5 retailers shuttering stores

These chains are battling to avoid the fate of Borders, Circuit City and other well-known retailers that went bust.

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Mar 13, 2012 11:21AM
I suggest some of these nit wits learn to speak Chinese!
Mar 5, 2012 11:07AM
who do you blame, how does one explain retail giants closing.  Their bottom lines tell them to cut back on stores to save the corporation. A lesson our government should learn at the very least and an answer for us to learn from also.  Further how can our government keep them afloat, instead of treating business as a revenue cow to be milked, why doesnt it partner with business to keep them afloat.  Im not talking bail out money.  Im talking relaxing taxes, property taxes, unemployment taxes, corporate taxes, utility expenses, anything that will improve the bottom line, for the greater good, which would be to keep people working.  Of course the bigger picture and long range help would be to enact tariffs which would make it advantageous for the retail giants to buy porducts manufactured here in the USA. Keeping foreign lobbists out of Washington and out of our politicians pockets would be good also. 
Mar 5, 2012 10:22AM

Abama is imperfect being human.  He came in when the economy was bad, he didn't creat the problem, but trying to repair it.  The big endowments, excessive welfare, and freebies to

parasites is a big part of the problem.   There's income and expense.  To aim toward a cure

for the deficit is to stop the giveaways.

Mar 5, 2012 10:13AM
Breaks my heart, so many American icons going out of business.
Mar 5, 2012 5:12AM

How many ways can our country go bust? The world may never know... Greedy big business and capitalistic pride are commending the big CEO's with huge bonuses is nothing new, While the "actual" working middle class are the only ones who will always end up paying the REAL price in the end with nothing to show for, but collateral debt and permanent unemployment. We did it to ourselves America by gradually allowing ALL of this to has happen in the first place! So laugh it up anyway because that's all we REALLY can do at this point and maybe we ought to ALL go on welfare because they can't take anymore than what we don't have to give!

Mar 5, 2012 4:22AM
I really wish you journalist-types would stop using the word "shutter". Say what you mean! Talbot's, Gap, et al., al, are closing stores. They probably aren't going to re-open them. It's not like they're going on vacation for a month.
Feb 28, 2012 2:33PM
Prices should reach the middle class. With 300 millon people in the country America should stay with an open market both worldwide and at home so that the people of the country can afford to buy any product in the world.
Feb 16, 2012 1:15PM

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Some People are just so ?????




There is not one Wally world that has 300 people working there. Next, they do not want people working over 30 hours, so they do have have to pay benifits. NEXT!!!!!!!! they pay about 70% what other stores would pay. Next they WORK DILLIGENTLY to make special deals with foreign countries to get cheaperr goods. Because they buy almost all out of country goods. One Last thing, ALMOST EVER DIME that is spent into these stores will leave your area. This is like saving $3 now to have someone take $7 later. Lot of people hate Math, But maybe it is time to practice some simple math.



Not all of you fine people out there have closed eyes. But to me. This is a new kind of WAR. Instead of sending explosive BOMBS, You send in the much slow Finaicial BOMBS.


AMERICA IS UNDER ATTACK!!!!!!!!!! And if you can not see this, then we are all doomed. because you interact with the ticking bombs each and everyday.


problem is this!!! are you speeding up the timer??? Or slowing it down????????

Feb 16, 2012 12:48PM


I am in fact one that stated we should start fighting to buy American. But I totally understand what you were saying also. For a Car to say American made, only 30% of that car has to be produced in America!!! THIS IS BULL-SHEET!! When you go to the store and buy a Blue Berry Muffin. It has No blue berries in it. It does not say it does not have them either. Maple syrup is another. (3) Congressmen are fighting right now to have this corrected. Most of the maple syrup you by is not that. It is Corn Syrup. This just builds into one more tiny piece of the BIG SHEET STORM we are in. Corperate Greed and the THUMB it has on our Government


Once again everyone. It is not just a few items that are the trouble. It is that we have so many little problems, that they add up to a big Sheet Pile. How do you clean something up??? Do not focus on everything at once. Focus on one part... Plan, action, complete, look for new target. Do not target the whole problem. If everyone does just a small part, this will also add up into something HUGE! See, Our Government understands this, and WE AS A NATION, do not!!!!


