The most (and least) livable states

A new poll suggests that today's relatively affluent states are likely to still be among the best places to live in the future. But residents in those states often are less optimistic about the future than those in poorer states.

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Sep 14, 2012 3:41PM

Please make your ranking system more confusing as this article was not hard enough to understand.


Sep 4, 2012 9:19AM
I have lived in Wisconsin, Illinois, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Texas and South Carolina and all of these states proved to have their advantages and disadvantages. I think places all have thier tradeoffs!  Overall, I think my new home of Greenville, South Carolina is a excellent place to live: great weather, low cost of living, many cultural activities and a a stable job market. People in the southern states are generally polite and friendly. I don't bother getting into religion or politics. In fact, I wish my entire country would be less compulsive and angry about religion and politics and get back to the business at hand: life!
Sep 14, 2012 3:59AM
California: Bursting at the seams with illegal aliens and going bankrupt. Only getting worse, never getting better.  
Sep 14, 2012 11:01AM

Having been to all 50 states, as well as a number of other countries,  I could probably make anywhere look like the the images of Louisiana that were presented.  I was born in New Orleans, and grew up in St. Charles Parish until I joined the Navy in 1967, and will probably retire there when the time comes.  The people are friendly, the food is unbelileveably good, and the area is rich in farmland and natural resources.

I have lived in a number of different states, and they all have things to recommend them in both positive and negative ways.  State Income Taxes vary greatly, from New York to Texas, but so do Real Estate taxes and personal Luxury taxes.

The best place to live, is where you feel comfortable and are Happy, and it's hard to quantify that until you settle down somewhere.

Sep 3, 2012 1:20PM
I would have placed Illinois 49th and California 50th...huge deficits, high taxes, poor government, high foreclosure rates, potential bankruptcy. 
Sep 14, 2012 4:50AM

Wow What bull...

Heres a fun fact... MOST of Kentucky is rual farm land... yet it says that it is the WORST state to find a safe place to exercise! Ever try walking, hiking, or biking??? Pretty damn safe in Kentucky. On the other hand Chicago, New York, all of New Jersey, and Most of Southern Califonia get a pass???? I'd rather look out for cows and tractors than muggers and father-rapers any day.

      No I don't like in Kentucky, I am just defending them on this point.

The MSN list is actually backwards.

     The states where the government controls you the most are the ones listed as the best and the ones where the government puts the least retrictions on your freedoms are listed as bad.

     Again, I refer you to Kentucky for an example. You can smoke there, and cheaply. You can eat grease if you like, and you don't have to conform to the controlling governments belief system of what is good or bad for you... freedom of choice.... sure is nice.

      Alabama is listed as a bad state.... Yes and no. They don't require union labor so they are automatically evil in the eyes of the liberal media. They also make Hyundai and Kia there... the new American auto industry. It's Korean, yes, but our original auto industry is lost in Michigan and moving to China.

     Also the new american aircraft industry, since ours is mostly dead and bankrupt, is starting up in Alabama... Airbus! All praise the Airbus factory going into Mobile Alabama!

Not a bad place to live... except they are mostly conservative... and the liberal media says that's EVIL!

     No, I don't live in Alabama either but this article is talking trash.

So the top 10 worst states to live? EASY! First hand experience!

     California, New Jersey, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Nevada, Michigan, Washington, Ohio.

10 best states? I can't say that the entire state is great over-all, but I can go with the areas in them I have lived in or am very familiar with.

      South Dakota, Wyoming,  Kentucky, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Vermont, Georgia, Alabama, Hawaii, Alaska.

Note that MY list is an opinion based on personal experience, NOT based on political beliefs like the MSN liberal media list.

     Also I am willing to say that my list is not 100% accurate as I have not been to all areas of all 50 states. For example, there are some crappy areas of Wisconsin, but the good things there far outweighs the bad, and that's the basis of my list.






Sep 14, 2012 1:50PM

This propoganda is entirely designed to get people to start moving to 'future" boom towns. People read this crap and think someplace may be interesting so they do a little research,maybe even take a trip to see what it is like. Money changes hands and the economy gets a cash infusion. Sure there will be real boom towns because of energy (fracking) and other industries, but for the most part they will taper off in the coming years.

