Retailers that should be shutting stores

An orderly retreat is central to these chains' struggles to avoid the fate of Borders, Circuit City and other well-known retailers that went out of business. Here’s what they need to do.

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Feb 25, 2013 10:09AM
Last time I went to Penney's there were no check out stations with cashiers.  I had to stand in an aisle and yell "is there anybody here to take my money or is everything free today?"  Fiinally  a 20 something cashiers saunters out and over to the cash register.  No apology for poor service, no sense of customer service.  We have raised a bunch of spoiled brats with no sense of doing a good job, and no training in what that is by their employers.
Feb 25, 2013 10:06AM
I love ALL of these idiots blaming Obama and his REPUBLICAN congress for the crappy economy. (hahaha). Your probs occured under 8 years of Bush giving everything worth having to his (their) Oil Co buddies and Bankers.Who here does not remember how bad it was the day George rode off into the Tx sunset? Good God, turn off your "red-neck Radio" and face reality.
Feb 25, 2013 9:56AM
I returned to Penney's after I found that they were indeed having sales.  Their everyday low prices were not.  Their new CEO has to go.  Took a great store where one could find good deals at the sales and decent merchandise, to a dive of lowbrand nonbrand merchandise.  They took my Jones of New York brand out of the ladies section.  Guess I will have to find a new place to buy the only brand that fits me well.  Still like their home section.
Feb 25, 2013 9:41AM
Congratulations to Penny's new CEO. You've managed to put 100 million dollars from this valued old American retail icon in your personal pockets in about a year. You accomplished this AND at the same time  took Penny's, a company with some fixable structural problems, and systematically drove away its customer base, destroyed its reputation and took it to bankruptcy. As a layman with no CEO experience, I couldn't have done a worse job if I tried and it would have cost Penny's less than 1% of your fees.
Feb 25, 2013 9:40AM
I'm 56, have shopped at JCP forever.  I can't find clothes there now, they shifted their attentions away from their cash cow.  Too bad for them and really sucks for us.  They will go out of business because of it, we were the loyalists cause we've been shopping there all our lives.  They don't have the curttains they used to either, what they had was traditional at it's best.  They want the youth market and threw away what they had the population with the money and credit card to support them
Feb 25, 2013 9:26AM
There are several reasons why some of the stores are failing...the most common two reasons: failing to upgrade technology and not listening to customers.

Borders is a clear example of failing to stay with the times.  There is a distinct move towards the digital print market for 75%  of printed materials including magazines, m****duced paperbacks etc.  And Borders didn't think it was necessary to upgrade to the digital reader.  

Sears USED to have great appliances and tools.  They USED to be the last word.  Now they've cheapened their cornerstone products and began catering to another cheap market:  a trio of sluts with the last name Kardashian.  When you have to lower yourself to a Kardashian product, you've really jumped the shark.  Not sure if Sears can recover from that.  Possibly if they improve their Craftsman line to the former quality it used to be but I'm not holding out hope.

JC Penney jumped the shark and got rid of staple brands like button down oxford shirts for women, classic blazers, decent jeans and went with this garish, hideous trend of tacky clothes I wouldn't be caught dead in.  You used to be able to count on JCP for classic separates and one or two stand out pieces and now it's all garish, ghetto trash, rhinestones, loud patterns, garish colors, non classic styles...just very disappointing.  They were always the Go To store and now we're searching elsewhere for the classic pieces.
Feb 25, 2013 9:21AM
JC Pennys is way too over priced. Always have been. I could never afford to shop there unless it was the sales. When "Ellen" took over as spokes person I stopped going there all together. I don't even look at their fliers in the paper.
Feb 25, 2013 9:12AM
These CEOs can't see anything past the ends of their noses unless it's a lot of hundred dollar bills to fill their pockets. No matter what any of the analysts say, they ignore it and keep putting bandaids that don't stick. Majority of these CEOs are so hung on themselves it's sick, they don't care about anyone at all; except themselves.
Feb 25, 2013 9:03AM
people is not the store , they have nothing to sell you dont need that stuff anymore a tv does a lot of things cable companies and directv provide the recording and apple and dell plus cell phone companies have taking over comunications , plus there are 3000 thousands other places in the internet that will sell for less and dont have overhead , there is your awnser
Feb 25, 2013 9:02AM
Truth is, the economy sucks, thanks demoflats, the dollar is worth less, thanks demoflats, we have less to spend because of the payroll tax increase, again thanks demoflats, just wait obammycare will get the rest in 2014, JCP is one of many that will be deceased, thanks demoflats.
Feb 25, 2013 8:21AM

The whole shopping mentality of the consumers have totally changed.   It was like an inborn habit to get out and roam in the malls and buy whatever they found attractive.  But, now everybody has changed, both the rich and poor to another habit of buying only those needs,  not the wants.   All the stores were dumping  billions of dollars worth made in China goods,  the consumer never read

the "made in" label,  so we were in a dream world of total gullibility.  We don't have jobs,  no money and now plunging into serious economic crisis.   Many department stores will be closed within

five years for ever.

