Revolutionary overhaul of American politics

Taxing the superrich 1% is a given. Lasn and White's counterattack also offers specific demands for game-changing reforms that would rival anything America saw back in the Great Depression years:

"(A) 'Robin Hood' tax on all financial transactions and currency trades; a ban on high-frequency 'flash' trading; the reinstatement of the Glass-Steagall Act to again separate investment banking from commercial banking; a constitutional amendment to revoke corporate personhood and overrule Citizens United; a move toward a 'true cost' market regime in which the price of every product reflects the ecological cost of its production, distribution and use;" and they are in favor of "perhaps even the birth of a new, left-right hybrid political party that moves America beyond the Coke vs. Pepsi choices of the past."

There are already several proposed amendments, like Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders' 28th Amendment overturning the Citizens United decision. That's tough. But taxes on Wall Street trading? Remember that in one month a couple of years ago, traders at Goldman Sachs Group (GS, news) made more than $100 million in net profits each day for 23 days. They'll spend billions to fight any such tax reform.

My prediction: Wall Street will never change -- never -- until it suffers another catastrophic meltdown, with no bailouts this time. We haven't completed the natural economic cycle then-Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson's team aborted in 2008. Only then can we restore Glass-Steagall and reverse that totally irrational Citizens United ruling that corporations -- whose sole allegiance is merely to their stockholders, not to all Americans -- have the same rights as living humans. That ruling's not only bad law, it is bad logic, bad morals, bad economics, and ultimately, it's bad for capitalism.

Enraged youth drive the movement

Listen to Lasn and White describing the energy driving OWS movement. It comes from deep within the collective soul of a new generation of young Americans who have been disenfranchised by clueless politicians who are trapped deep inside a corrupt two-party political system no longer capable of changing. And our youth are enraged. Listen:

"This primal cry for democracy sprang from young people who could no longer ignore the angst in their gut -- the premonition that their future does not compute, that their entire lives will be lived in the apocalyptic shadow of climate-change tipping points, species die-offs, a deadening commercialized culture, a political system perverted by money, precarious employment, a struggle to pay off crippling student loans, and no chance of ever owning a home or living in comfort like their parents. Glimpsing this black hole of ecological, political, financial and spiritual crisis, the youth and the millions of Americans who joined them instinctively knew that unless they stood up and fought nonviolently for a different kind of future, they would have no future at all."

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Yes, America's youth are the voice of the 99%, Americans inspired by the Arab Spring revolutions. American youth are fueling "the greatest social-justice movement to emerge in the United States since the civil rights era."

But never lose sight of the real war here. Yes, there's a war between the richest 1% of Americans who have seen their income grow 265% the past generation while the incomes of the other 99% have stagnated or fallen. Yes, the wealth gap is bigger now than it was in 1929 just before the market crashed.