8 ways investing is broken

Even with stocks at multiyear highs, trading volume is low and everyday investors are staying away. Here's why we're still on the sidelines.

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Sep 18, 2012 9:52AM
Big news story: rich people screw poor people and your elected officials don't care cause rich people fund their elections.

Who knew...

Sep 14, 2012 12:04PM

The Dow isn't up...it's back to pre crash levels of 4 years ago. Some of my wifes stocks are still struggling to recover.

Sure..buy and hold....how much of a hero would you have been if you told someone that 5 years ago?  God forbid you needed to use some of that principle a year after the market took its giant dump in '08.   Yea..I know..don't invest money you can't afford to lose. So much for 95% of most peoples savings.

The sad truth is it could ALL vanish tomorrow...and no one would be accountable. The stock market today is no better than any casino. Place your bets...



Sep 14, 2012 9:37AM

Good article. It all comes down to trust. I can’t imagine what Wall Street could do now to get mine back. They know it won’t happen too. That’s why their entire strategy is shifting away from the private sector to the public sector and central banks now. It’s all about manipulating the Fed and government involvement in the markets. It’s logical. When true investors will no longer take the abuse, Wall Street turns to their government to force it upon them. And that’s why you will earn 0% on your money market accounts until the balance sheets of all the big banks are shored up. If you think the latest policy announced by the Fed yesterday has to do with anything but that goal, you are in for a rude awakening one day.     

Sep 14, 2012 12:24PM
That stock market is nothing more than a grand ponzi scheme. The economy is at the top of this one!
Sep 18, 2012 9:45AM
Wall street insiders have been fleecing the public for decades now,  including powerful politicians.
Congress won't fix this mess. Congress is part of the problem. I find it rather odd how congress can do inside trading deals but somebody like Martha Stewart goes to prison for doing the exact same thing congress does and tells us not to do. The market is rigged and nobody in congress will sacrifice their cash cow. Not a republican. Not a democrat. Nobody.
Sep 18, 2012 9:34AM

The stock market was created to give companies access to money for growth. Not as a way for people to make money from buying low and selling high or for people to make money off people trading stocks.  In today`s world companies no longer need this sort of tool.  The stock market has become a legal pyramid scheme.

Sep 14, 2012 10:37AM

Good article.  You'd never know it was so broken what with the market skyrocketing.  Someone is having a party and 99% of us were not invited.



Sep 14, 2012 6:33AM

Stay the course, your article is on the right track. So the textbook response to recession is buy into it and hold until recovery, but anyone with half a brain could see there is more happening this time. We have seen massive job terminations and a sell-off of assets and aspects to foreign interests who also import what we lost. That's not recession, it's terrorism. The incredible growth in the markets since is predicated on GW Bush redesigning the currency so he could authorize more of it and raised the debt ceiling repeatedly to accommodate it. Simply, instead of using the additional dollars to restructure the dynamics of Main Street, banks- including financial houses that are now banks- invested all that cash overseas. I have no clue what pocketprotector and the other pickle juice drinkers are talking about in the comments below mine. There are indeed at least 8 ways the markets are artificially inflated and a threat to national stability. We have NO Main Street right now and will be forced to replace workers in the workforce (like a time out swap of talent) to create the type of revenues needed to cover the interest on what we owe. Job 'creation' won't cut it. Since we realized such moves in 2008, the national divide has become a chasm. Review your history. We'll need to either remove about 360 million people from America so that the remaining 40 million have the false elitist economy they are driving us to or a pimple popping event that takes them down so 100 million families can restore the type of America we once were. Meanwhile... China has us in a bind and Europe (where all of Bush's fiat money is buried in bad debt) will go bust before the year end. These things said, what sort of idiot believes he can hoard metals, load up on stock & bonds and keep crapping on the rest of the nation, while being too old and out of shape to fight his way out of a paper bag? Our best bet is to trash the vessel that breeds the control and manipulation as we recognize our peril and soberly start back up from the bottom of this Abyss we are in.


