10 cities where Americans are still struggling

Life is not improving everywhere in the country. Even as the national economy recovers, these regions are still stung by high unemployment and a slumping housing market.

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Jun 23, 2013 5:51AM
Why does data conveniently shift around with this cities.  I know for a fact that the government, banks and leders are all playing games with our lives.  You see, in Las Vegas, we don't all gamble all day long, we are responsible people too; however, when you cannot refinance 2 mortgages with excellent credit because when interest is low your value of your property is set way below where it should be and then all of a sudden  and I mean within months, the property value goes over what you owe.  After two govenrment agencies qualified me for a grovernment program to eliminate my 2nd mortgage, after 5 years of being tugged around and the agency is now being investigated, surprise, surprise, my value exceeds my debt, not too much though, but conveniently enough to try and make me believe that I should refinance now.  They are all shameful people doing these things.  I was just informed that yes i had been led by the nose by these so called contracted companies and now for some reason the governement has come up with another program again and has called me.  I will wait this time and not be pulled by the nose again.  These people are dispicable and ruthless and are smarter at deceiving me than is for my own good, I will sit and wait for well enough to come along, this is a very sad thing they have done to my family.  Yes, I borrowed that money, yes, I owe that money, all I wanted to do was refinance, but no, everyone had a stake in my foreclosing on this property and probably still cannot believe I was able through the grace of God only, to sustain myself and not let them make me go under.  This is finally one smart old lady, ha, ha, haaaaa to all of you jerks.
Jun 23, 2013 11:23AM
...and all went down because of GREED. Senseless over-development of our once beautiful country had to come to a stop sooner or later. We should look into bringing back the manufacturing industry instead of depending on new-construction. Now we have a huge over- supply of empty homes and nobody wants or can afford to buy those except investors. Even almost free mortgages wont help. Forget building new subdivisions outside of town once and forever and start rebuilding our existing towns and inner cities. Only that can help building a solid economy and preserve the last few natural areas left by the short-lived building boom.
Jun 23, 2013 5:48AM
there are no manufacturing jobs that pay a living wage, and if there were, the product they produce would be so expensive only the well off can afford it and they probably wont need want or buy it, then there's the population, more and more ppl , for less and less existing jobs that mostly all need a college degree now, or there's no way to afford to have a home or a car or a family, minimum wage jobs are all the people who would have had those living wage manufacturing jobs years ago, now those jobs are  gone, and we are still left with all those ppl with no way to earn a living, that isn't below at or bordering just above the poverty line. we cant have a country of only college degree employment or where only the college graduates can afford to eat and not live in a cardboard box
Jun 23, 2013 8:23AM
Orlando with 92,000 people in construction...does that include the illegal immigrant numbers or not? Maybe some moved back home?

Jul 17, 2013 6:42AM

What a joke article, the economy has not improved,

Jul 17, 2013 7:40AM
Jul 17, 2013 8:46AM

This Country is heading the exact same path Russia did.  They had their Priorities messed up in a big way and Before long we will all ride Electric Busses, or have a pile of crap car with a camera mounted in the dash(because everyone is corrupt).  Sadly, Socialism screws everyone.   Because Russia Has no Economy, everyone lives in Ghetto high rise in a filthy city(This guy says hell to the no, on that one).  

Half the people we elect into our government, have more family overseas than here, and we wonder why our Government sends so much money to other countries that hate our F&*king guts.   If we continue ignore the fact that Un-educated and Un-American people are voting themselves a living doing little for American's, we are doomed.  