PFFFFT!!!!! You all think it is White against Black. Ok, so a lot of times it is. But our Government wants to keep us at odds with each other, so we ALL DO NOT FOCUS ON THEM!!!!! Yah know something. Mr. Taiwanesse, I hate your food, But we are still on the same team if we would stop listening to MR FAT JACK!!!!!

OH!!!! Been all over the  world. I do not like a lot of BLACK PEOPLE!!!!! There are a lot of ASIAN PEOPLE I do not like either. I still find my x-wife HOT, even though she is a spoiled brat asian lady. But I will say this!!!! These are just 1's and "o's. Black/white, yellow or red. Screw it all!!!!!! Most all of you are missing the bigger pitcture, because the more powerfull people want you to miss it.

People do not understand. Even though our bodies might not be the same, that our Soul or spirit is!!!

Feb 16, 2012 12:09PM
How much do you want to bet that the (6) people who put down what Dianna said about buying only American goods with a thumbs down are in fact illegally inside the USA at this time? OH!!!! she had (84) possitive marks. This makes me want to buy even more Ammo.
Feb 16, 2012 10:06AM

Hey jk-portal,


Where did ya buy that hat? The people that sold you that hat didn't set the price, they are not price setters they are price takers. They will take the price that someone is willing to pay! If they were to set the price to high nobody would buy that stupid looking hat! Can't wait to see your new system, probably something like let the government make hats and then every one can have one for free!

Feb 16, 2012 9:44AM
According to Forbes, retailers aren't doing good.  Sears is struggling, JC Penney, and Macy's are treading waters. Borders lost out to Amazon and Barnes and Noble last year, closing the last of its 633 stores. Credit is raising for people, and even though they expected 5000 stores closing in 2010 for 2011, only 3000 stores closed. It is very scary. They said the Family Dollar would be the one doing the business. And then Walmart, even though they have nothing new coming out. This is something you should watch, though very scary!
Feb 16, 2012 9:38AM
What did everybody expect? When you live by an economic system where the wealthy who own the businesses (any business), assign the pricing based on maintaining a lavious lifestyle for executives, with investors coming in second in priority; and the employees getting the raw end of the deal....how can you expect there would be many people out there to buy the products? Can those doing the actual work afford ALL THE JACKED UP PRICES that are coming from all the businesses at them day in, day out? Time to change the system. I am preparing a you tube video about such a change; should be up within the week.
Feb 16, 2012 9:31AM

Don't like that people could loose jobs but Penny's getting what they deserve after they raised credit card interest to max allowed. Called to ask why went up and if could get lowered back since all my family members had cards there and we spent close $1000 month there on clothing and other items. Told by person with company "No, and if you don't like it cancel the card". So I did and never shopped there again.  

They took page from Bank of America who did same thing with credit cards and treated customers to similar reply and look at them now.

You treat your customers like crap and they will go elsewhere don't care how good a deals you have or products you carry.

Feb 16, 2012 9:27AM
Yet another clown writes "buy american"!  What exactly would that be then? Last time I checked 90% of all merchandise sold in the USA was sourced from CHINA!  Obviously a redneck who doesn't get out much.

Failing stores like Gap just don't get it. The bulk of their clothing sales should be to repeat customers not trendy posers. Instead of focusing on 20-somethings who buy that one "friday night shirt" or blazer they should look at lowering their prices on uniform sales and business casual clothing. They are pricing themselves out of business.

Feb 16, 2012 9:26AM
These stores should sign up for welfare like 47% of the rest of the country. 47% of the people of this country get government assistance! The progressive rule, get em on welfare and keep em there! Thats alot a votes!
Feb 16, 2012 9:25AM
No way in hell is this happening, the economy is moving in the right direction.  He said so.  
HEY YANG LU    BITE MY   WHO HA    Friggin moron
Feb 16, 2012 9:20AM

Great, MSNBC and the contuing National Bama Channel theme is bad enough but now it has become an ad board too.  I think I'll have to look for another front page.


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