Image: Office worker (Design Pics-Corbis)
Some products are classic hits. An inexpensive home carbonator that lets you make your own soda? Ingenious. A button in your car that opens your garage door? Amazing.

Jell-O that tastes like celery? Aweso. . . wait a minute. What?

For every hit product, there are dozens of flops. Ideas that looked good on paper, but failed to catch on with consumers. Some products were good, but edged out by smarter competitors. Other products, like an early tablet computer from Apple (AAPL), were simply ahead of their time.

Perhaps no product is more closely associated with failure than the Edsel, the Ford Motor (F) automobile that lost hundreds of millions of dollars after it was introduced in 1957. Edsel was back in the news recently when its designer, Roy Brown Jr., died in Michigan at the age of 96.

But the Edsel is not alone in the product hall of shame. We asked around MSN Money and came up with 10 of the worst product flops in history. Click here to see them.

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