The world's best and worst economies

After sliding in the rankings for four consecutive years, the U.S. moved up two places in the World Economic Forum's competitiveness ranking in 2013. See how it compares with the world's best and worst economies.

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Nov 1, 2013 10:25AM
Germany is full of Solid Unions and Higher Taxes but they are literally the only thing keeping the Euro-Zone together. The German economy is STRONG!

American Corporations are having Banner Record Year over Year over Year, Profits and Revenues. CEOs are seeing Record Pay and Benefits. The United States also broke another Record for Record Wealth, reclaiming most millionaires tittle from Asia in the process.

Who's not having a banner year, American Workers as more and more companies refuse to pay a living wage while outsourcing our Jobs to slave labor overseas. We are more productive yet we are told to accept far less while they TAKE far MORE. So yes, there is a problem here.

Oct 31, 2013 11:00PM
How can a country with more borrowing than their GDP be considered competitive. If your bills are more than your income can you go to a bank and borrow more money. NO 
Nov 5, 2013 6:57PM
DUHHHHH all of you YOUR OWN COUNTRY BASHING MORONS!!!! You think Switzerland, Singapore,et al did it by bashing THEIR country? HELL NO!!!! they hitched their britches up and DID something instead of just sitting behind a PC and bitch about their country. Get off of your asses and DO SOMETHING to improve yourselfes and your country will also improve. In case you have forgotten! PEOPLE make a country, a Country does not make itself! All I've got to say, think about it if you have not lost your head in a Budweiser can!
Oct 31, 2013 7:25PM
Give this list a couple years and the U.S. won't make the top 10 ! The (un)Affordable Care Act will kill the economy here in the U.S.before  anything else does . Poorly planned , and implemented even worse. It will affect many millions more than Obama promised , increasing rates to the point people cannot afford them . And as the younger people refuse to sign up for something they don't want (and in most cases, don't need) and choose to pay the penalty , the system will collapse under it's own weight . Policies that people were perfectly happy with are being cancelled because they "don't qualify" under the Act's standards , forcing them into much more expensive policies . If people are broke  they won't buy much , so there goes the jobs , sales , etc  and the economy will be in the tank . Thanks so much Barry , couldn't make my own decisions without you . Even though most of us were doing just fine before you came along .
Oct 31, 2013 8:36PM
Republicans voted 44 plus times to repeal the ACA because of Mandatory Health Insurance but not once to Repeal mandatory Auto Insurance. The ACA won't kill the Economy, it was DEAD long before anyone knew what the ACA was or is.

The Knife put through the Heart of the Global Economy was when the Money Changers Created $500-700Trillion in phony Derivatives Money an spread it across the Globe. Even Fox-Business-com has a report about. So you know it has to be bad.

Nov 1, 2013 2:00PM
Oct 31, 2013 7:58PM

5th place? Not for long. We're 17 trillion in debt, and Obama alone have added 7 trillion. When the time comes, the government will dip into our IRA and 401K to pay our national debt. Remember Cypress? They will do it on a weekend when all the banks are closed and order the banks to shut down its ATMs. On the following Monday, you'll find out 50% of  your money has disappeared from your account. And then we'll have a revolution and the poor will once again blame the wealthy for screwing them and not paying their taxes. A new socialist country will be born.

Nov 1, 2013 10:30AM
We all know that folks in Congress aren't smart enough to Create something as Complex as $500-700Trillion in Global Scam Derivatives. They can barely figure out how to keep open the Government much less anything else. Their biggest JOB is to make sure their Friends in Corporate America stay FAT and Happy. Otherwise their FAMILY and Friends network of Slush Funds would fall apart.

And it is a Global issue folks. Note the Toxic Assets for RBS, at least $62Billion. They are going to create a Internal Bad Bank? Say what? And That's just a Drop in the Bucket. All the Major Banks have the same problem. I even took the time to research it via Fox-Business-Com. Even they have articles stating just how bad the problem is. So you know it's really bad.
Oct 31, 2013 11:18PM
Obamaville has its own printing press that cranks out 85 billion Obama dollars each month, and those Obama dollars are worth less than the red ink with which they're printed.
Nov 5, 2013 5:51PM

Biggest problem in doing business


This should read; poorly educated youth as they do not possess math skills, many cannot speak or understand English as they are either illegal aliens or their language skills are poor as they are uneducated blacks, poor ethics (most people here are going to cheat you) and the biggest problem...............laziness; most people here would rather live off the tax dollars of the few that actually work.