Feb 25, 2013 7:47AM
Oh, and now the government wants to start taxing the online purchases also?  Stay tuned..
Feb 25, 2013 7:46AM

Just had an awesome experience at Best Buy and the Geek Squad has never let me down.  In this day of unreliable products, they have stood there offering way more than the manufacturer's warranty ever does.  Quick to respond and excellent work when they get here.  You can't buy someting and depend on it to work very long, it seems, and it's a good thing to find someone who offers a warranty without enough loopholes to drive a car through.


JCP has some work to do, but they have awesome value for the money.  Yes, they're a bit skewed toward teens, but who ultimately buys for those teen for the most part?   And their men's department is one of the best you can find at those prices.  Super baby and child departments.


As you watch the post office and the problems they're having and the way their prices are skyrocketing, we'll see if the shippers don't ultimately kill off the online shopping and send us back to the physical stores... right now they're managing, but we are paying, either through the item price with free shipping or the actual shipping, which is sometimes as much as the item.  eBay makes the seller pay a final value fee on the shipping and then paypal takes its cut.  The seller has to add those fees (up to 13%)  to the selling price.  We'll see. It will be sad if the shipping issue sends us back to the stores,and then we find that they're all closed.


Shop your town, buy USA.  We have power as consumers. 

Feb 25, 2013 7:12AM
I would not get caught dead in JCP.
Feb 25, 2013 4:59AM

This economy is not better. Anyone who believes it is must have blinders on. Many of the people I have known all my life are stuggling to make ends meet. Not because they are foolish with money but because there isn't enough left at the end of the week to buy anything but necessities. i am an old farm boy and i remember when we farmed that we were pretty poor most of the time.We got out because there really was no getting ahead as a small farmer. Today suddenly many farmers are the wealthiest people in the area. Times have changed.

      More and more Dollor stores are popping up . Every small town has one it seems and they are usually busy. yes they have lower quality goods but that seems like all most can afford. When i think of Pennys I think higher prices and higher quality. Same with stores like Macys and Dillards and Oster Bearmans. I rarely shop there anymore because of this mind set. I can't afford to spend $35 on a shirt when i can get one for $15 at Walmart or a Dollar store. Not as good a shirt and not what I would prefer but serves my "need" .

          There will be fewer choices  when shopping as our economy sinks further. There will still be Rodeo drive for the wealthy but here in the real world it will be Walmart and the dollor stores.

Feb 25, 2013 4:51AM
Hello idiots, what's happening is you middle class are becoming lower class. You need to go old school, work your as* off , even three jobs, stop having so many kids, buy a house and pay it off asap, save for retirement and then die. Oh and pay your taxes and don't expect handouts. This is life plain and simple.
Feb 23, 2013 2:22PM
I watched Circuit City several times. Advertised sale items are not available on floor. You have to ask the staff for the availability every time and manager brings them from the back or says that they ran out of stock (even at the early hour the sale begins). Realized that they never cared for customers. I have no regrets when they closed their stores.

Feb 23, 2013 4:15AM
Listen up people!! Did you realize this person who wrote this article has posted this on the web at least (and I mean at least) three times that I can remember last year? I remember every store he or she mentioned the last three times I read it. He is back on it again this year! Did anyone else realize that fact? Wake up people! They are bashing your stores your jobs people! Let me tell you what happens next. Very soon this reporter or a different one will come on and bash JCPenney next.  They will go after JCPenneys pricing tactics or how outdated they are.Then comes Kmart ,Sears and the big blue box (Best Buy) articles comes next. They are taking out a personal ad on the world web.We are destroying ourselves. This reporter and the others are getting paid. I know what a catch phrase is but I also know negativity when I hear it! The only complaint I have is I wish I had more  money to spend in their stores! Oh and you can't tell me when you step into Best Buy it's not awesome! It's so large and airy! My eyes try to take in all the displays at one time. My first thought is what should I look at first? The cameras , the tvs, the cds, the stereos? All the gizmos!  I only need more money! Oh that is not the only store I wish I had more money for!
Feb 23, 2013 2:23AM
that fool from apple ruined any change penny's had to survive.  
Feb 23, 2013 2:21AM
the only reason i like best buy is that you can take the item back to the store if its messed up when you open it up.  other than that they suck.  i got searched last time i was in there because i bought a laptop bag and looked at software while the bag was with me.  If you didn't see me put anything in there, then **** off.  obviously i didnt steal.  so im glad you guys are closing doors, dicks.  
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