Image: Stand up for your rights © Emilie Duchesne, Vetta, Getty Images

Warning to America's superrich: Think Occupy Wall Street disappeared in winter's cold? Wrong: The 99% just declared a new aggressive, covert special-ops war strategy to take back our democracy in 2012.

No more peaceful tent encampments in parks. No more Mahatma Gandhi nice-guy stuff. Not enough. Escalation time. Wall Street, the superrich and their Washington lobbyists are tone deaf, blinded by greed, trapped in their post-2008 business-as-usual bubble.

Warning; OWS tells us America's going to be shocked by not one but hundreds of wake-up calls in 2012.

How? In a recent Washington Post column, OWS leaders say they are accelerating their battle strategy in 2012. In what amounts to a new declaration of war that promises to electrify the 2012 elections, OWS will be using new asymmetrical warfare strategies, write two of the men who have been the driving force behind the movement since early this year: Kalle Lasn, the editor-in-chief of Adbusters magazine, and senior editor Micah White.

Listen to some of the specific guerrilla tactics they warn will be used in their 2012 "American Spring" assault: A "marked escalation of surprise, playful, precision disruptions, rush-hour flash mobs, bank occupations, 'occupy squads' and edgy theatrics." And in a New Yorker magazine interview shortly after New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's "military-style operation," Lasn warned: "this means escalation, pushing us one step closer to a revolution."

So get ready: 2012 promises to be a relentless succession of hit-and-run attacks during what already promises to be a hotly-contested presidential campaign. So forget Zuccotti Park. No long camp-outs and sit-ins. That's so '60s. So last fall. Instead, be prepared for endless surprise attacks, albeit nonviolent amateur versions of Seal Team 6, in-and-out fast.

'Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee' . . . a thousand times!

Lasn and White also noted in the Post that their 1,000 plus global allies are governed as separate democracies: Each picks targets, tactics, timing and goals. So there may not be a coordinated D-Day relaunch attack date, like there was last Sept. 17. But you can expect lots of surprise attacks making the local and regional, as well as national, news throughout 2012.

As Lasn and White warned: "In this visceral, canny, militantly nonviolent phase of our march to real democracy, we will 'float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.' We will regroup, lick our wounds, brainstorm and network all winter. We will build momentum for a full-spectrum counterattack when the crocuses bloom next spring."

Among the biggest targets are events related to the proposed constitutional amendment to get money out of voting and reverse corporate personhood . . . presidential debates venues are high-profile . . . Supreme Court rulings on health care, immigration, voter redistricting . . . any events tied to "voting out incumbents" . . . supporting "Occupy Colleges" anger at oppressive student loans and no jobs . . . Federal Reserve System money and credit to Wall Street . . . special-interest K Street lobbyists . . . state recall campaigns . . . Keystone XL pipeline . . . Congressional hearings on jobs . . . taxes benefits for the rich . . . and the too-greedy-to-fail banks . . . corporations that pay less in taxes than in CEO salaries . . . occupy state and local campaign headquarters . . . support young millennials rejecting America's failed two-party system . . . occupy lawns of elderly citizens being evicted . . . protesting states that repealed voting and union rights . . . and many more.