Retail therapy: Mall chief's $137M year

Simon Property Group shareholders have done well under CEO David Simon, but they still voted against the lavish deal. Check out the latest 'One-Percenter of the Week,' then click through past installments.
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Feb 24, 2012 11:29AM
If you can afford to pay a CEO this much money, you're charging your customer's too much.
Feb 24, 2012 11:39AM
This guy has cheated the stock holders out of dividends and the hourly workers out of a decent income.
Feb 25, 2012 11:37PM

A wise friend told me " easiest way to raise Social Security is link the entitlement to Congressional pay".  Another friend once told me "if you take all the Senators and Congressmen, put them in a bag, tie it shut and beat it with a stick you will not hit the wrong person".


After reading about the millionaires in Congress I believe both of my friends.

Feb 24, 2012 1:21PM
i don't care what you do for a living ... no one is worth that ... and if you think he is your a fool ...
Feb 24, 2012 2:11PM
dbus85 are you kidding me? We don't hate capitalism, I hope to own my own business and be be financially comfortable one day. The things we hate are unregulated big business that has greedily stolen most of the worlds wealth and is hoarding it. They're not donating to charity or creating jobs, or even loaning it to hard working people so they can save their homes from foreclosure after destroying the worlds economy. They are keeping it tucked away so that no one else has access to it. And people like Irani here has stolen more than his share over and over again. In Japan a CEO make about 35 times the salary of the average worker in their companies, in Germany the CEO makes about 50 times what the average worker makes, but here in the states (and a few other countries around the world) these greedy jerks think they're worth over 500 times the amount that the average worker makes And of course they immediately come in and layoff thousands of workers so that it looks like the company is more profitable that it really is. That's stealing and it is a crime against humanity.     
Feb 24, 2012 11:45AM
Find me one CEO who does not feel that without him the company would fall flat on it's face!  I'm sure this guy feels the same way! I agree it's the workers who make the company and not the CEO.  But then again I am just one of the workers and some would probably feel that I am biased in my opinion!!!!!
May 21, 2012 1:17PM
Of course oil companies stocks are up.  Last year was the first year that gas prices averaged over $3 a gallon for the entire year.  In the last 3 weeks, oil has dropped over $14 a barrel.  At $91 a barrel, we should be seeing $2.25 a gallon....but we won't because they already have us paying in the high $3.80's so why would they give that up?  If crude had gone up $14 a barrel ....we would be looking at $4.50 a gallon.  They have us trained to think we are getting a deal when they keep it below $4 a gallon, but actually they have been screwing us most of the year so far.  When oil hit $147 a barrel a few years ago, we paid $4 a gallon.  Crude is now $56 less per barrel and we are still paying nearly $4 a gallon.  Why??....  because they can and no one does a thing about it. 
Feb 24, 2012 12:44PM

We really need to be looking at not for profit status 501C3 companies.  I am appalled at companies like Ascension Health which is supposed to be for the poor and their CEO makes over 3 million dollars.  Where is the justice in that for serving the poor.


Ascension also has the gall to fire people when they reach the 20 years of loyal service to them with so much as no severance and then fight unemployment.


I wish the IRS would continue its look at this company.

Feb 24, 2012 11:27AM
when the company doesn't make money these ceo's always blame the hourly help for making demands for a living wage
Jun 1, 2012 12:02PM


Economy keeps tanking like a yoyo but these ceo's just keep getting richer.  corporations are the best liars in the world and get away with it.  they say they make no enough money but they sure give it away by the bucket fulls to corp officers.

Apr 2, 2012 10:09AM

One of JCP's newest strategies is to get rid of 95% of full time employees and cut everyone down to 10-20 hours per week. This leaves a ton of part timers working for the stores. How does this help? They no longer have to pay benefits.  I know people who have worked for this company for 20 plus years and now they are working 8-12 hours per week.


How in the hell are you supposed to pay your bills on this? Where are you supposed to get health coverage?


And now this idiot gets 50 plus million dollars? Whats wrong with this picture?

