Graph showing real inflation

Last week, I talked about all the reasons why inflation -- which has been relatively tame since 2011 -- is poised for a painful comeback. Part of is related to a strengthening global economy. But part of it is related to all the monetary voodoo coming out of the Federal Reserve and the other central banks around the world.

In some ways, that's good news for middle class families that could finally see a better job market and, yes, the potential for some wage gains. But the good will be offset by a higher cost of living.

Still, a lot of you probably question whether inflation has actually been all that tame. That's because in some critical areas for working families, prices for basics necessities have been rising faster (sometimes much faster) than inflation overall.

So before we hit the next wave of inflation, click ahead for a look at some areas where higher prices are already sticking it to consumers -- and a few related investment plays.