The 11 worst companies to work for

Companies like to tout themselves as happy workplaces. But at these US companies -- based on ratings by their own employees -- workers don't much like going to work.

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Aug 28, 2012 4:39PM

These businesses don't want employees; they want slaves. They have the same mentality as a plantation overseer, and their compensation is directly tied to how much labor they can squeeze out of every employee. No human being should work for minimum wage, except for the very young starting out in life. Hard work teaches people the value of a dollar. What I find most tragic is all of the elderly workers that you see in these jobs. Can you imagine being in your mid to late 60's and grinding out 8 hour shifts for 300$ a week. Welcome to the modern corporate workplace america. Enslaving your fellow man is not a good course of action, but these overseers don't seem to know or care about that.


Henry Ford said he wanted his employees to be able to afford the products they made, and his philosophy was instrumental to reinforcing the middle class. Now we have gangsters who got away with stealing 11T$ from middle class homeowners. Wow. The hubris on these people is stunning. They are obviously not God fearing people, are they?


Macy's is a good employer. I have worked for Macy's 3 separate times; and I earned a living wage, plus benefits, and commissions. Now you will work for your money, the hours are long; but they have a full menu of benefits, and the pay is OK if you sell. That is the key. You really have to push the merchandise out the door, and make all of your sales goals; but if you are an experienced beauty professional or manager you can earn 35 to 50k depending on your counter; not including a very generous gratis of luxury products. Saks pays well too.


I would urge any beauty professional to avoid Lord & Taylor(an absolute sweatshop, I have seen them fire people and throw them out of the building in the middle of the day) and Nordstrom, who has gorgeous merchandise; but actively defrauds employment candidates and will waste months of your time with lies; it is a Swedish plantation that has been sued thousands of times. It also takes them eons to pay bonuses that are a promised part of compensation; and they work sales associates like stock mules, uncompensated with overtime. Don't waste your time interviewing; it takes 2 to 3 months during which you will be lied to at least 6 times. They su*k


The only way to really create wealth is through entrepreneurship. As long as you are working for others, in the modern corporate rule, you will be exploited and taken advantage of.

Sep 4, 2012 2:21AM
Hello, I have been trying forever to get some help with this matter, but nobody seems to care at all. There is a very serious problem of fear of reporting unfair labor practice in Walmart. I worked there for almost 10-years with an excellent work history, up until we got a new store manager who was extremely verbally abusive to employees including a mentally handicapped female who he would bash until she was hysterically crying. You could hear her wailing across the store, and when I suggested to employees that we report it they said they were afraid they would be fired. I said we have rights and laws in this country and we do not need to be afraid to report abuse, especially of the handicapped. They said I was naive, and that everyone knows Walmart controls the government and everything with its money and lawyers and prides themselves on being able to get away with doing anything they want, I had more faith and trust in our system than that. I told myself from the begining, do the right thing, tell the truth, follow the rules, and trust God, and i began reporting the abuse to upper management. Before you know it the abusive manager started letting me know he was angry with my reporting him and fired me. That was just the begining of the mess. I went to the NLRB and they filed a charge on walmart for firing me for engaging in protected activity.
Walmart then forced me to drop the charge before they would reinstate my job, and then harshly retaliated on me in many ways including false write ups and 2 more wrongful terminations shortly after i returned. When I went back to the NLRB as they had told me to do should this occur Walmart gave perjurious testimony to the NLRB and told numerous extremely slanderous and defamatory lies in order to have the case dismissed. I have struggled very hard through 2 dismissals before obtaining my NLRB files through FOIA and managing to prove so many lies that walmart had told the NLRB, that i believe that is why The Deputy General Counsel finnally told me to re-file my case. It is now back open, but not going well.
Walmart has gone to great lengths, by doing things like what they did to me, in order to instill an atmosphere of fear of reporting in the employees. Everything is not fine at all in Walmart, in fact nobody has any idea how bad it really is because walmart has carefully ensured that the employees are so afraid to report wrongdoing that they won't even say anything when they hear a mentally handicapped female hysterically wailing across the store and hiding in the break room from the ongoing extreme verbal abuse of the store manager, and when the one guy naive enough to say something speaks up, he is promptly fired and subjected to many forms of retaliation up to and including false terminations and having his name defamed and slandered to the NLRB. I could go on and write a book about everything that I alone have been through, not to mention what others have been through with this evil tactic used by walmart to keep their employees quiet about the truth of what really goes on in those stores on a daily basis, but it seems nobody would probably even care. If you could please get back to me to at least confirm that you have recieved this I would appreciate it. Meanwhile I have lost my job, my career of nearly 10-years, and probably any chance at ever retiring in my lifetime all because I reported employee abuse including of a mentally handicapped female by a store manager in our walmart store. Robert Snodgrass, 715 Taylor rd., Downingtown, Pa 19335,   Thank You. God Bless you, and God Bless America
Aug 26, 2012 12:35PM
Aug 22, 2012 9:48PM