Jun 23, 2013 6:44AM
free trade allows corporations to shop the globe for the cheapest labor. It undermines americas labors attempts to get a fair wage and effectively crushes unions. All the proponents for the rich like the cato institute and the heritage foundation call for free trade.theres a shocker huh.theses are the same people lying about social security running out of money and slipping contributions to republicans. These people are ethically criminals but hide enough of their nefarious deeds that they cant be prosecuted 
Jul 17, 2013 9:30AM
I live in Tx , we are business friendly New construction improving weekly. But we don't need any more dead beat bluestate freebaggers coming here though. Blue states the highest in unemployment and welfare recipients. Any thing a Lib touches withers and dies.
Jul 17, 2013 12:46PM
Based on what I see on Long Island, NY, things are not improving. I see countless houses for sale and new postings daily. I also have family in foreclosure, so it's not contained to a handful of cities. Talk to your local UPS or FedEx drivers...They have a good pulse on how well businesses are progressing and they tell me that they hear the same thing....Nothing steady. A spike here, but mostly dips. Nothing will improve under this administration when you need to take a small loan on your credit cards just to put gas in your car or buy food week to week. Businesses wil boom when they're not taxed into the stone age in general or by the dark looking Obamacare. This will surely be this once great nations death knell. Let's hope something turns....Impeachment would be a good start.
Jul 17, 2013 9:31AM

As the article relates, "Life is not improving everywhere in the country. Even as the national economy recovers, these regions are still stung by high unemployment and a slumping housing market".   It so happens that the cities named are located in states with a 15% or higher African American Black population.

As of June 2013, the unemployment rate for white overall was 6.6%, for white men 20 years and over 6.2%, white women 20 years old and over 6%.  In comparison, African American Black overall was 13.7%, men 20 years old and over 13%, women 12% and a whopping 43.6% of both sexes in the 16-19 year old range, compared to 20.4 % of white in the same age range.


It appears, from the statistical data that it is, invariably the African American Black population that is taking the biggest hit overall.

Jul 17, 2013 8:18AM
 squabble,the Kiosk machine charges 2.95 to put money in it up to 50.00 then it goes up from there,the phone system takes 4.95 to put 2.00 on a phone call.the inmates are charged 5.00 on thiere canteen to go see a nurse so they dont get to order Deodorant or pencils or stamps if thiere family cant afford to put money on thiere canteen itsept for 10.00 a week. It horrific.And they get a bill for staying at the Local No Tell Motel,,,I dont want to hear about any more poor mouthing comming out of the Prison here in Pensacolaa. Where is the money going from this? Someone needs to investigate this and stop poor mouthing about not haveing money to run the jail or give raises to the gaurds. HEllo Commisioners,,,,,lookie into it bet your find hidden gold.
Jul 17, 2013 11:47AM
These cities have HUGE minority populations.  Cleveland, Atlanta, Detroit?  Very scary for minorities in this country.
Jul 17, 2013 11:28AM
Probably easier said than done, but tear it all down, ask for donations and start to rebuild.   No Drugs aloud.....
Jul 17, 2013 12:40PM

where has the writer been?  What about Las Vegas..??? they say unemployment at 10% but

it is about 17%. horrible economy !..many people off unemployment now are not counted...just left there !!!

Jul 17, 2013 11:55AM
Heres the bright side. Soon Miami, Orlando and Tampa will be under water. And if California`s going to break off and sink. We will be half way to prosperity! : )
Jul 18, 2013 8:43AM

how true. the mob is probablye corrupt not as active here as the crack dealers are, they are the true corruption!

theycorrupt judges, lawyers,etc. you name it they are corrupt. the teen=s the schools, everything here is on the decline. WAKE UP LOUISIANA! DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS. IT NEEDS TO GO UNDERGROUND

Jul 17, 2013 3:53PM

The USA is in permanent, irreversible decline.  Our 2 party political system is a joke and is controlled by the Corporations, Lobbyists and the one percenters thru campaign financing.  They represent them and not the citizens.  Our Government keeps using Elitist, idiotic policies like Free Trade, unrestricted Free Market Capitalism, Trickle down economics, Globalization, Deregulation, Illegal Alien Amnesty, Guest worker programs, Foreign worker visa programs and Militarism which is destroying our country.  Our Government is by far more interested in the plight of Illegal aliens than our own citizenry and more interested in rebuilding foreign countries like Iraq and Afghanistan than rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure in the USA and areas devastated by natural disasters.  The USA has high unemployment yet our government wants to grant millions of illegal aliens amnesty and bring in more foreign workers.   They want to involve us in another war in Syria.  The above policies are a failure. 

