Jubak's 10 top stocks for 2013

MSN Money's stock-picking guru sets his sights on 3 types of stocks: those riding trends, those creating trends and a few hated names with potentially big payouts.

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Dec 28, 2012 10:09PM
I love it when these "experts" recommend stock when they are at, or near, their 52 weeks highs.  Take marathon, for example, why didn't Jubak recommend it when it was at 30 bucks, not at 61?
Jan 7, 2013 4:02PM

Most brokers choose stocks after the fact which is why they still work.


I purchased Apple in the late 90s for a little over $10/share just because I knew it was worth more based on thier financials. I had no idea they would develop a phone which would excite the world so much. I also purchased a few thousand shares of Ford (from Apple returns) a few years back when it was under $2/share and took a gamble (which worked out) that they would not take the gov't bailout.


The best advice I ever heard from anyone regarding stocks, bonds, etc. is to purchase items you use or see daily at work/home. Usually this will give you an idea of what products will make it and "could" earn a hefty return.

Jan 7, 2013 3:04PM

What were Jubek's Top Picks for 2012?

For 2011?

For 2010?

For 2009?

For 2008? How did they fare over 1,2,3,4,5 years?

Jan 6, 2013 1:12PM
The fiscal cliff can has again been kicked down the road until March 1st.  The country has maxed out it credit card and Obamanation, aggrevated by "low information voters" who continue to put socialist knuckeheads into power want to INCREASE SPENDING again.  Lookit, people.  This cannot continue.  We have got to cut spending, and those that have proverbial lead in their asses...need to get off of the government teat.  I say let us go off the fiscal cliff.  Spending will then be cut and we'll deal with it.  Better than continuing to spend ourselves into disaster..like Greece!
Jan 7, 2013 5:09PM
you make me laugh! "Wake up Dems" Like the Republicons aren't as crooked as the Democrits----they are equal in every way. Its a two headed monster or the two party dictatorship. The coup began in the 80's during Ronald Raygun's watch---ZAPP ! Wiping out Union membership, eliminatiing antitrust laws, tax breaks to greedy corporations that move manufacturing overseas especially to China (Communist governments and other dictatorships), cutting education (dummy down the middle class), wasting middle class tax payers money on wars that only benefit the international oil barrons by helping to keep oil prices artificially high (like DeBeers Diamonds), brings vast wealth to contractors working for the military industrial complex who pull political strings to stir up trouble in the world and manipulate politicians (Lobbys) to perpetuate the need for their services, and on and on. Democracy is losing or already lost to Oligarchs. And you are worried about the 16 trillion debt that is on paper. First, almost 10 trillion of that 16 trillion is owed to the American people not foreigners (ie. 2.7 trillion borrowed from Social Security surplus). The other 6 trillion is borrowed from foreigners like China, Japan and others. The real problem is the two headed monster, the simese twins with different names---Democrat and Republican (who cater to the rich) or the illusion of so-called right and left. We need  third party members elected to Congress and the White House.
Jan 2, 2013 7:35PM

One word: GRAPHITE.

The company: Northern Graphite, Symbol: NGPHF

Ya,,go ahead laugh,,,Graphite,,,Big Deal HUH....Yes it is....!

The very near demand for Graphite is Unbelievable. The demand is every where; the Battery industry, Medical, Solar just to name a few.

Have you heard of Grafhene; it is a single atom-thick layer of Graphite that is arranged in a Honeycomb shape. Also spherical Graphite is now used in Nano-Tech, the demand is very great.

China is locking down all of its Graphite an we really don't have it available to meet the demand.

Northern Graphite is about the only western source available that can build-up quick enough to meet that demand. The demand is NOW but they won't be producing until 2014 and they have the best graphite in the western world.

Get-on-Board, it is cheap right now and will quickly go 5 times it's present days value.

Do your own research, and you will understand what i'm now writing about. Best of Luck..!

Jan 25, 2013 1:10PM
how sad it is to realize that americans love to blame abyone for  their own mistakes. The government cannot be held accountable for someone's failures or lack or responsibility. Americans need to grow up. If you work hard and are samrt and if we all stop living a life we cannot afford we will find happiness. People must stop pretending to be someone they would have like to be. Spend less that you can afford and you will succeed. And stop blaming others for your own mistakes.
Jan 7, 2013 1:45PM
I hope we've learned our lesson about investing in "alternative energy" companies.  Solyndra fleeced the taxpayers for half-a-billion.  They weren't alone.  Eventually, various "alternative" energy sources will become main stream.  But not yet.  They are terrible investments.  Chevrolet's and Nissan's electric cars languish in poor sales and poor performance.