Nov 5, 2013 9:56AM
The top1% are spending literally Billions each year in Ads and Articles because they do care what others think. If they do nothing and lets us control the conversation, their status is at risk. The SuperRich are very much concerned about what the rest of us are thinking.
Nov 5, 2013 7:27PM

For centuries Swiss banks have been the secretive repository for criminals' and tyrants' ill-gotten gains, including Adolf Hitler, Idi Amin, Stalin, Yasser Arafat, Saddam Hussein, and more.  Since they hold everyone's money, they don't need an army.  They also have punitive, racist immigration laws that, if it were the United States, they would be angrily condemned by the rest of the world.  But they hold everyone's money.


Follow the money...

Nov 5, 2013 7:28PM

"dave1230 -  Republicans voted 44 plus times to repeal the ACA because of Mandatory Health Insurance"


"YOU LIE" - Senator Joe Wilson.


**********************THE BIGGEST $2.5 TRILLION SCAM IN HISTORY***************

By US Law, President Obama's ACA giving the Insurance Corporations $67 Billion, Medical Device Corporations $23 Billion, Pharmaceuticals Corporations $20 Billion*, so that President Obama could get Billions USDs of Unlimited Corporate Campaign Contributions from them.


*PBS Documentary "Obama's Deal" stated $80 Billion, not $20 Billion:


negotiated a secret $80 billion deal with Billy Tauzin, the former Louisiana congressman who had become the pharmaceutical industry's top lobbyist.


PONZI SCAM:  "The administration says it needs 2.7 million young and healthy people to sign up to cover the cost of treating the sick."


PONZI SCAM: "It is estimated that 7 Million Healthy MUST Sign up for Insurance and Never use the Insurance, to pay for those that are sick."


To Find the Money for his BUY INSURANCE PONZI SCAM to pay to the Insurance Corporations, Medical Device Corporations, Pharmascueticals Corporations to get his Billions USDs of Unlimited Corporate Campaign Contributions President Obama as Commander In Chief Ordered the US Constitution's US Defense Cut since April 2009.  RESULTING IN THE UNNECESSARY DEATHS OF US CITIZENS OF THE US MILITARY.


In his attempts to find the $2.5 Trillion ($4 Trillion) for his ACA in July 2011 President Obama gave his Demand to US Senator Harry Reid for "Across the Board Budget Cuts" to all previously budgeted for Programs (like Medicare, Social Security, Food Stamps, WIC, etc.), Projects (US Infrastructure, etc.), Agencies (Veteran's Affairs, FEMA*, Department of Education, etc.); including cutting the US Citizen's Benefits and Entitlements of the "47%" (2012 49%, 2013 51%).


*Reason FEMA did not have Disaster Relief Funds after 2012 Hurricane Sandy, as previously chopped by President Obama, and had to be reinstated by US Congress.


And the biggest part of the Obama scam, the ignorant still believe that Insurance Corporations equal the Medical Profession (Health Care).  Elimination of the Insurance Corporations from the Medical Profession will decrease the costs of Medical Treatments (Health Care) by a minimum of 80%.

Nov 1, 2013 8:02AM
The U.S.S.A. did not "rise" - the other economies fell. 
Does this tell you anything??? Look who's at the wheel in thje losers.
Nov 1, 2013 10:07AM
17 trillion of current debt and 100 trillion of unfunded looming socialist debt. Crunch those numbers you dumb A$$ democrats. 1/2 billion and 4 years can't even build a web page a high school class could. Just another drop in the bucket of 123,00$ per working American owed. Hope and change shovel ready jobs yes we can.
Nov 1, 2013 10:06AM

With the Fed giving tax pay money away to the banks and wall street we have a nice


Nov 5, 2013 9:10PM

"Someone (jeverett)  -  I thought it would take 8 years of Obama to undo 8 years of Bush but he did it in 6 . ! Gobama ! !"


World War O


Synopsis:  A United Nations Investigator traverses the World in a race against time to stop the Obamazombie Pandemic that is toppling Armies, Nations and Governments, and threatening to destroy Humanity itself.


President Obama's Foreign Policies since March 2009.


RESULT: A.  President Obama and US Allies Losses of the Resources Worldwide REQUIRED for the Current US Standard of Living and Future Alternative Energy.