Dish is the most unethical, immoral company ever, in my opinion, I saw them work my son day 1-16 hours, day2-18 hours,  day 3- 20 hours, the day 4 he had worked 23 hours he quit...he tried to give a two week notice the week before they worked him these hours.  How do I know this?  I took him lunch, dinner, because he was the only person there working, we  talked with him on his cell to keep him awake the day he was on his 23rd hour ...he quit shortly after our conversation, we picked him up cause he was too tired to drive.


 I tracked his time ....they did not pay him his over time... in my opinion. 


 Also, he lost 70.00 hours of vacation (PTO) he earned...they will work you intil your ethics ..their .rule for the CEO and the other big guys that think they're so deserving...telling lower class employees to work harder...while they sit on their butts...I personally witness a middle manager, sit in  a chair with his feet on the desk, while he watched my son unload a semi- truck load of receivers, satellite dishes, 80 pound bags of cement used to set poles for the satellite dishes,and more.  This guy sat there,  did not left a finger to son then put the inventory away work my ****...other employees complained of managements there style...that was the employees opinions.


Based on what I saw and heard from several employees stated dish is the worst national company in the United States. Oh and their health insurance plan didn't cover chemo therapy for one employee's wife who was receiving chemo to fight ovarian cancer. Yeah,  greedy...that cheap...that bad to their employees... from what former empoyees have stated to me.

Aug 23, 2012 8:29AM
Amazing Wal-Mart not on that list!!!!!! Wasted 8 years of life working for those roaches!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 27, 2012 10:09PM

My job at Home Depot proved one thing to me. Honesty and hard work , combined with a spotless attendance record mean nothing if you don't kiss butt and pretend you love to play all their silly games.


People arn't upset because their lazy. their upset that they can't plan to attend their sons ballgame because their schedule is different every week. They can't go to church because corp. america don't want the other guy to make that extra dime while they close a couple hours on Sunday.


The issue for most is that their employers want to govern every aspect of their life. In theory, a free country would allow you free expression. Don't say or do anything that does not agree with company policy. Even if you are sitting at home with freinds. If word gets back to the job, you get fired.


Apparently since corporate America is a non-government entity, they don't have to respect your constitutional rights if those rigts interfere with company policies or doctrine.


And they want you to think this is still a free country???  If you remain politically correct in every respect you might get by. However don't express any personal opinions.


People are upset that the job they had 20 years ago paid double what they earn today, and their expenses are triple. What will big business do when there is no place left to find cheap labor? Expect a world wide depression.


One last comment related to free speech. I once had an HR rep. at HD tell me I had no right to discuss any topic at work that did not relate to directly to performing my job.


Enough food for thought. I'm done telling my side. Just for reference for those with thumbs down. I personally spent over 20 years in management. You don't have to abuse people just because you can.


I won't be back this time so good luck to all of you on both sides of coin.

Aug 28, 2012 3:41PM
I worked at a Sears Auto Center for 5 yrs.I put money into a retirement fund all during that time. When I retired at 62,and filed on Sears for my retirement funds,guess what. sears only sent me $20.00 ! That is all that was left in the fund after 5 yrs.When I started we had no customers,because the upper management gave Sears a bad reputation by the public.. Then the employees started working on getting customers into the Auto Center,after five years we were so busy we had to park car outside. THE employees had EARNED the respect,and business of the community.Was did the employees get for their efforts? They fired 15 people in one day ! They had good well trained auto mechanics too.Sears now has no customers in the Auto Service Center,and they wonder 'What did we do wrong"? i was told "When you have a 12% employee turn-over rate,you have an upper-management problem". "Your company will also lose money for the first three months training a new employee". An upper management only worries about their personal salaries,and the high dollar vacations--and at the lower level employees expense.
Sep 3, 2012 3:57PM
NO # 1 FOR WAL MART?   This "survey" is a sham.  If there is a company with dissassified employees Wal Mart IS THE WORST.   My wife spent 21 years in that mess, received seizures for her effort to accommodate customers, then was released because she could not stop taking the seziure medication prescribed by her doctor.  I guess they were afraid she would have a seizure and hurt a customer.  We stopped shopping at Wal Mart 7 years ago, after her release, these are a sorry bunch of "bean counters".  Old man Sam has been turning over in his grave because of the way his company has turned out.  The one company that has and continues to import MORE CHINESE MADE GOODS THAN ANY OTHER COMPANY.  And you wonder why we have no jobs!  The republicraps are content with this, I guess you are too.
Aug 23, 2012 1:00PM
I cannot believe Wal Mart is not on this list and at #1.
Aug 23, 2012 2:21PM
Small businesses that don't answer to stockholders tend to value their employees and customers equally.  Corporations only value their shareholders.  This is why customer service is in decline and will continue to do so.
Aug 23, 2012 12:14AM