For now, the "main stream" energy sources are cheap, plentiful and effective.  Fining, defaming, attacking and taxing the energy industry is not the way to make alternative energy viable.  Making alternative energy cheap, plentiful and effective is.

Dec 27, 2012 4:43PM

I love how some lefties (and righties) on these boards, like Vet wrote, want to just "kick the can" down the road, welching on debt, writing checks that the gov't can't cover, business as usual.  That isn't going to play anymore.  The 16 TRILLION in debt, (which BTW was caused by you dems lord and savior Noblaba, thanks to the bailouts, failed energy programs, job creation, and other disappointments of this administration), will HAVE to begin getting paid down NOW.  Tomorrow is NOT an option.  The "rich" and "superrich", even if their taxes DO go up, cannot burden the ENTIRE debt on their hands, thanks to YOUR lavish spending.  The "middle class" if it still exists, WILL see spikes in their taxes EITHER way, thanks to what I mentioned above.


Too bad though.  I would have rather seen John Q. Taxpayer get bailed out, than a multi-millionaire at AIG, GM, Chrysler, or Fannie Mae that got a BONUS for crushing their companies into the dirt...


Wake up Dems in america...


Just saying...




A dis-satisfied customer and voter...

Anything Obama backs, I`m not investing in and anyone with any common sense should do the same.
Jan 7, 2013 7:57PM
Economics 101:  massive gov't debt=higher taxes+higher interest+higher inflation.
Jan 7, 2013 2:46PM
I can't imagine why he would recomend a sinking ship like the Coal Industry, maybe I am missing something but I find it hard to believe that WHITF can be a 2013 top performer.
Jan 7, 2013 4:26PM
All reasonable suggestions except the solar panel firm. Solar is dead for investment purposes. Sooner or later due to budget constraints the price supports and tax credits go away and this industry will fall in on itself; AGAIN.
Dec 27, 2012 2:34PM
Hello all.
I have nothing much to add to the fray today.

Other than:

Smith Barney, they make money the old fashion way. Commissions!

Been out of the Market for over 5 years - did metals.

As far as oil goes, my grandma left me rights, so once a month a small check comes. My grandparents where smart it seems. Collected coins, property... Came here with nothing,

Shame these days we have a bunch of folks who want something for nothing.

The tax rates are going to go back to the Clinton rates. So what's the big deal - we had a nice fake internet boom bringing in $, so why not do it again now? 

I'm sure Obama will blame the Congress, when the Senate is sitting on bills to mediate this, so he can try and pass a rate cut to the middle class who will be hit by the "Affordable Health" taxes at the same time...

All is good - all is fine... ...
Jan 7, 2013 2:01PM
lets do away with the old government taxes and give the working class people a break we cant afford any more b.s. more power to the people and less to the old farts who are out of their minds and lets cut their income to 20,000 a year and see how they live for real lets fire them and lessen control on the working class
Feb 3, 2013 2:23PM
to all you low information conservatives out there,youre all so freaked out about spending, lets bring up the fact that the US spends more on defense than the next top 17 countries combined,but we cant have a national health care system that every other top industrialized country in the world utilizes.you want to know where the money is being spent why dont you start looking there.
Jan 23, 2013 2:46PM
Ok so I still don't see any where a list of 5 beers Americans do not drink anymore.
Feb 5, 2013 9:21AM
Wow ... he's sooooooo smart ... the stock market won't go in a straight line? Who woulda thought that .. guess that's why he makes the big bucks. I swear, if the markets has ups and downs this year, it's almost like he's psychic.
Jan 7, 2013 6:18PM
Again, just in case my point was lost, this guys crystal ball must be better than ours? What a fvcking moron.  Get a clue and just send me your money, becuase if you really belive this, I have a toll bridge in brooklyn you need to buy..........over and over again.
Jan 7, 2013 5:52PM
lets post stock that took off already  as to pull out once the commoners go in ....save yer money dont get suckered into these stocks no more
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