Close the banks. End the Federal Reserve (pretty sure this one got really popular yesterday) and get rid of Wall Street. It's about job recovery... right now, and a true reconciliation. The Dow isn't worth 2,000, it has no value to the People of the United States any longer.

Sep 18, 2012 8:43AM
Why can't you guys write an article that is all on one page? I don't like having to continually having to push forward buttons just to read the next page....
Sep 13, 2012 11:36PM
Can't anyone get rid of the crappy dating website posts? Knock knock, who's there?
Sep 18, 2012 8:57AM
One very simple fix is to make stock investing investing again by requiring the purchaser of a stock to hold that purchase for 1 week.  With this change many of the abuses would go away because investors would have to buy on value not on momentum which they are currently manipulating. 

Another problem is the stock market is over valued.  The money the fed has pumped into the economy has made its' way into the stock marker rather than inflation for the general economy.  

Why did anyone think facebook was worth the IPO price?  It did obviously did not have profits or revenue or a path to profits to justify anymore than 1/3 the IPO price and still does not.
Sep 14, 2012 12:22PM
Sep 18, 2012 9:27AM
Sure ain't Reagans republican party...neither is it Buffets Wall Street...welcome to third world U.S.A.!
Sep 18, 2012 3:55AM
Is the stock market rigged? The stock market can be very profitable if you have insider info like our ethical politicians do. Their success rate was a phenomenal 90% plus especially on stocks that would be affected by their legislation. Fortunately the Stock Act was recently passed which now forbids this but fails to curb the selling or trading of insider intelligence to other individuals by elected officials. Go figure....
Sep 18, 2012 10:12AM
Wall Street is simply a casino, and always has been. A casino occaisionally allows a few people to win in order to entice the millions of people who lose their shirts. Real markets don't have short-selling, credit-default swaps, and other forms of capitalizing on destruction. Easy money is a Devil's bargain. If Wall Street was shut down, the nation's productivity would double.
Sep 13, 2012 8:56PM
I've been in stocks since DOW 8000 a few years ago and even many years before that.  It's DOW 13,400 now---just 3 years later.  Why would anyone complain about a 68% return in 3 years?  MM funds are giving you .5% annual.  Bond funds are on a cliff.  Doesn't anyone buy during corrections anymore?  That's what I do.  Seems all the talking media heads just keep whining about how the big guys get all the breaks.   Yea, maybe, if you are trying to be a short term trader.   But trading is for morons.  Its just gambling using stocks instead of chips.  Screw the short term traders and the talking media heads.  Buy during big corrections and hang on.  If you can't do that, you shouldn't be in the stock market.  You should be in a savings account.
Sep 18, 2012 9:56AM

So?  We all know or had a suspicion that all this was happening and still is. Since the regulators aren't doing anything to correct the situation or stop it, what can the small guys do. Just what we are doing, staying away from the market. If enough of us do just that, the 1% will have to play with their own money, instead of ours.


The only control we have is our money and if enough of us don't let them play with it, at our expense, they might just get the hint.

Sep 14, 2012 10:01AM

The stock market is America....it is where companies get the money to expand and create jobs.

With a market that is viewed as 'fixed' by many/most investors the money will not be there for corporate expansion...JOBS.

What is needed is a way to basically eliminate 'skimming' money out of the market by flash traders and short traders,particularly the naked short selling. At the same time enhance the SEC's ability to investigate all other fraudulent trades.

This is easy to do, just add a one cent per share 'user fee' (this is not a tax) for every share traded. The fee would go to the SEC for enforcement of security laws.

This would virtually eliminate 'flash trading', and most short selling and provide for orderly markets, that would restore faith in the markets by retail investors..



Sep 14, 2012 10:49AM

This article is right on, I for one am out of the market,looking for a good CD.


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