Kevin Coleman moved out of Port Jefferson Village © Microsoft

Kevin Coleman moved out of Port Jefferson Village.

Kevin Coleman

Coleman, who makes burritos at Salsa Salsa, recently moved out of the village. He'll have to stay in the area to be near his son, but he would like to find someplace less expensive.

His co-workers at the food stand are all graduates of four-year colleges, except for one with an associate's degree. Coleman, who has a bachelor's in linguistics, had planned to get a graduate degree in linguistics but opted for a licensed degree instead to narrow the job competition.

"I had come to the conclusion that a four-year degree gets you nothing, and you really need a trade," he said.

For the moment, Coleman can pay his bills, but he doesn't have any money saved for emergencies and lacks health insurance, a situation that's typical among his friends.

"A lot of my friends are supporting Ron Paul, but a lot of them are talking about how it's just throwing your vote away," he said. "But in my mind it's all throwing your vote away, because regardless of who's elected, nothing's going to change -- except maybe for the worse. At least I'll throw my vote away on the person who might try to do something positive."