Cash in on the energy revolution

Here are a dozen attractive stocks in four key areas of the energy boom: shale, sea, service and sun.

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Nov 20, 2013 8:26PM
Fracking has not changed.  What has changed is horizontal drilling which allows one well per square mile (640 acres) instead of one well every 20-40 acres depending upon the state.  This is far more environmentally-friendly because you're only poking 1/16th to 1/32nd as many holes in the ground so the chance of groundwater contamination is reduced by 90%+.
Nov 20, 2013 8:07PM
 I thought Obozo the socialist clown had a shovel ready green energy boom ready? Perhaps he miss placed that among the many other wasted trillions left in his wake of failures. No problem he gives such nice little speeches that is what counts.
Nov 21, 2013 12:53AM
Solar will continue to grow by leaps and bounds. It is a hard industry to invest in because shake outs continue and technology improves every year. It also must contend with political road blocks put up by Big Oil. It requires some government subsidies but the oil and coal industries have had subsidies for decades and the real cost of oil and coal is not reflected in its price i.e. environmental, health, and military costs. A deep crunching of the numbers shows solar is actually cheaper than oil and coal.  With more and more plug-in electric cars on the road in the next two decade, I can see solar providing 25% of our energy needs in the next 20 years. Storage is still an unanswered problem but it will be solved.  Political pressure to do something about climate change will build in the coming years.
Dec 3, 2013 4:09PM
"The U.S. already produces more gas than it consumes, exporting some of the excess to Canada and Mexico."

Which explains why my gas bill in the winter is about $300-$400 a month. Heaven forbid we should take care of our own people. Greedy jerks!!!!
Dec 3, 2013 3:52PM
Nov 27, 2013 8:23AM
If we always listen to the Can't do Crowd, we would never get anywhere in Life nor as a Society. Either you are standing still while others are moving forward are you get with the Program and don't be left behind. China is investing heavily in Green Energy as is the Leader of the Euro-Zone, German. Those Middle-East folks selling us Crude have even built an Green City, Masdar.

So while the Rest of the World is using Cheap Fiat Dollars to prepare for the end of Fossil Fuels, America is now almost going in the opposite direction. Wages are going down, education is going down, the environment is going to hell, the next thing to face reversal, lifespans. Hard to prepare for the New Future when so many folks are stuck in the PAST.

Dec 4, 2013 3:59PM
Hmm, we hardly had any oil and gas to get cheaply the old way by drilling and had to import expensive foreign oil from oil rich countries. Now oil is so expensive that fracking allows us to produce much more oil and gas from previously unusable reserves . Actually, it's because oil got so expensive that fracking finally became economically viable. Fracking isn't a new invention, it just got comparatively cheap to finally use.  But now, what's going to happen when the oil rich countries, which still use cheaper drilling mining methods (since they don't even need fracking yet), start lowering their prices? Fracking will become too expensive to use again. Keep in mind, they also have the option of fracking and hell of a lot more reserves to use this method on. We didn't fix the problem, we just slowed down the plane crash.
You best stock up on firewood, fuel less generators etc. This country will fall long before you can put algae in your car. The govt is stocking up on supplies, ammo, food and meds etc because they know this criminal system is failing. Note how all the big dogs are grabbing all they can while they can even stealing teacher retirements, that shows desperation. Me and my friends in D.C. have enriched ourselves at the expense of the lazy , stoned out hand out dependent citizen. It was so easy. I don't often think of Rome burning, but when I do, I am lighting my Cuban cigar. Stay thirsty my friends
Nov 20, 2013 9:37PM
Let's wait, watch the bottom fall out and buy in once the dipsticks are broke. Strange how we have a housing crash and mass job termination, but don't use those things to our advantage and create an alternative to dependency with harmonious work and living arrangements.
Dec 3, 2013 4:52PM
I do I use as much energy as I can    But what we really need to do is kick out foreign oil companies from the US and if we are exporting more oil than we are importing then we need to quit importing oil and lower prices
Nov 21, 2013 9:38AM

What a fat crock of sh**. None of the 'energy revolution' technologies mentioned here are sustainable, feasible long term, or can even approach replacing CHEAP oil. Sure there may be oil left in the ground, but it is very expensive to obtain, the wells deplete very rapidly and you can forget about ever having the CHEAP oil again that our twisted form of capitalism requires. ALL alternative energies taken together working at peak efficiency (which they do not and will not) cannot replace cheap oil. AND they are ALL based on a cheap fossil fuel platform.

Nov 29, 2013 9:58AM
Shale and Fracking isn't a energy Revolution, it's a process of moving backwards, not forwards. When you do things, you have to weight the future costs and liabilities along with the current perceived benefits. Our future liabilities far outweigh any current benefits. Societies that evolve to far more advanced ways of doing things that also don't have major future liabilities, they become the New Leaders of the World.
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