The 10 wealthiest Americans of 2012

Collectively, America's 400 richest individuals are worth $1.7 trillion, up from $1.5 trillion a year ago. You'll need $1.1 billion to join the club.

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Sep 19, 2012 3:45PM

I joined the military at age 17. Went to college at 21. Started a family at 30. After 16 years of working for a plumbing company I started my own. My wife and I worked very hard to get ahead. We both donate large sums to various charities. According to a few commentors below, we are evil. Should we have stayed poor and then whined about it? If you whiners won the lottery would you refuse the winnings? If you ranters found yourselves major recipients of endowments or beneficiaries of a will would you say"Keep it, I like being poor"? Last question: Does your hypocrisy know any bounds? Don't blame the wealthy for living well. We don't blame you for being poor and hope that you can make a decent living and be happy.

Sep 19, 2012 1:55PM
Gates and his wife are giving away 90% of their wealth. They are working with Rotary to wipe polio off the face of the earth. They are making inroads against malaria among other things.
Sep 19, 2012 4:36PM

Bill Gates started out in his garage ,and he earned every penny

Sep 22, 2012 8:04AM
"You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.
You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.
You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.
You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down.
You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred.
You cannot build character and courage by taking away people's initiative and independence.
You cannot help people permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves. "
... Abraham Lincoln
Sep 19, 2012 2:31PM

#6,7,8 and 9; Waltons (Wal Mart) 26.1 billion???  And they will not hire full time people - only part time so they do not have to pay benefits.  How greedy can you be, really???  I don't shop there, haven't for years. Sister-in-law works there, they treat

 their employees like crap.


Sep 20, 2012 2:51AM
walmart execs. making millions selling chinease garbage while their workers have to work 2-3 jobs to survive................................................anything seem wrong here ?????
Sep 19, 2012 4:02PM
Obama has everyone hating the wealthy.  What a sick world we live in when we can't support success  What is wrong you??? These people went to good schools, studied hard, majority have masters degrees, phd's and an incredible head for business.  Good for them!  They deserve all they've earned.  We should all aim for success but instead we bitch about other people's good fortune.  Keep reaching for nothing and you get nothing.  If you choose to live off the government (I'm not talking about our vets, the elderly, the disabled, those truly in need - I'm talking about the lazy bums who refuse to work cause Obama gives them everything) then don't complain!!!
Sep 19, 2012 5:10PM
Wonder if the Waltons are happy about the change since their father died who was so bent on selling only that "made in America".  Since then they go wherever they get the best deal, pay many of their employees poverty wages while giving them the info needed to hit the local and federal governments for additional support.  Don't know the amount now but in 2006 WalMart employees collected $1.6 billion in government subsidies like food stamps, housing, health care, etc.  Must be great to be billionaires while having your government pick up part of the tab for your employees.
Sep 19, 2012 1:58PM
We spent decades fighting communism and now, thanks to Obama and milllions of clueless americans, they are here.  Jealousy is not a virtue people.  If you don't lkie the fact these people have more than you , go out and make your own.  Unlike under communism, you are free to do that here.
Sep 19, 2012 3:17PM

Okay, let's try to absorb this.

1- the top 400 are worth a combined total of 1.7 trillion.

2- Obama's annual budget deficit is over 5 trillion. [Nat'l Debt is 16 trillion].

3- Obama et al go around the country and on Letterman last night saying that all they need to do is get a little more from the rich, cut back a little on spending and his "balanced approach" will fix the debt crisis.

4- So, for argument's sake, let's take ALL of the total net worth from the top 1 million highest income earners. That amount wouldn't cover a single year of Obama's budget 5Tril budget.

5- But, let's argue that it would. What does Obama propose to do in the second year? Take it from you, that's who!

Still don't understand? Then please don't vote.

Sep 19, 2012 1:40PM
Sep 19, 2012 1:58PM
who cares about the rich people , i worry about my people.
Sep 19, 2012 4:32PM
WE had better wake up soon or we'll be at war with the world. Each day that passes it is getting more out of hand.
Sep 19, 2012 6:16PM
My wife works in nursing home. As part of a visit sometime I stop by to say hi or give her a hug. Aside from that there is something I did learn. I saw many older folks who have been abandoned by family and relatives after they took their funds despite having been interested. Their houses are sold and most do not know it. Yet they consistently want to go home as a result of dementia and not knowing their children and relatives have whipped out their life time savings and investment. Some have had as much as $10mil before they joined the final highway to ever lasting place "nursing home". Then it hit. This is me 20 to 30 years later. I work like a dog, I put up with all the crap in life just to win that extra cash. Day in and day out I run around like a wild dog all in the name of building capital or call it wealth. How I forgot that there is a moment waiting in corner that will render all that effort useless and none of will save me from ever diminishing body energy and mental retardation and final rest place. .....
Sep 19, 2012 1:48PM

$1.7 Trillion, so we could take EVERYTHING these 400 richest have and fund our Government for half a year!


Yea, raising taxes will sure cure our $16 Tillion debt, and the $3 Trillion a year this administration spends.................

Sep 19, 2012 4:16PM

Look at all those liberals and they say the Republicans are for the rich. LOL!

Sep 19, 2012 7:18PM

1. no company ever went out of business paying a fair wage to it's employee's.

2. creating jobs oversea's does not count

3.Education should not be only for the wealthy

4. Goverments job is the well being of it's people.

To some people the american dream is still a job a house and being able to take care of there family,

Sep 19, 2012 2:29PM
"It's the economy, stupid." Why doesn't everyone get that? It doesn't matter if you are Dem or Rep, you have been voting over the years to benefit YOU short term. Where has that gotten us? In order to grow the economy and attract businesses, you have to have laws that are pro business, too. Otherwise, they will now move their businesses to other countries where the environment is more conducive to maximizing profits while minimizing risks. People that are IGNORANT want to blame that on "Robme", but you are doing it to yourself!!! Obama vs. Romney is like saying, "Do you want to die by the electric chair or lethal injection?" Both sides are trying to appease to special interest groups to get votes rather than doing what is best for this country and our economy! This is what WE have created and only WE THE PEOPLE can fix it! The problem is that we are going to keep voting blindly for what benefits us personally rather than voting for a fix of the problem. Anyone that stood up and actually told you what it would take to fix this mess, you would not vote for because it isn't what is "politically correct" or what you want to hear!
Sep 19, 2012 3:17PM
If the Federal Government took every last dime from these Billionaires, it would only equal 10.1% of the current National Debt and we continue to add over a Trillion Dollars every year.
Sep 19, 2012 1:56PM
Wow how great it would be to be a millionaire in the US or maybe even a Billionaire, I spent my time fighting for my country which is Their country. After a company buyout from a US company to a foreign company lost my job due to layoffs, Now each day I have to fight to put food on OUR table, were is the justice of this? I would love to have one of these rich people help us out.   heres your chance to fix a wrong.
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