shelf supplies for making your own, you had better know what naturally occuring materials can be used as substitutes or you are royally screwed.


I tend to prefer bladed weapons or bows and arrows because they are an infinite resource.  As long as you have a good sharpener, your knife, machete or entrenching tool will be good to go.  As long as you can find wood, you can manufacture arrow shafts.  As long as you can find metal or thin stone, you've got arrowheads.  As long as you have paracord, you have bowstrings and twine for attaching arrowheads.  And there's the advantage of cost.  Unless you're going to buy a bow and arrows to train in archery, everything here can be bought fairly inexpensively, which means you have the advantage of building redundancy for pocket change.


Finally, I'd stockpile firestarters and space blankets. Only magnesium or ferrocium will do because they combine high reliability with low cost and portability. Goes back to the principal of building redundancy for pocket change. And it's a good barter item if things ever reach that level.  Same is true for space blankets.  All you need is paracord and you have a quick shelter for pocket change.

Dec 11, 2012 12:21PM
Really?   This is a joke, right?  Hoard gold, silver, art, real estate?  Really? 
Dec 11, 2012 11:15AM
It`s time for the redneck birthers to say guns.
Dec 11, 2012 8:46AM
A couple of points....first, if you "hoard" real estate, you are also accumulating the one thing on this list that government will tax HEAVILY every year until it no longer belongs to you. Second, if firearms are really a last ditch effort at survival, you don't need to hoard anything else. It simply comes down to the last man standing as we shoot it out for the last crumb. Which is a short way of saying how silly this whole notion of hoarding is. We either sink or swim together at this point.  
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