Our country "overall" is in bad shape no matter what the corporate(government) controlled media tells us.

You know the status of your state/city/community better than anyone feeding us this line of bull.


Sep 14, 2012 5:54AM
This is nonsense anyway--there will be NO JOBS until Congress stops all imports, especially from China! Our factories need to be reopened and "American only" products be sold here in America! Hell with the rich making tremendous prifits! Those profits are  keeping Americans out of work and poor!
Sep 3, 2012 5:08PM
My husband & I moved from CA. to Louisiana 7& 1/2 yrs. ago. We moved here because there are too many people & it's WAY expensive living in CA. We weren't sure at first where to move. We picked LA because we were both familiar with it. My husband still works, he is a machinist. I completely don't understand why Louisiana is one of the 'worst' places to live in the country. There are enough jobs here to go around. I guarantee that if I wanted to work outside my home, I could find a job and I'm 60 yrs. old! My husband makes several more $ per hr, than he ever made in CA.  At times, he works 12 hrs a day and many, many weekends. People here, at least the ones I've met are friendly & educated. Not dumb hicks. There are stupid, uneducated people everywhere, Bell Gardens, Fontana, Compton, CA. are just a few.  I'm not saying everyone in those cities are dumb & uneducated but trust me, there are a lot! I know they're here too, I just don't know any. There are a lot of people here (from what I understand) that have made it a family thing to be on public assistance, generation after generation. Sad. But I will truthfully say that there are PLENTY of good paying jobs for people that REALLY want to work. I miss California, always will, beautiful state but ~ jobs are scarce, property values have plummeted, house payments are too high. Middle class was not middle class anymore. Here, we are doing much better. We're blessed. Sold @ the right time, moved here paid cash for our house (a bigger, newer house) & 3 acres & invested some. We live just south of Baton Rouge, In the 'country'. Close enough to the city to have the 'best of both worlds'. We are affected by the hurricanes but nothing too major. I don't have to use putty on the bottom of my knick-knacks to keep them from falling off shelves during earthquakes. There's something everywhere. For us, Louisiana is a great place to live!       
Sep 14, 2012 12:11PM
Who is the moron that put the photo shopped picture of cows on parade for Nebraska? Is that what the Wall Street idiots think Nebraska is about? Cows walking on the street while retired folks watch. Really? Nebraska is about business, food production, manufacturing, housing, farming, and a lot of wonderful people. No words can describe the $hit heads that chose the pictures for this article.
Sep 14, 2012 5:25AM
This story is completely false and doesn't account for the extremely high cost of housing and high heating bills in these states mentioned. You can't even find affordable housing in the Dakotas for all those oil/gas jobs. Obesity is lower because they can't afford to eat. Please don't fool people into thinking Maryland and Virginia are great places to retire either when those states are so heinous in their tax methods that they even tax disability checks and retirement checks with a state income tax. You can't afford to live or retire there. Not to mention the non-stop drug and black-on-black crime. Who writes this stuff?
Sep 4, 2012 1:45AM

So North Dakota is listed as one of the "most livable" States? Have you ever been there, specially from October through April?  Gimme a break!


This article just proves that there are too many journalists, so they have to create $hit like this to make a buck. But I guess this is better than the usual destructive misinformation they generally peddle. 


Sep 14, 2012 7:23AM
how is Louisiana the 2nd best state to live in this week and the worst state to live in last week?
Sep 14, 2012 4:34PM
The problem with all the states that this article tagged as the "best" places to live are horrible to retire in.  Most of them have a high cost of living--especially in Hawaii.  And a number of them tax social security (boo, hiss).  All the states that you deemed the "worst" have high poverty levels and higher crime (it kind of goes hand in hand) but the cost of living is near nothing, property taxes are rock bottom and they don't tax social security or pensions.  I'd love to live in some of the "best" places.  If I could figure out how to do  that on my reitrement, I would.
Sep 9, 2012 12:03AM
After living in Illinois, Florida, Minnesota, Texas and Colorado, Colorado or Illinois would be at the top of MY list, and Florida and Texas at the bottom. I am not fond of sweating and stinking, Florida seemed like the land before time with cock roaches, snakes and lizards everywhere. Texas was a lot like being in special needs school where the students all had hand guns. Most people within 100 miles of Chicago claim to be from Chicago and talk like they are a gangster. Someone should let people from Chicago know they are not the center of the universe, and living in Cook county with 12,000,000 other people is not necessarily a good thing.
Sep 14, 2012 7:12AM