B.   President Obama and US Allies Losses of Strategic Locations Worldwide.


C.  President Obama and US Allies  Losses of Key and Strategic US Allies Worldwide.



The Report Card for US Presidents as first used by Democratic Party Jimmy Carter:


Misery Index (Unemployment rate plus Inflation rate):


(42) William J Clinton 1993-01 - 2000-12 End: 7.80


(43) George W Bush 2001-01 - 2008-12 End: 7.39


(44) Barack H Obama 2009-01 - 2013-08: 10.41

Yes, you are correct, "Someone (jeverett)  -  I thought it would take 8 years of Obama to undo 8 years of Bush but he did it in 6 ."


President Obama (44) F**KED UP EVERYTHING, Repaired by President Bush (43) from the Disasters created by President Clinton (42).

Nov 5, 2013 8:42PM

"Edward Fritz (colgate107) -  Bushes then more Bushes?? How soon we forget and maybe we should."


THE DEMOCRATS LEGALIZED CREDIT DEFAULT SWAPS AND DERIVATIVES.   Democrat's Signature on US Law.   Democrat's Signature on other US Law that Legalized the other Causes of Previous Depressions.


RESULTING IN:  The Current $60 Trillion to $100 Trillion Global Economic Crisis (aka Depression).


President Clinton started the War with Iraq with:  A.  President Clinton's 1998 State of the Union Address WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION;


B.  President Clinton's US Law H.R.4655 US Policy Overthrow Iraqis Government (Declaration of War).


C. 1998 CIA Operation; 1998 US Military Operation Desert Fox RESULTING IN:


9/11 2001:


Osama Bin Laden stated to Arabic Al Jazeera, Iranian Fars News, RT (Russian Television formerly Tass News Agency), BBC, etc. that he would AVENGE the US Murders of the Poor of Islam of President Clinton's 1998 Operation Desert Fox. In Islam, Democrats, you f**k with the Poor of Islam YOU switch places with them; so Osama Bin Laden plans the attacks of the Symbol of the US Economy, The World Trade Center; the Symbol of the US Military, The Pentagon; the Symbol of the US President, The White House; as the 9/11 2001 Attacks.

Keep posting your ignorance, just more proof of (Democratic Party stated "Targeted Voters" as Constituents of Democratic Party):


Demographics of Democrats

Location: Cities with lots of Illegal Aliens and the Poor.

Gender and Marital Status:  90% Women as Single Parents (bastard children).

Large % Homosexuals

Income:  Less than $15,000 per year

Ultra-Wealthy: Mostly Hollywood (fantasy not reality)

Labor:  Labor Unions

Education: Majority No High School Education

Age: Below age 50 (No Real World Experience; therefore, Cannot create any viable Solutions).

Race:  90% of African Americans

60% to 70% of Illegal Aliens

Religion: No Moral Compass as No Ethics, No Morals, No Norms, No Mores. "Ends Justify the Means" Atheists.

80% Jews

Social Welfare:  Heavy Reliance on everyone paying for them as Public Assistance.


No wonder Democrats cannot figure out anything; nor create any viable Solutions; and only create more problems.

Oct 31, 2013 9:43PM

Debt. As a career lender (not a Loan Originator) arrogant temptation tops the list of fatal traits. Sadly, those most susceptible to it somehow end up managing those who grasp the power, the problem and the potential danger. It was never "money" to me, just the tool of my profession.

A student of ALL historic financial circumstances, I learned on the job while Bernanke read text in the classroom. Flat out... Volcker wins for throwing a wrench into the post-1979 inflation run-up, stalled by exceeding the Usury in most states with the Prime (lending) rate. Pretty tough to lend at 18% when the best street rate was 22%. It crushed greed, forced banks to snap out of delusions and cut the head off of inflation. Solon of Greece is runner up (632 BC) he decapitated merchants who sought to usurp royal authority through credit manipulation.

It's all conjecture now, but firing Bernanke and requiring banks to deal with a 18% Bank Rate would have crushed corruption and forced banks to deal directly with irresponsibly written credit. There would have been a 90% evaporation rate in business platforms and trashing of the MBA degree. Rightfully so.

We are heading into a really tough time. Expect gullible seniors to lose it and free enterprise to be brutal in securing turf from drop-shippers. While it doesn't seem possible right now- Lawyers, Accountants, Career Politicians, Bankers, Administrators and all "groups" get the Bill for this folly. Expect the figure to be outrageous and you won't be surprised. Doubt? Bad investment.

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