10 big worries about this market

The rally that started the year has stalled a bit, but optimism is still running way too hot. I think it's time to take profits, but here's what to watch if you dare to play on.

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Feb 15, 2013 1:48AM
This article reminds me of an irksome fault of many MSN.com articles: having multiple parts reached sequentially through clicking to advance thru pages.  Sometimes I like to download articles and return to them after appropriate time to see how well the author has done in his/her predictions or analysis.  Then I focus on those who provide the best assessments.

I can't do this with this or other such articles.
Feb 14, 2013 6:10PM
Welp, the traitor democrats continue to try to ignore the Constitution, by today introducing a bill in Missouri to confiscate and ban all guns.   Of course Americans will ignore such laws, regulations and executive orders as they violate the Constitution, the supreme law of the land.

And all this while Obama goes on his second 10 day vacation this year...  No President has been as lazy as Obama in the history of the Republic...  
Feb 14, 2013 4:51PM
All these problems have been around for centuries!! We know how to handle them. The markets went past a alltime high twice  but that has been since 2007. All other gains have only been to recover losses. Its about time the markets finally make a move upward after all these years.
Feb 14, 2013 3:35PM
Anthony's plan is to keep saying the market is going to crash every week until it crashes. Then my guess is he'll go around touting the one article he wrote that "perfectly timed" the crash and he'll try to get us to sign up for his newsletter. This guy is a total tool.

The problem we have in investing is not the market going down, but what to invest in when it does.  


I am sure there are some precious metal stocks to purchase, (I have some IAU, miners).


Having cash isn't too bad except for the devaluing it faces without any growith potential.  It just sits idle. 


To be in dividend stocks is alright because they do give out cash, but dividends can be cut off at the board level and dividend stocks can go down to half price or better.   Remember we bought some in 2009 that have more than doubled since like ARCC and MCD.


Oil or gas, got some of those, but if no one is working there is not as much corporate income so dividends may drop and they can go down fast in price.  I have or had a couple of those that have doubled or better since 2009, namely KMP and WES.


So to be forewarned is alright, but what do you do with the money if you cash out?  


Do you just try to keep as much as you can in stocks that you know will recover quicker after knowing they will go down?


All questions that this economy brings up which are not easy to answer.

Feb 14, 2013 2:39PM

The natural instinct is to throw in the towel---Yal it IS NOT THE TIME TO QUIT. 

We need to unify, not like Tea Partiers, we can't gut the system in one cut.  There needs to be some respect for commonsense.  Yet, that is the very problem, each group (left & Right politicians) have their brand of commonsense.  Neither are close to the will of the people; the people who are their constituents.  The very constiutents that buy the "schmill" from THEIR Congressman, THEIR Senator; so, we the people re-elect at a rate of 85% of all incumbents.  Until WE THE PEOPLE (I guess) decide that sending back the same old Politiker---we will continue to get the SAME OLE Result!!

I challenge each of us, do one political thing each day at a minimum weekly; send a facebook to encourage others, send a message to Washington; email, tweet;call; tell them to act --Enough of your self serving agenda, Do what is right of Americans!!

God Bless America, God Bless mine and your Children and Grandchildren, God Bless my Faith God Bless us all to hold strong in these troubled times!

Feb 14, 2013 2:26PM

Stock Market = Politically favored bankers inflation protection as provided through QE and sequels.


Karma = Baby Boomers taking full advantage of Dow 14000 to fund retirement while bankers try to figure out how to get off their inflated position by selling to sucker investors.


Investors = Watching the funny drama and waiting for the inevitable correction.

Feb 14, 2013 2:17PM
If, after a month?  2 months?  If, after some short amount of time, the economy doesn't falter and the stock market doesn't un-ravel, as Anthony insists it is going to do, then should Anthony not be seen as an eternal pessemist and no longer allowed a free column on MSN to spout his "worry" to all?
Feb 14, 2013 1:11PM
The author seems to believe he is prescient in recommending caution i.e "Out of desperation, central bankers are using currency manipulation to bolster stocks..."  Knowlegable investors pulled out of the market when it becamse obvious (in 2007) that both money committees in (both House and Senate)  under bwany fwank and chris dodd were hell bent on destroying Bush's excellent economy.  The recent slamming of fake money into the market is merely to FORCE it several dollars above Bush's 14,000 market in 2006.  Suckas!
Feb 14, 2013 11:41AM
deleveraging is  painful. we are in age of deleveraging.  age of sluggish growth with many micro recessions. 
Feb 14, 2013 11:37AM
"I think it's time to take profits,"