To Save the USA we need to do the following:

1.  Discontinue Free Trade policies and implement FAIR trade policies with tariffs and Labor and environmental standards in them. This may bring our manufacturing jobs back.
2. Implement  a national workplace verification system using everify and secure our borders and get the illegal aliens to self deport. This may rid the workforce of illegal aliens and free up jobs.
3. Take on massive infrastructure rebuilding projects to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure.   These can be financed using Infrastructure banks which other countries use to finance their infrastructure projects.  The USA is way behind many other nations for per capita infrastructure spending.
4. End our current wars, bring all of our foreign stationed troops home and put them on the border, and use them to secure the border and round up illegal aliens and gang members and respond to natural and man made disasters. 
5. Cut the military by 50% to 75%.
6. Implement a National Health Care system so our companies can compete with foreign companies whose health care costs are subsidized.

If this does not turn around the country with in 5 years then we should just implement Socialism.  At least the basic needs of the citizenry will be met.  Free Market is just an elitist theory to justify keeping the status quo, inequality, leaving problems unsolved and making the 1 percenters wealthier.  Our government is a puppet of the Corporations, Lobbyists and the 1 percenters whose goal is to wreak war and poverty onto the citizenry.  Free Trade is a failure, has not run a surplus since 1975 and has since run massive trade deficits and sent our manufacturing jobs overseas. 

Jul 17, 2013 3:50PM

The only thing the USA makes anymore is WAR.  The only thing the USA exports anymore is JOBS.  HA HA HA.  What a joke the USA has become.  Nothing is made here anymore.  Our government is by far more interested in the prosperity of foreign countries like China, India, Mexico and Latin America with these lopsided Free trade policies and by far more interested in the plight of illegal aliens than the plight of our citizens.  They are more interested in rebuilding foreign countries like Iraq and Afghanistan than rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure here in the USA.  The USA has high unemployment yet the government wants to grant millions of illegal aliens amnesty and bring in more foreign workers.  They want to involve us in a war with Syria now.  Free Trade is a failure, always runs huge deficits and allows unfair trade and creates a race to the bottom on labor, standard of living and environmental standards.  The USA has not run a trade surplus since 1975.   The USA and its nonsensical Free market, Free Trade, Globalization, Trickle down economics and militarism has destroyed the middle class and our manufacturing base.  At this rate of decline the USA will no longer be a super power within 2 generations.  It may be comparable economically to Canada or Spain. 

Jul 17, 2013 3:49PM

Nothing is made in the USA anymore and our manufacturing base and middle class has been destroyed.   Idiotic Free Trade policies have send our jobs overseas.  Free trade is a failure and has not run a trade surplus since 1975.  It always runs huge trade deficits, allows unfair trade, unsafe products, and creates a race to the bottom on labor, standard of living, and environmental standards.  Believing Free Market forces will somehow solve problems is as absurd as believing in the tooth fairy.   Trickle down economics does not work in a global economy where employers can send jobs overseas due to unfair trade policies.  It trickles down to low paying jobs.  Free market lever forces have intersected and Trickle down economics has Trickled down.  But the levers have intersected at the graphical coordinates of 1% and 99% where the 1% control all of the wealth and the 99% are left behind.  It trickled down to low paying jobs and all the manufacturing jobs being sent overseas to China, India, Mexico, Asia and Latin America.   Free Market is just an elitist concept to justify keeping the status quo, huge inequality, leaving problems unsolved and doing nothing.   Free Market, Free Trade, Globalization, Trickle down economics and militarism have destroyed our country.

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