Feb 26, 2012 11:46PM
Top 1% pay 40% of all taxes, and bottom 50% pay no taxes, that is the excuse used by so many Republicans as to why the wealthy should get tax breaks and the poor should pay more taxes. However, what they fail to mention is that the top 1% control 60% of all wealth in this country, while the bottom 50% controls less than 1%. In other words, the bottom 50% is paying their fair share, but the top 1% should be paying 60% taxes. The middle class is shouldering that extra 20% taxes that the top 1% should be paying, which is why middle class America is struggling while the rich keeps getting richer. Tax the rich more if you want the tax system to actually be fair.
Feb 24, 2012 11:49AM

one word for this CEO and the company who gave him over 600% what he earned.....



Jun 1, 2012 10:46AM
ight, right, right.  When  it's a CEO he "deserves" it and everyone else is just "hating" and being jealous....gimme a break!   NO ONE is worth that kind of money, NO ONE!  If his talent really was that valuable then it would be next to impossible to replace him, yet it seems CEO's come and go all the time and the companies seem to move right on without them.     Similarly, why is it totally fine for these guys to be compensated that way because they "earned it" and are "worth it" or are smart enough to have "negotiated" this deal, yet when it's the unions or the little guy who has "earned" their rights and salaries they are considered to be a drain on society, evil, and need to be stopped?  It's huge hypocracy!!  But you were right about one thing, it is class warfare.  The poor and working class have had war waged on them by the wealthy for countless years now and it's only getting worse!!  Just seems that you don't like it when the poor/working class/middle class(vast majority of Americans) fight back against this war waged on them!    More and more of us are educating ourselves on the facts of what is really going on....It's only a matter of time before we really fight back.  So yea,  please keep spouting your nonsense, and keep doing your mental gymnastics to convince yourself that you are really doing good for society by being so selfish and greedy.   The American public in general may be very lazy/apathetic towards these things but if you keep pushing us(which undoubtedly you are) you will awake a sleeping giant and won't know what you've done until it's too late! 
Feb 24, 2012 1:19PM
During some of those years OXY cut out or greatly reduced employee cost of living raises and bonuses.  Wonder where it went?
Mar 5, 2012 11:05AM

I  think the problem with many people in Mr. Dimon's position truly believe they are worth what they are paid !

You see this with most of the top level people whether they are actors, sports players, doctors, lawyers etc.

After long periods of their being told how "GREAT" they are many start to believe it. So in turn the exorbitant money they receive they begin to truly believe they deserve it.

Put Mr. Dimon in a job digging ditches 8-10 hours a day, or in a job with no health benefits or retirement for a year. I think you would see him change the tune he sings very quickly.

Jun 1, 2012 11:46AM

I have been writing to my Senators and Representatives for decades. I have had the most correspondence in the last 15, when American Corporations, with Washington's blessing, gave the finger to our middle class and gave their jobs to China, Mexico, and India.

Encourage your friends and family to contact Washington. Put signs on the highway that say you have had enough of our Government.

Let us all join together as they did during the first days of the American Revolution, and take back our Country, before it is destroyed.


Jun 1, 2012 12:24PM

To think many still feel that a higher tax for wealthy is wrong.



Feb 26, 2012 9:20AM
Speaking of "useful idiots"...the most useful in this discussion are the neocons and Tea Party folks accusing anyone who is outraged by this guy's salary of being communists and wanting what they don't earn.  It's exactly what happened after 9/11 when anyone who wasn't in favor of going into Iraq was slapped with the "unpatriotic" label.

Most people understand and agree with the idea that you have to earn what you make.  Here's a clue from the clue bat for the neocons: this guy didn't earn what he was paid!  He sucks at his job!  The proof is right in the article.  And he's hardly the only one: Brian Moynihan, the CEO of Bank of America, took a bank that was solidly in the black and ran it into debt through poor, egotistical decision-making.  Wonder what his pay is.  Wonder what the CEOs of Enron and Bear Stearns made.

Class warfare does exist in this country, and it's mostly being fought by the 1% to keep the unwashed masses and peons in their place.
Mar 5, 2012 10:54AM

Just another example of an overpaid CEO who is out of touch with reality and makes millions off the backs of the real workers.....a perfect example of what is wrong with business here in the USA....

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