This information is pretty much worthless. The article doesn't tell you what the information is compared to. Take Maryland for example. Full time employment rating  3. What's that mean? 3 compared to what? Maryland has an abundance of Federal, State and County jobs. That's what keeps the unemployment lower here. Private jobs not so many. Maryland is very unfriendly towards business which is why a lot are going to Virgina. So what doe's 3 mean? Is it supposed to be good or bad? Then job creation is 24. Again compared to what? Are we 24th in the nation or some other scale? If the Federal government, State goverment, or County goverment expands then we get more jobs. If they shrink we lose jobs. Private sector doesn't matter much here. State government controls private jobs here through regulations and other means. They decide who gets permits and licenses to operate in the state. Much like China doe's it. Residents outlook rating 16th best. I have no idea what this means. A good third of my friends moved to southern PA and make the commute to their jobs here. Others can't wait to retire and then they're going to other states. We have a lot of illegal aliens moving in but then we have a lot of the rich moving to VA. So where are these people that make 16th best. As for the wealth it's pretty much centered in the areas around Washington DC the nations capital, Annapolis, the states capital and the county seats like Towson. These high salaries inflate what the rest of us make. We just pay them with all the taxes we pay. So the median income is grossly overstated. However there are a lot of rich government contractors, lobbyists, politicians and bureaucrats running around here. Just not nearly the majority. The private sector rich are leaving for Va. so we are losing alot of wealth but not to worry the illegal aliens are moving in to fill in the gap and keep the Democrats in power. As long as they control the state that's all that matters. If you like the way China operates then come on and move right on in. We have plenty of room for you just don't forget your wallet. O'Mally needs someplace to keep his hands warm.

Sep 14, 2012 1:47PM


The reason the housing market is stable is  Nebraska is an agricutural state the houses for the most part are farmhouses tied to the land by as many as 4 generations of family My wifes  family lives on and farms  1800 acres of farmland just outside of Grand Island that's been paid for since before the great depression. The reason unemploymeny is low because the majority of the people  are 2nd and 3rd generation farmers who only hire labor at planting and at harvest time, the rest of the year they have very few employees if any.. As usual MSN you're full of beans Nebraska is without a doubt a great place to live. But if you've gotta have a job ya betta keep moving because the reason the jobless rate is 3.8 is there are very few jobs and they're filled with long term employees,  There are few major cities in Nebraska Omaha, Lincoln & Grand Island is the 2nd largest city  in the state and by most standards Grand Island is a one horse small town with far more tractor dealers than car dealers or movies or even grocery stores Of Course they have a WalMart Super Center and you might get a job there..  I suspect that MSN is as misguided about every state as they are Nebraska mebbe mebb not I can't say,, I don't know about any of the rest of the states listed or MSNs opinions., but I'm well aware of the situation in Nebraska. You might want to keep in mind that Kool-Aid was invented in Nebraska and is the state beverage. Gotta have that Kool Aid & corn on the cob.

Sep 24, 2012 9:52PM
Am I the only one confused by the tangled mess of a "best and worst" listing? It seems to just jump around between best and worst residential outlooks in completely non-sequential order if you can even say there is an order. Also why is it that The better the residential outlook, the more horrible of a review on the state? I honestly don't know the answer and if someone could inform me that'd be great.
Oct 9, 2012 10:38PM
The stats used to judge the most livable states is obviously not what real people consider.  Most people with control of where they live (rich, well-off, etc.) choose coastal cities/states. California, Washington, New York, Florida are where people go that have money and have choices. California and Florida are the warm weather choices and Washington and New York are the colder/four seasons choices. There are other north eastern states (coastal) as well. The coastal communities are generally more into exercise, healthy living and eating.  The cities are hip to the scene with great restaurants and things to do. I'm sorry but most of the people I know would not want to live in the majority of the states that qualified as being so livable. That being said, being happy wherever you are is all that matters.
Sep 3, 2012 11:50AM
I just counted seven consecutive spams. Memo to MSN Money: The site is dying . . ..
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