The top 10 corporate tax bills

Here's what big public companies pay Uncle Sam in corporate income taxes, a levy many economists consider to be among the least efficient and least defensible.

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May 4, 2013 11:18AM

Final Consumption Sales tax - only - no person or item exempt - Remove all business taxation. Jobs and money will move back to America. (5 trillion that is bigger then the fed stimulus.) Then setup to payoff the federal debt and the fed holds the real inflation rate between a deflationary 1% and 0% inflation. (no more inflation). The American dollar would have real value, also, moving more money and jobs to America. All interest earned would be real money not inflation destroyed income.


Than give the American people the right to directly decide what they are willing the buy threw government. (bypass congress). If they cut federal government by 35% that would increase the American peoples living standard by 10%. Do the same with state and local government, the consumer could increase their purchasing power by 15 to 18%. Plus the increase in jobs would spread the tax base.


America should be growing at 5 to 8%. Our biggest enemy is ourselves and our own government ( the president, congress and the fed). Our present economic policy is disaster waiting for a time to happen.








May 3, 2013 9:41PM

What are the sales of these companies over seas where they are taxed already. Why do you think that you are entitled to those profits.  You work in NY should California be able to tax you?  International companies have pay taxes where their sales are made.   They don't owe you anymore than what the law allows.   

May 4, 2013 3:23PM
It would have been interesting to look at the gross numbers for these companies. Apple for example had $68 Billion in gross income (not gross revenue) 

Given what the executive suite is making these days, corporations are already lowering their tax rates.
May 4, 2013 3:13PM
How much did Conoco Phillips get in subsidies from the US government last year?
May 3, 2013 8:05PM
Personally I think it is Anti American for these large Corporations to hide there money overseas instead of here in the US
May 4, 2013 2:32AM

Why not lower the tax to something like Ireland then there would be ins=centive for them to bringthe money here to the United States?


May 6, 2013 10:14AM

There are more corporate tax loop holes in our tax code than you can believe! The average tax bill for U.S. corporations is 12.1% (2012).


Do we really want to lower the tax code and let these corporations keep the same loop holes? That way, we would owe them money at the end of the year.


Let's reduce the corporate tax rate to 25% and eliminate all loop holes. That seems fair! These corporations (like Apple) have been sitting on a ton of money for years and not doing a thing with it. No new jobs, no new manufacturing in the U.S., etc.


F**k them, pay your taxes like everybody else. The corporations want the right to contribute to political figures but then don't want to pay taxes. Gee, me too!

May 3, 2013 9:52PM
May 30, 2013 9:51AM
They should do a list of companies that don't pay taxes. General Motors would be at the top of the list because of the bailout agreements.
May 30, 2013 11:23AM
This article does not tell the truth. ALL "business taxes" are paid by the consumer of the goods or services of the company. This is a SALES TAX on consumers. The most insidious effect of "business taxes" is that it forces companies to go offshore taking the jobs with them. The USA has the highest business tax in the entire world. That, combined with the higher prices caused by the taxes hurt the poorest the most. They pay more and lose more jobs.
May 5, 2013 2:01PM
Funny how the bad subsidized oil companies actually pay a greater percentage and amounts in taxes compared to the good liberal tech companies like Apple.  Ironic how if you listened to a liberal it would be the opposite of reality.  LOL
May 5, 2013 3:04PM
The key here is Effective tax rate, common sense tells me the effective rate entails adding every conceivable tax within the corporate structure to arrive at the highest possible reading.
May 30, 2013 12:51PM
These taxes do not include payroll taxes for the Millions of Employees. Lower Corp. contributions, attract more companies and receive more payroll tax money.  This is the money that goes to the local governments that do the most for the people.
May 6, 2013 9:30AM
The basic truth is when a Government tries to take to big a share of any person or corporation's income to squander on it's beloved "needy", it simply creates an incentive to move or hide the money somewhere the greedy politicians can't get their grubby paws on it.  A sensible tax rate coupled with a lack of socialist handouts would actually produce more usable income for the Government to spend on things we really need, like repairing our collapsing national infrastructure.
May 30, 2013 8:41AM
Corporations don't really pay taxes at all...they simply pass them down the line. But the greed of the government to take more and more of other people's money knows no bounds and will continue to grow unfettered if the liberals have their way.  If I had a business I would try to find ways to pay the least amount of tax possible...taking advantage of every loophole and tax break available.
May 5, 2013 10:58AM

"Everyone knows about Apple's legendarily pile of cash -- $121 billion at the end of last year, up from $82 billion in 2011 and $51 billion in 2010. What's less appreciated is that Apple holds most of this cash in overseas accounts, out of reach from the Internal Revenue Service. Its overseas cash holdings amounted to $83 billion at the end of 2012, up from $54 billion in 2011."


You know what they say... Go where the money is. YOU... go there, Apple. And take your crap tech products with you. Rotten to the CORE.

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