Really Anthony?  For the last month you have been saying the market is about to crash and we have made good money for those of us who stayed in the market.  This entire year will be good for the stock market.  
Feb 14, 2013 11:17AM
A collection of half truths and old news. I have come to view it favorably when Anthony is bearish. He has been wrong for the past two months, at least.
Feb 14, 2013 10:48AM
This fear mongering serves no one.  Maybe he gets lucky and calls one right out of ten, but you will lose more often then you win following his advice.  Find someone/plan with a good track record and plan and then stick to it
Feb 14, 2013 10:45AM
What surprises me is Gov't people who are in control of budget matters ignore the falling wallpaper in the room.  Anthony is right, but inflation is the largest enemy, when it starts stopping it will be difficult.  Ben and the folks in charge will loose more hair and the real party is on.  I see it becoming a battle between nations finding out who can print money faster. 
Feb 14, 2013 10:01AM
Yep, Yep, i will continue my strategy since 2008, gold, silver, duke energy stock, kinder morgan stock, cheveron stock, and collectibles i.e. art, gem stones, coins, stamps etc. My logic, one, hard assets such as gold, silver and collectibles will continue to go up as the dollar goes down and the dollar will go down because all countries are depressing their currencies to cheapen their goods and because of human nature. Two, energy and utility company stocks will not lose 50-60% value like other stocks because people can not live without energy and electric and must pay their utilities bill and both pay good dividends.
Feb 14, 2013 9:25AM

It's pretty obvious from his track record that Mirhadari has lost all credibilty as a financial writer. His only support comes from those who perpetually spew their usual dismay , pessimism and bigotry towards any kind of financial improvement. These are the shorts in mind and thought as well as in strategy - habitual Losers who see imaginary conspiracies in every facet of economic development which has denied them from gaining any benefit .If you are a long term serious investor the numbers are in your favor.



Feb 14, 2013 9:04AM
Does anyone realize that Mitch McConnell- Republican, Party of NO pledger and all-around useless unethical politician... has a 16% approval rating and 80% of Kentucky voters say they will vote for ANYONE other than Mitch or protest for a none-of-the-above option if he is the sole choice? I understand that nearly every Red State is like this now. We just had the elections and our circumstances are extremely dire. To have "pledgers" at all is accepting terrorism as a political or ethical option. It is not. Don't wait for the next election. Simply write on a piece of paper: "I am a registered voter in the State of (enter state name here, spell it correctly) and I hereby authorize the United States of America to remove my sitting member from Congress." Date it, sign it and print your name below it and mail it to the White House. To have PLEDGED to do the bidding of anyone other than YOU or ME is terrorism. We are Americans, not sheep... get the pledgers gone, elect ethical people to replace them and let's get going on a cooperative solution to our mounting troubles. Let's move forward again, America!
Feb 14, 2013 8:50AM

"Hi, over a 20 year period , there is nothing that out performs stocks , for a long term investment, I buy good American Blue Chip stocks and hold them, they may go up and down , but no other Market in the World out performs it, that is where your pension fund is coming from!"


20 years ago was 1993. 10 years prior-- 1983, we lost 99% of major publicly traded stocks to hired-in management following each other over the edge. That was only two years after corporations started putting college grads in management roles and early terminating the people that earned their way there. Since 1983, we have seen nearly all founders replaced by inheritors and hired-in management. We have watched them sell off the factories, machinery, mass terminate personnel and take operations and production overseas... reconfiguring here as a brand platform consisting mainly of some finance and facilitation paper pushers. Today's "Blue Chips" are anti-American and counter-economic to America. Big boxes collect your pay and sweep it out nightly to places like Bensonville, AR. Your town gets the $8/hour jobs. They buy cheap reproductions of former quality items produced by slave labor and have it drop-shipped to those big boxes. They buy each others' stocks through offshore banking arrangements. They lease everything they can and tie everything they can't into preferred stock assets that prioritize before common stock in a liquidation. They are more cash-rich than any other time in history and yet are exposed through derivatives, contracts and bonds secured by- nothing. What are YOU talking about? YOUR pension doesn't exist and will never pay out. It has been fleeced by your ignorance. You still TRUST Republicans (they own all of the tangible filings for these assets). Didn't you learn anything during the last elections. We didn't vote-in Obama because we believe he can do anything, we voted-out Romney because we saw through the curtain to what he could have done to us. We're in the coffin fool, and we are trying to keep New World Order from finishing nailing the lid on us. YOU keep giving them the hammer and handing them nails. WAKE THE F UP AND START THINKING. Honestly, if you actually try to see Reality without the rose-colored glasses, it won't take long to snap out of your coma.  

Feb 14, 2013 8:47AM
The worry is   Government is the PROBLEM not the SOLUTION !  TO THE (TO BIG TO FAIL) BANKING CARTEL   DIE DIE DIE !
Feb 14, 2013 8:32AM

"We need a Balanced Budget Amendment and TERM LIMITS!"


Sorry Bob... we don't need either. We need an all-new way to validate candidates for Office before they get funded. I propose an American Idol style Panel of Weeder-Outers and televised auditions. We want ALL interested people to have an equal chance and the panel to weed out the lame ahead of the game. As the field is eliminated in the coming weeks by popular vote-- having been randomly picked to answer random relevant and pertinent questions until there are only two - three finish line competitors, then we vote to put them in Office. Why do it? It eliminates parties. It eliminates wealth buying candidates and votes (we register to vote and use our registry number as the passcode). It eliminates the Electoral College. It requires the winner to make good on all the televised answers to all the issues, situations and circumstances. It restores We the People to a REAL democratic vote and ability to choose our leaders by competence and character. There is no good reason why this cannot be put in place right now.  

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