I used to shop at gamestop.... until one day, I was wearing my uniform (Navy) and got ridiculed by the clerk for being in such a military. Of course,  I wrote the general manager and corporate headquarters. I got the standard "we are sorry" blah blah blah. I just told them to shove it and I wouldn't be back to any of their stores again.

Now, I know this may have been just the opinion of the clerk and not the company, but oh well. People need to learn when to keep their mouths shut.


I know this doesn't really have anything to do with me working there or not. I just wanted everyone to know how some people and/or companies are.

Aug 23, 2012 9:21AM
I worked at dish for two months and would never consider going back to that hell hole. I requested time off for my wedding (which I had informed them was coming up when they hired me) and I was told that I was denied but could request again 2 days before the event. I was also told it was unlikely I would end up getting it off anyway. I also was put on a written warning for attendance for attending my grandmothers funeral, it was the only day I had missed up to that point.
Aug 27, 2012 4:49PM

NOT surprised about Radioschlock.....

Worked for them two years, one as a manager.  As manager I regularly worked 75 - 85 hours a week with NO OVERTIME pay. (and no I was not included in the class action law suit either)  After a year of working as manager I had earned a whopping $19K.  Shame on ME for letting them SCREW me.

My DM was an arrogant a$$.  I never felt so USED and ABUSED in my life.  Pay for everyone on the floor was lousy and turnover was rampant.  Inventory was done by hand and secondary employees were kept to a minimum.  Huge profits all went to the top.  What little that was offered as "spiffs" was done so grudgingly at best"

Sometime after I left the CEO was retired with a "GOLDEN HANDSHAKE" after starting, closing and writing off $111 million in failed ventures. 

Oh yes, and don't forget this is the company that hired a fraud for a CEO and then gave him a million dollars to "walk away".

I won't cry when this brick and mortar ripoff closes the doors forever.  Just sorry that it can't take the crooked management down with them!

Aug 23, 2012 1:00AM
how did walmart not make this list???
Aug 23, 2012 11:47AM

Most  companies in trouble are lead by the C.E.O. that are driven by bottom line dollars and will give up any thing to reduce cost and increase profits. This effect the most value asset of the company which is employees. When the employees suffer low wage and demoralize there a feeling that is the company does't care about us,why should we care about them. As they meet the the customers every day this attitude is pass foward. Then one day the top management wonder why we have atrocious customer service and bottom line in the downward mode.

Aug 23, 2012 11:41AM
JP Morgan Chase.
1. They constantly lay off people giving their employees more and more work
2. Employees have to pay for their own cell phone and be available for company business 24/7
3. When traveling company pays only for dinner and not breakfast/lunch
4. Lot of nepotism

and the list is endless...

Aug 23, 2012 12:10PM
...there is only one 'legal' reason Unions exist: Incompetent, clueless, management!  Actually, the 'C' in CEO stands for 'Clueless'!
Aug 22, 2012 10:58PM
B of A suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks too
Aug 27, 2012 3:58PM
The worst company I ever worked for was the one I happened to be working for at the time. They are all the same. If you pay attention they all have the same policies, trainining programs, quality programs, "'green "bandwagon programs, flavor of the month "make you think they care program" and slick marketing both to the public and to the employees. "We are family" is what they spout as long as you don't have a problem but when you do screw you you bastard. I have seen it all and believe me there is no such thing as a good company to work for. They are all liars and the leadership will do anything as long as it appears they did the good and escaped being blamed for the bad. Where they come up with these idiots that run these companies is beyond me. These people belong to the 1% certainly over $250K and some of them much much more. Think about it some f these people are making millions and here we are busting our butt to help them live the kings life while we are treated to a life of hope and change. Believe me all companies are the same to work for -BAD.
Aug 26, 2012 3:07AM
Greed, Americans work more hours than most other countries with less benefits. Thank the politicians and corp america that takes care of the stockholders first!
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